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(Inspired by @Fbarbarossa's idea for a Star Wars RP, I thought it would be fun to start my own Star Wars RP, but this time have it be set before the fall of the Republic. We begin immediately before the start of Episode I) 

The Galactic Republic has overseen an era of peace, and unity for the last 1,000 years. However, storm clouds gather on the horizon, as disparate forces threaten to tear the Republic to pieces. Currently, Trade Federation Ships blockade the planet of Naboo following the Republic Senate’s passage of legislation that would allow the taxation of Free Trade Zones. This crisis stems from long unresolved tensions between the Outer, and Mid Rim planets against a Galactic Republic that many believe is overly controlled by the core planets. The Blockade of Naboo could spell an end to a millennium of peace in the Galaxy… though perhaps that could be a good thing, from a certain point of view. The Republic stands on the precipice of triumph or disaster, and it is up to you to lead your faction to victory.

Galactic Republic (Claimed by @Richard)

Leader: Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum

Notable Politicians:

Core Faction – Horox Ryyder, Bail Antilles, Finis Valorum, Tendau Bendon, Onaconda Farr

Rim Faction – Orn Free Taa, Ainlee Teem, Mas Amedda, Garm Bel Ibis, Quarren Tikkis

Corporate Faction – Lott Dodd (Controlled by Trade Federation)

Independent - Sheev Palpatine (Controlled by Sith)

Description: For One Thousand years the Galactic Republic has been the dominant Galactic political organization… And in that time has become a bloated, corrupt, and dysfunctional mess of bureaucratic red tape, corruption, and graft. The ineffectiveness of the Galactic Senate, and massive kickbacks to corporations, and the Galactic Core has led to long held discontent among Mid- and Outer-Rim civilians. The Republic, if it is to survive the coming crisis, will need massive, fundamental reforms to restore public confidence, and reduce corruption.


Jedi Order (Split between @Sean F Kennedy and @Fbarbarossa)

Leader: Grand Master Yoda

Councilors: Master of the Order Mace Windu, Master Plo Koon, Master Ki-Adi-Mundi, Master Sasee Tiin, Master Yaddle, Master Even Piell, Master Oppo Rancisis, Master Adi Gallia, Master Yarael Poof, Master Eeth Koth, Master Depa Billaba.

Notable Non-Council Jedi: Master Qui-Gon Jin, Master Shaak Ti, Master Kit Fisto, And hundreds of other Jedi Knights, and Masters…

Description: The Jedi Order has existed in its current form for almost 25,000 years. Due to the lack of any organized Republic Army, the Jedi Order has been forced to take on the role of Galactic Peacekeepers. The coming crises will test the Order’s resolve, and may force them to turn from peacekeepers, to generals. Can the Jedi maintain the millennium of peace, while also preventing a return of the Dark Side of the force?


The Sith

Leader: Darth Sidious

Apprentice: Darth Maul

Description: Long, long ago, the Sith Empire brought the Republic to its knees, and the Jedi Order to the brink of extinction… However, they soon fragmented, and turned against each other, saving the Republic, and allowing the Jedi to rebuild. Since then, the Sith have operated under the Rule of Two, allowing only the Dark Lord of the Sith, and his apprentice. Now after decades of planning, Darth Sidious prepares to enact a plan that would see the resurrection of the Sith Empire, and the total destruction of the Jedi Order. If it all goes well Sidious will be able to crown himself Emperor, provided that he is not stopped by the forces of the Light Side, and that his apprentice does not turn on him, as Sidious turned on his master...


Independent Movement for Self Determination @Hestia

Leader: Count Dooku of Serenno

Description: The neglect of the Outer Rim planets by the Galactic Senate has fomented a rise in separatist sentiment among the population of the Outer Rim. One of the most notable rabble-rousers in favor of secession is Count Dooku of Serenno, a former Jedi Master who left the Order after becoming disillusioned with their teachings, and growing involvement with the Senate. An idealist at heart, can Dooku see his dream of a better Galaxy through to the end, or will his dreams be crushed by the machinations of more powerful, pragmatic forces in the galaxy?


Hutt Space

Leader: Council of Cartels

Description: Led by the Supreme Mogul Boorka the Hunn, the Hutt Clans represents the loose parent organization of the various disparate Hutt cartels. Though controlled by corpulent, megalomaniacle, habitual criminals, Hutt Space is notable for its odd sort of stability in an increasingly unstable galaxy. With storm clouds brewing on the horizon, this could prove to be an excellent time for the Hutts to expand past the Outer Rim, or for one Clan to establish their dominance over all other Clans.


Trade Federation

Leader: Nute Gunray

Description: The largest of the massive Mega-Corporations in the Galaxy, the Trade Federation also possesses its own army, and navy, one that drawfs even the Republic in power. The Trade Federation is currently blockading the Mid-Rim Planet of Naboo in retaliation for the Republic calling for the taxation of Free Trade Zones, and is being aided by the secretive Darth Sidious. The Trade Federation will have to content with both the nosy Republic, their Jedi attack dogs, and the mysterious Siths as they attempt to maintain, and expand their galactic power.

