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2022 UK Conservative Party Leadership Election


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Replicating the move of John Major in 1995 Boris Johnson has announced "Put Up or Shut Up" and resigned the leadership to run against his critics. Or maybe he'll stay back...

Regardless, the Tories move to a leadership election!

Schedule: The number of turns will vary on the number of players as we will simulate the MP nomination rounds. But I can give you this - Every two turns we will have an elimination round, once we are to the last two and the membership vote we will have four turns then the final result.


Claim away!!

@Kitten - Theresa May

@WVProgressive - Jacob Rees-Mogg

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Rishi Sunak announces his candidacy. He talks about the economy.

Rishi Sunak will visit Conservative strongholds.

Rishi Sunak will meet with northern Conservatives.

Rishi Sunak will meet with Indian Conservatives.

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Liz Truss announces her candidacy in Cornwall focusing on her record as a member of the Cabinet.


Truss will meet with Women Conservatives

Truss will campaign on the economy in Northern England


Truss will campaign on social policies in Southern England


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Mogg announces his candidacy for Tory leader during a speech in his constituency. He promises to restore decency, and traditionalism to Britain.

Mogg will campaign in Northern England calling for a reduction in immigration from countries outside the commonwealth

Mogg will speak a bit of Latin while attempting to portray himself as the peoples candidate in London

Mogg goes to Scotland and calls for greater Unionism.

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Theresa Villiers begins her campaign speaking with other Tory MPs in the Commons about putting her name forward for the leadership campaign. She focuses on the ability to unite the Conservative party particularly with candidates like May and Mogg in the election.

She then will do her first public campaign event in Wales, emphasizing the need to solidify Tory advances in Wales and the North, saying that now that they've got Brexit done, they need to offer a true alternative and show how Brexit has worked for people. 

Villiers will take a trip down to the Southeast of England, where she hopes to make ground in true blue Tory heartlands, trying to be the candidate that can stitch up the Brexit voters and the true blue Tory voters together.

Ms. Villiers will once again work with backbench MPs to get them behind her campaign.

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