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@Pringles @The Blood @Hestia @Rodja @Rezi @jvikings1

Tagging those who might be interested in this rp.

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9 minutes ago, Richard said:

If you are still recruiting I'll do the Republic

If there's still interest, I'm certainly still down to run it. We'd only really need a Sith player at this point, if @Sean F Kennedy @Fbarbarossa and @Hestia are still willing to play in this.

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Alright, since @Fbarbarossahas told me they want to switch back to being the Sith faction, we can start.

@Fbarbarossa @Richard @Hestia @Sean F Kennedy(If you're still interested in this, you haven't gotten back to me on here, or on Discord yet, so I don't know.)

Feel free to post your events, its the same rules as my Batman rp, if any of you remember that, 5 events, creativity encouraged. I hope all of you have fun!

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Alright I think I have done enough research to give a semi-intelligent series of events to kick this off. I recommend this youtube video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pD28qnSxLPY) if you, like me, are not super aware of the politics surrounding this portion of star wars lore. And this timeline from wookiepedia https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Timeline_of_galactic_history#Fall_of_the_Republic_.2832.E2.80.9319_BBY.29. Also here is a map: https://i.stack.imgur.com/VpuT5.jpg.

1. SpeechSupreme Chancellor Finis Valorum breathed out a silent sigh. This speech would make or break him, and the Republic. The Trade Federation's blockade of Naboo had crystalized so much for him. The rot, bureaucratic morass, and corruption are endemic. Mega-corporations are outright bullying the galaxy's government. Even worse some unknown force is tying to implicate him in a corruption scandal. It is all unacceptable and must end. However he is basically nothing more than a powerless figurehead. He can see clearly where the problems started; the Ruusan Reformation. The loss of the military and Chancellor power has proved too much as history winds on. It is not only fitting that it should be him that refutes his ancestor's work, but necessary. Anyone else would be called a warmonger, dictator or worse. But Valorum knows that mere repeal is not enough, more drastic actions are needed. 

He places his hands on the podium and the starts: "Fellow Senators, as we prepare for our Republics 'Millennial Celebration,' it is in crisis. I know that phrase may shock some of you. But look around, there is corruption every. We must commit ourselves to drastic reforms. A new constitution for the Republic!..."

2. Constitutional Convention: Valorum will use every scrap of power, calling in of favors, political capital, and downright pleading to get the Galactic Senate to vote in favor of a constitutional convention. 

[OOC: my intention is to use specific events next turn to layout specific areas of the constitution. If that doesn't work and it gets rolled into one turn my basic aim here is a federalized republic akin to the US, but with a unicameral legislature that elects the head of state/government that take powers away from the mega corps.]

3. Build Political Support: Valorum knows he is not getting any younger, and worse yet he is in the last year of his second and final allowed term. He recognizes he will need to pass the mantel of reformer to someone else. With some many problems his successor has to be just the right person. The current core vs mid/outer rim dynamic, necessitate the outer rim planets needing one of their own to rally around to invest themselves in the republic. While aliens are not unheard in the Supreme Chancellor position, humans have dominated. An alien would probably be helpful. Someone who would place the needs of the Republic ahead of their own. Above all this however the candidate has to be beyond reproach on the issue of corruption. 

One person came to mind: Senator Onaconda Farr. Valorum will meet with Farr, and then do everything within his power to build support for Farr to replace him as Supreme Chancellor. Valorum will place Farr on influential committees, help build his patronage system, and network him where possible. Farr will be the face of the reform movement, and hopefully shortly, its head. 

4. Proposal: As the amended treaty with the trade federation does not allow the Jedi to interfere with trade negations without authorization of the Senate, Valorum formally asks the Senate to approve Jedi involvement in the Naboo blockade. If the vote succeeds Valorum asks the Jedi to send a sizable force of knights with the goal of getting the trade federation to back down. If the Senate does not approve of the proposal, Valorum secretly asks the Jedi to send a team to intervene. 

5. Mobilization: Valorum will mobilize whatever forces he can in the into orbit around the planet Ryndellia (a planet close to Naboo). This will primarily be the Judicial Forces (including their fleet of Consular-class space cruisers), but he additionally calls upon the surrounding sectors to spare whatever portion of their planetary defense forces they can muster. He hopes this show of forces will force the trade federation to back down on Naboo. Judicial Force Governor Wilhuff Tarkin will command these forces. 

[OOC: so I'm not sure from my research the size of the judicial forces. I found that they have a fleet of those Consular class ships (https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Consular-class_space_cruiser), my intent here is to mobilize whatever forces the Republics can as a show of force]


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Star Wars Poster Propaganda Separatist CIS Droid Movie Print | Etsy

1. Speech - With the foundation of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, a system of government has been put in place. With a strong executive led by Count Dooku of Serenno, there is still a Parliament to speak of, one with far less powers (in theory...lol) than the Republic's. It is important with the foundation of the Separatist Alliance that they not be portrayed as villains in the story of the galaxy. To this end, Senator Mina Bonteri, formerly of Onderon, is invited to give a maiden speech on Raxus to begin the new alliance's foundations.

Senator Bonteri steps up to the podium to deliver her speech, set to be broadcast in many systems throughout the galaxy. "Good evening," She begins, her hands sitting on the podium with the bright blue CIS symbol between. "To those of you who don't know me, I am Mina Bonteri, a senator in the Parliament of the Confederacy. To those of you out there watching tonight, we are determined to deliver a path of peace. We believe, as we have seen for years, that the Senate has not been working for every planet out there. Corruption and vices have worked its way through the entire system, up to the Chancellor and including him. In order for our planets to prosper, we could not be held back by a government that can't deliver any sort of protection to its citizens from piracy, invaders, and criminals."

"The Republic fears our success, not because we are in any way stronger militarily, but because we could be a vision of what people want for their own planets. In the Senate, each planet becomes a mindless grey blob of faceless bureaucrats who haven't stepped a foot onto their planets in years, preferring to wine and dine on the corruption den of Coruscant. We call on all of you tonight to turn your backs on the past, to turn your backs on the corruption of the Senate, and take a step towards a new life, a new future. One where your planets can make choices for themselves, not corrupt politicians in Coruscant. Thank you."

2. Army Building - With the Confederacy in its infancy, the nation is at a distinct military disadvantage to the Republic, whose fledgling military can hardly be described as a force for its own. Count Dooku of Serenno begins the task of setting up an army of his own - a droid army, supplemented by volunteers from throughout the Confederacy, primarily for ships to be piloted. He hopes to build an army to defend the Separatist Alliance from other threats in the galaxy, chiefly the Republic, but also others that may be wanting to pick at the scraps of the Confederacy.

3. Investment - Count Dooku and top Confederacy leaders will draft an agreement to be sent to the Trade Federation, allowing them and all of their allies seats in the Separatist Parliament. They will ask for enough money to fund the expansion of a Droid Army, as well as certain other maneuvers that could cripple the Republic's economy. They believe that together, they could crush the Republic and send planets scattering from its carcass, leading the Trade Federation and the Confederacy as a whole to benefit. The Separatists point out the lack of respect shown to the guilds, the Trade Federation, and other likeminded groups by the Republic in recent years, as well as how weak the Republic seems to be to internal fission.

4. Assassination - The Confederacy wants to keep its hands relatively clean as the war begins to start, but what's without a little risk? The Confederacy will hire bounty hunters to attempt an assassination on a leader of the Republic - Valorum, Senator Bail Organa, or Padme Amidala, depending on where the trail leads. They hope to show that the Republic cannot even protect its own and should not be trusted to protect the rest of the galaxy either.

5. Diplomacy - Count Dooku will attempt a mission to set up coordination with the Hutts, promising that they will respect their authority over Hutt Space, noting that it is something that the Republic has repeatedly failed to do. Dooku says that he will leave the Hutts to their own devices, after all, the Confederacy only wishes to see planets make decisions for themselves, like the Hutts and their planets have done.

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A Farr Fall

The crisp night air of Coruscant was eerily still. A late night committee meeting had just let out and various members of the Republic's Government emerged. Among the last of them, surrounded by guards was the protege of Chancellor Valorum, Onaconda Farr. 

Unbeknownst to them, perched on a tall rooftop a Dathomiran Zabrak viewed the end of the meeting. Silently and deftly the red skinned alien leapt from his perch to another rooftop, then to another, and another. Each jump quiet and quick. Slowly but surely, Darth Maul closed in on the Senator.

The time to strike arrived, the other committee members had left leaving only Farr and his guards in the area. Maul dropped from his hiding spot behind the aforementioned entourage to the ground. He activated his lightsaber and rushed the group. Hopefully this will be the end of Farr.

Palpatine For Peace

The blockade of Naboo has shaken the Republic. A mark of instability on the Government just as its thousandth anniversary approached. The Galactic Senate is in disarray with its members clamoring about what to do. Chancellor Valorum is struggling and scrambling to muster a military force to put pressure on the Trade Federation and has even reached out to the Jedi order for assistance. Now is the time for a hero to step forward. A strong decisive hand to take the wheel of the Republic. A figure to define the next millennium.

Now is the time for Sheev Palpatine.

"For the stability and safety of Naboo. No! for the stability, the safety and the security of the Republic! I will speak to the Trade Federation, I will make them listen to reason! I will show that the galaxy is a place of peace and prosperity where there is room for all of us to work and prosper together! For the next thousand years of the Galactic Republic!" - Sheev Palaptine on the Senate Floor


Not long after the meeting with Senator Palpatine. Aboard the main ship of the Trade Federation a transmission will come through. Not passing through any of the usual channels the message will go straight to the leader of the Federation. A figure in a dark hood speaks.

"You will end the blockade."

Gunray spoke to respond. "But we-"

The figure cut him off. 

"The ending of the blockade will be announced tomorrow, or you shall face the consequences of insubordination."

The transmission ended.

The Law of Mandalore

Darth Sidious will send his apprentice, Maul, to meet with the Clandestine Death Watch on Mandalore. When there Maul will talk to them about their common interests and how the control and influence of the Republic has taken a major role in trying to end the Old Ways of Mandalore. The Sith are ancient enemies of the Jedi, just as the Mandalorians are, they oppose the Republic, just as the Mandalorians do.

Together, they could foster a powerful alliance.

Maul will leave the offer with the Death Watch, for them to consider. They have a powerful and willing prospective ally, should they choose to align.

Palpatine Pulls Through

In line with the Separatists launching assassination attempts on various leaders of the Republic, Senator Palpatine will attempt to take advantage of the boons such a situation could produce for him.

Sideous will use his connections to reach out to bounty hunters, placing a hit on Sheev Palpatine. Sideous will detail a time and a place for this attack to be launched on the "Poor unsuspecting Senator." Come this time Palpatine will be prepared and will bravely escape an attack on his life.


Darth Sideous will visit the planet of Dathomir, meeting with the Nightsisters when he arrives. He will speak to them about how his influence is growing and how the opportunity for him to further grow is fast approaching.

It is on this front that he will state his desire. His apprentice, Maul, is proving very effective and so he's seeking another of Dathomiran stock to join his cause. Be they Nightbrother or perhaps a willing Nightsister is something that Sideous is not concerned about, but he assures the Nightsisters that they will be greatly compensated for finding him a new ally and will also have him in their favour.

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Master Yoda goes to Naboo to reach a negotiation with the Gungans and Queen Amadala

Grand Master Yoda traveled to Naboo where he meets with both Boss Nass and Queen Amadala hoping to negotiate a unification against potential Trade Federation or Dark force user threat.

Jedi Master Qui Gon Jin and Apprentice Obi Wan Kenobi travel to Tatooine

After a vision in meditation Qui-Gon Jim and his apprentice Obi-Wan Kenobi travel to Tatooine in search of a potential force user.

Jedi Master Mace Windu trains younglings

Mace Windu trains younglings in a drill of what to do if a potential threat is made to them from a potential force user.

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6 minutes ago, Sean F Kennedy said:

Master Yoda goes to Naboo to reach a negotiation with the Gungans and Queen Amadala

Grand Master Yoda traveled to Naboo where he meets with both Boss Nass and Queen Amadala hoping to negotiate a unification against potential Trade Federation or Dark force user threat.

Jedi Master Qui Gon Jin and Apprentice Obi Wan Kenobi travel to Tatooine

After a vision in meditation Qui-Gon Jim and his apprentice Obi-Wan Kenobi travel to Tatooine in search of a potential force user.

Jedi Master Mace Windu trains younglings

Mace Windu trains younglings in a drill of what to do if a potential threat is made to them from a potential force user.

Just a reminder you can make five moves per turn, not just three. You don’t have to of course, I could just add another die to two of your rolls if you want. 

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Valorum Reformation

Valorum Speech: 6

Convention: 6

The Galactic Senate sat in a dead silence. Valorum had just finished giving a speech calling for a new constitutional convention for the Galactic Republic. Some delegates sat shocked, unbelieving that a Valorum would champion such an effort, others sat silent, debating in their head what this could mean for them in the great chess game of galactic politics.

The first Senator to rise was Garm Bel Iblis of Corellia. “What you are proposing, Chancellor Valorum, would destroy the Ruusan Reformation, and with it, the very fabric of our Republic!” he shouted, garnering supportive murmers from the crowd, “I will not sit idly by as a corrupt bureaucrat attempts to destroy the last 1,000 years of history!” he continued, now getting cheers from the Senate. In response, another senator rose to his feet, Senator Bail Antilles of Alderan, “The current Naboo Crisis shows that our Republic needs to be seriously reformed if it is to withstand the next 1,000 years.” he said, garnering both cheers, and jeers.

“We’ve faced crisis before, we can weather this!” Bel Iblis fired back. “The problem goes much deeper than the current crisis, it speaks to the corruption, and ineffectiveness of the Senate as a whole – corruption, and ineffectiveness that has been nurtured by the weakness of the Senate.” Antilles claimed. “So you want to give a corrupt, and ineffective even more power over the individual planets?” Bel Iblis asked, “What the hell are they putting into the water on Alderaan!?” he shouted. “Order in the Senate! Order in the Senate!” Vice Chancellor Mas Amedda demanded, yet it was no use, the Senate had descended into bickering, and rancor. Valorum sat back down in his chair, and rubbed temples, he had failed.

Crisis on Naboo

Jedi Intervention: 12

Judicial Forces: 18

Peace: 11

Naboo Humans: 15

Naboo Gungans: 1

Trade Federation: 9

The Senate approved sending a Jedi to mediate the Naboo Crisis, while there Yoda gained support from the human population for a joint defense initiative, but created a major rift between the order, and the Gungans following a failed meeting between Bos Nas, and the Grand Master. The intervention of Palpatine, and his alter ego Darth Sidious helped bring a quick end to the crisis, but most of the praise went to Chancellor Valorum who orchestrated a massive joint Judicial-Planetary Task Force for the defense of Naboo. The separatist movement attempted to gain influence among the Trade Federation, but the Neimodians remain under the sway of the mysterious Darth Sidious.

Crisis on Coruscant

Build Farr: 20

Assassinate Palpatine: 16

Assassinate Farr: 11

Younglings: 5

Assassinations: 12

Finis Valorum, and Bail Antilles walked down the steps of the capital building, discussing the chances of future constitutional reform. Meanwhile, a figure in Mandalorian armor observed them from afar. The figure lifted his rifle up, and stared down his scope, waiting for a moment to strike. The Mandalorian pulled the trigger as Valorum, and Antilles nudged through a crowd. The projectile ripped through Antilles’ collar bone, and lodged itself into Valorum’s shoulder. “Two down, one to go.” the figure said, before jetpacking off to his next target


The night air was cool, and heavy. Farr was surrounded by his detachment of senate guards in his office. “What’s the situation, Captain?” he asked the leader of his guards, “Perimeter is all clear, sir.” the captain said. Farr nodded, “Thank you.” he said, sitting down in his desk chair, “Return to your positions.” the captain ordered. “Officer DeGain, you’re taking up for Zel-Or.” he continued, turning to a young black haired human male.

DeGain walked out of the office, to the balcony. After a few minutes, the young officer heard a thud behind him. Turning around, DeGain saw a male Zabrak in dark Jedi robes. “Intruder!” the officer was able to yell, before being cut in half by the Zabrak’s double bladed lightsaber.

Maul charged into Farr’s office, lightsaber glowing. The Sith apprentice easily sliced through the two Senate guards who protected Farr’s desk. The Rodian attempted to run away, but was stopped, and lifted off the ground by the Sith. Before Maul was able to kill his prey, he heard the rest of Senate guards rushing to his position. The apprentice decided to retreat, pushing Farr, and his desk into the door.


Palpatine smiled as he answered the holo-news reporters questions. “Who do you blame for the recently ended Crisis on your homeworld?” one reporter asked, “Regardless of who started it,” Palpatine started, “It took a collaborative effort between all sides to bring the crisis to a peaceful end.” he continued.


“Alright younglings, today I’ll be teaching you the basics of Shii-Cho.” Mace Windu began, “Shii-Cho forms the basis for all other lightsaber forms, and has been in practice since even before the formation of the Jedi Order.” he continued. “Master Windu!” Cin Drallig shouted as he ran into the instruction room, “The Chancellor is demanding to meet with you at once!” he continued, “Why?” Windu asked, “Multiple attempted assassinations on Senators.” Drallig answered, “I will fill in for today’s lesson.” he continued. Windu shook his head as he exited the instruction room.


Palpatine laid in his hospital bed, making sure to ham up how injured he was. “Senator Palpatine?” a Duros patient asked him, “Yes?” the senator asked. “I just wanted to thank you,” the Duros said quietly, “For, everything you’ve done for non-humans, and all…” he continued. Palpatine smiled, “I’m only doing what is right.” he said, “I’m just glad you weren’t hurt any worse,” the Duros said, “I hear even Oncanda Farr was a target.” he continued. Palpatine went wide-eyed, and turned to the Duros, “Really?” he asked. “Yeah, I even heard…” the Duros continued, growing quiet, “That Farr’s assassin was a Jedi.” he whispered. Palpatine leaned back, “Interesting.” he said.

Investigation on Tatooine

Tatooine Search 1: 12

Death Watch: 12

Qui-Gon Jin meditated in his quarters on the Consular-class cruiser transporting him, and his padawan to the desert planet of Tatooine. Once again, he had a vision of a boy with an unprecedented connection with the force. It was vague, just like the first one. Power, compassion, and hope mixed with fear, hatred, and attachment in his vision.

A knock came from the door to his quarters, and broke him from his meditation. “The ship is landing now, Master.” he could hear his padawan say. “Thank you Obi-Wan.” Jin told his apprentice as he entered the hallway. Jin looked at his young apprentice, and saw uncertainty on his face, “Is something troubling you, my young apprentice?” he asked. Obi-Wan looked at his master, and then quickly looked away, “Why are we here?” he asked.

“I’ve gotten visions recently, of a very powerful boy originating from this planet.” Qui-Gon said. “Do you know who this boy is, or what he looks like?” Kenobi asked, “No, I don’t.” Jin admitted, “So you’ve dragged us to the outer rim to look for a mystery boy?” Kenobi asked. “Patience, my young padawan, if my visions are accurate, this boy is unlike any other.” Jin told his apprentice, “I’m sorry Master, you’re right, I spoke out of turn.” Obi-Wan apologized. “Do not be so hard on yourself, Obi-Wan,” Qui-Gon said, placing a comforting hand on his apprentice’s shoulder, “You have been a good apprentice, and I know that you will be a wise Jedi Knight.” he continued. “Now, lets find that boy.”


On Mandalore, Mand’alore Pre Visla finished up a meeting with Darth Maul. “I can assure you, Mandalore Visla, my master, and I will do everything in our power to help you retake your planet, provided of course, that you’re willing to join us in our fight against the Jedi, and the Republic.” Maul said, “It is an interesting offer, but I am not prepared to sell the Mandalorian people out to a different group of force users.” Visla said, “Was it not the founder of your order, Darth Malek, who first brought Mandalore to her knees nearly 3,000 years ago?” he continued. “Times change, Visla, I hope that you soon come to understand that Mandalorian Independence requires the help of the Sith.” Maul told the Mand’alore as he left.


The Tatooine night was cool, and silent as the two Jedi walked through the sand. “We’re close, I can feel it.” Qui-Gon Jin said, “Master, it is the middle of the night, and we can hardly see in front of us.” Obi-Wan said. “We should stop for the night, I doubt that the boy will go anywhere in that time.” he continued. “Fine, let us rest for the night, and in the morning we shall investigate Mos Espa.” Jin said. The two Jedi set up camp in the harsh desert for the night, and Jin began to meditate.


Once again, Jin had a vision of the boy. This one was far less vague, but far more horrifying. Jin foresaw the horrifying things that the boy would do. He foresaw death, destruction, and hatred. He saw the slaughter of the sand peoples, and the destruction of the Jedi temple. Jin’s eyes snapped open, and he rose to his feet. He stumbled around the campsite quietly, uncertain on if he should continue his hunt for the boy. He knew that force visions were not completely accurate, especially when concerning events decades or more into the future.

Darkness on Dathomir

Dathomir: 20

Savage Opress, his younger brother Feral, and 10 other Nightbrother Clan Leaders filed into Dathomir’s Crucible. The Nightbrothers knelt before the disparate shamans, and night-mothers, as well as the cloaked stranger standing with them. “You have been gathered here today to complete the Selection, so that our guest may find himself a new apprentice.” one of the nightmothers said. “We shall begin with-” she started, before being interrupted by a nightsister attempting to join in the Selection.

The nightsister was in fact Ros Lai, Nightmother Zalem’s deformed daughter. “The selection is no place for rancors like you, depart from here at once, you filthy creature!” a shaman ordered. “On the contrary,” the shrouded figure began, “I sense in her much potential.” he said, “I insist that you allow her to participate.” he ordered. “Tradition is for only twelve competitors to be tried at a time.” the same shaman said, “Unless one of the nightbrothers dies before the trial begins she is not allowed to participate,” she continued. “That can be arranged…” the figure said insidiously, scanning the nightbrothers. A few moments later, one of the skimpier looking nightbrothers clutched his throat, before falling over dead. “There,” the figure said, “Now the girl can compete.” he said.

The Trial of Fury began, and the twelve participants began to eliminate each other. Ros Lai, underestimated by her nightbrother counterparts, stuck to the sidelines, and picked off two weak, and isolated nightbrothers. Meanwhile Savage Opress prioritized defending himself, and his weaker sibling Feral, leading him to eliminating 2 nightbrother opponents. The other nightbrothers combined to kill 3 other opponents. “Impressive,” the dark lord said as the trial ended, “I can feel the anger, and hatred boiling within each of you.” he said, “Especially, you.” he said, looking at Ros Lai, to chagrin of all other participants.

The Trial of Night then began, with shadows covering the entirety of the crucible. The two unnamed nightbrothers were killed, one each by Ros Lai, and Savage Opress. Feral remained aloof of the fighting, keeping to the side of the ring, and relying on Savage. The figure observed the battle, and when only Lai, Opress, and Feral were left, began to speak. “You’re performance has been most promising,” he started, “Except, for you.” he continued, pointing to Feral. He then turned to Savage, “He is weak, kill him if you wish to become my apprentice!” he ordered. Savage looked at his beloved brother, before declaring, “No, I shall not kill him.”

The figure shot force lightning out of his fingertips at both nightbrothers for a few moments, before stopping, and telling Opress, “Kill him now, or you shall both be destroyed.” he ordered. Savage looked at his injured brother, “I-I’m sorry.” he said, “Brother no, please!” Feral cried before Savage broke his neck. “Good, good, so much suffering.” the figure said, “Begin the final trial.” he ordered.

The ground shook, as the pillars for the Trial of Elevation began to rise. With Savage still emotionally reeling from killing his brother Ros Lai was able to land a solid hit on him. “Aw hell, guess I don’t need this anymore.” she said, as her body began to transform from her apparent deformed visage into her true form, “An impressive illusion.” the figure observed as she transformed. Savage Opress was then able to land a knock on Lai while she transformed. The two Dathomirans then entered into a stalemate in their fight, struggling against each other for a long many moments.

“I’ve seen enough.” the figure said. “This was not our deal!” a shaman whispered, “I am altering the terms of our arrangement,” the dark lord said, “Pray, that I do not alternate further.” The pillars began to descend, to both participants surprise. “Kneel before me,” he ordered. The two fighters knelt before the shrouded figure, “Now, arise before me, my new apprentices.

Discovery on Tatooine

Tatooine Search 2: 20

Hutt Diplomacy: 10

As night passed into day, Obi-Wan’s meditation morphed into a vision of a day that could be, far in the future. He saw what looked like a space-born throne room, in which was a young man, an old man cloaked in shadows, and… a cyborg? He could see the older man electrocuting the younger man as the cyborg watched. “After I have slain this final Jedi, throw his body down the core shaft!” the old man ordered as he continued to zap the younger man with force lightning. “Father, help me!” the younger man implored, “He is not your father, he is my slave!” the old man mocked, strengthening his force lightning.

The old man halted his lighting blasts for a moment, stepping closer to the boy, and telling him, “Now, young Skywalker, prepare, to die.” before blasting him with all of his power, “Father!” the boy asked, before keeling over in pain. A moment later, the cyborg lifted the old man in his arms, and moved to the ship’s core shaft, “Vader!? What are you doing!? Put me down now!” the old man ordered as he was moved closer to the core shaft, “I shall put you down, down the core shaft, down to your doom!” the cyborg yelled. “Vader, you cannot do this! I am your master!” the old man yelled, “Darth Vader’s master,” the cyborg began, lifting the old man over his head, “But not, Anakin Skywalker’s!” he yelled, before throwing the old man down the core shaft.

Obi-Wan opened his eyes, and saw the warm sand of Tatooine stretch on into the horizon. Kenobi stood up, the twin suns warming his face. He saw his Master, Qui-Gon Jin, pacing around the edge of the camp. “Is something troubling you master?” Kenobi asked, “Its about the boy, I had a terrible premonition last night.” Jin answered. “Really?” Kenobi asked, “I believe I might have had a premonition about the boy as well.” he said. “Really?” Jin asked, “I believe I learned his name,” Kenobi answered, “Anakin Skywalker.”


Representatives from the burgeoning separatist movement waited anxiously in Jabba’s Palace. Jabba’s assistant, the Twi’lek Bib Fortuna appeared from the throne room to speak with the two men. “The rest of Jabba’s day will be taken up with the Twi’lek dancers that the previous guest brought with him.” Fortuna told them, “You will need to come back at a later date.” he continued. The two representatives left disappointed.


Kenobi, and Jin nudged through the crowd in Mos Espa. “Where exactly are we going?” Kenobi asked, “One of the many Tatooine businesses that employ child slaves.” Jin answered. “What!? What for!?” Kenobi asked, “To find our boy.” Jin said, “You said that in your vision he reacted negatively to being called the old man’s slave, so I figured that he must have been a slave here on Tatooine.” he continued. “I suppose it is a good plan,” Kenobi admitted, “But I do hope that you’re wrong.” he said, “So do I, Obi-Wan.”

The duo’s first stop was a Toydarian junk dealer named Watto. “Ah, Jedi, what can I do for the two of you?” Watto asked, “How much for that lightsaber?” he asked, “This weapon is not for sale,” Qui-Gon told the merchant, “I want you to show me your droid parts.” he said. “Right this way,” Watto grumbled, “Ani! Get in here, and watch the store, make sure the Jedi doesn’t steal anything!” he yelled. A young, shaggy haired boy gave a short affirmative, and ran to the storefront. “What is your name?” Obi-Wan asked the boy, “My name’s Anakin Skywalker, but my mom, and everyone else just calls me Ani.” the boy said. “Qui-Gon.” Obi-Wan said, catching his master’s attention, “It’s him.” he told him.

You will give us the boy, now.” Qui-Gon told the junk dealer. “How much?” Watto asked. “Let me rephrase,” Qui-Gon began, “You will give us Anakin Skywalker, and his mother, or we will free all of your slaves after we liberate your head from your body.” he said. “Fine, fine, take the boy!” Watto exclaimed, “So much for a more civilized order.” he mumbled as he flew away.

Rising on Raxus

CIS Speech: 16

Droid Army: 19

The gathering on Raxus exploded into a frenzy as Mina Banteri’s speech comes to a close. The newly founded Confederacy of Independent systems, while still smaller than the Republic, has built a solid base of outer-rim planets in declaring their secession. Notably, the planet Geonosis has given its full support to the CIS, and has agreed to dedicate its factories to the construction of a droid army. Dooku’s gamble has seemingly succeeded, for now…

@Richard @Hestia @Fbarbarossa @Sean F Kennedy

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Proposal 2X: Valorum emerges from his private bacta tank. His aides leave him on his bed to rest. If was possible to hang one’s hand while laying on your back, he would be doing it. Valorum looked around at his magnificent office. Fit for any regal leader throughout history. It mocked him now, unable as he was to effect any true change in this dying Republic. He rubbed his shoulder, the wound still irritated him, but modern medicine was nearly miraculous. That, however, did not help him with his recent failure. He had gambled for the soul of the Republic and come up short. And because of that 1,000s of star system had left the Republic for the CIS. The stench of failure was palpable in the room.

Yet good soldiers fight on despite setbacks. Saving Naboo gave him some solace, and better still his young protégée had survived a light saber wielding assassin. Perhaps even the failed assassinations could be turned to the Republic’s advantage. Maybe, just maybe, there was still some hope to work within the existing system to overcome this current crisis. Then he could pass the baton to someone else to carry the reforms forward.

When he is able Valorum will appear before the Senate, to make an impassioned call for the passage of the Military Creation Act to defend the Republic. Queen Amadala (the face of the Naboo Crisis), Wilhuff Tarkin (the Judicial Force hero), Senator Farr, and if able those Senators targeted for assassination (Antilles and Palpatine [if willing]) will appear by Valrum’s side. His speech will cover the need for a military force to defend the Republic given secessionists, assassination attempts, and corporate intimidation; in addition to the constant pirate activity.  

[I’d like to use two rolls on this, if that is alright]

Investigation: Valorum will marshal the conventional investigative resources of the Republic to find out who ordered this decapitation strike. He may be past his prime, but Valorum is no fool. The timing of the succession movement and this slew of assassination attempts line up too perfectly. He has a growing suspicion someone in the CIS ordered this. And if that is true, it is only a matter of time before CIS armies pour across the Republic’s frontiers. His suspicions make him more motivated to get the Military Act passed.

At the same time Valorum will give the green light to a parallel Jedi investigation of the assassination events. He is particularly curious about this potential rogue Jedi that targeted Senator Farr.

Diplomacy: With a potential invasion by separatists’ forces in the not-too-distant future, Valorum wants to secure the good graces, or at least the neutrality of Hutt Space during the conflict. He will send a diplomatic mission, headed by Senator Farr, to Nal Hutta to speak with the Grand Hutt Council with all the pomp and circumstance they are due. He will present gifts of fine hookah pipes and gourmet gorgs. Senator Farr will offer some advantageous trade concessions to win the Hutts over.

Diplomacy: Valorum will also send a diplomatic mission to the Colicoids of Colla IV to set up a contract with the Colicoid Creation Nest company. The diplomats will present the carnivorous Colicoids with a gift of a cargo holds worth of exotic meats. The Republican diplomats hope to achieve an exclusive contract that will make them the sole purchaser of the droideka battle droids in the galaxy. In return the Republic will provide the Colicoids with their choice or exotic meats from across the galaxy, or Republican credits. If successful the Republic will immediately purchase a large quantity of droideka.

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1. Grand Master Yoda will have Jedi Knights protect Senators ensuring their safety from assassins.

2. Qui-Gon Jin and Obi-Wan Kenobi will take Anakin Skywalker and his mother to the Jedi council decide what to do with the boy, Jin remembering of the prophecy of the Chosen One.

3. Mace Windu will once again train with the Younglings.

4. Yoda will once again meet with Boss Nass trying to mend the relationship after the first meeting.

5. Plo Koon will go to Alderan hoping to build a relationship with the leadership there to help protect their leaders.

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In accordance with his plan Palpatine quickly returned to public life. Soon to be seen as the brave Senator who quickly took back to work after an attempt on his life. It was also now he would begin angling for the position of Chancellor. He wouldn't announce yet, that would be an idiotic move, now was the time for the rumours to emerge. Let the media speculate around him, call him Chancellor in waiting,

Now is the time for the court of public opinion.

Palpatine would of course appear with the Chancellor while he gave his speech. He would even follow up with his own speech, expressing sympathy and solidarity with the other Senators who have been attacked in the assassination attempts and give his deepest condolences to those who were killed during them. 

After this Palpatine will pick up on what he was thanked for in the hospital, speaking for non-humans! Palpatine would double down on this, he hold rallies for these minorities, to ensure they were seen and represented. From his personal funds he would give aid. He walk the streets of Coruscant's poorest areas, speaking to people and giving out small toys to children. 


Sideous would quickly pivot from the actions of his alter ego. Donning his Sith apparel and altering his appearance he himself would make the journey to meet with Pre Vizla of the Death Watch. 

All things considering, the Death Watch were people he respected. Genuinely. They were a strong warrior society, yet not one without a brain, they could strategize in the long and short term, they could fight harder than anyone else. And of course, that weapon of theirs, the Darksaber. Simply magnificent. 

He hoped that this personal visit would help to form this much sought after alliance. Sideous would show all of the necessary respects while not making himself appear any less then firm and monolithic. 


Savage dropped to the floor as Sidious stood above him, the red of his lightsaber creating an ominous shadow across his face. "Come on!" He snarled. "Stand up and fight! Show me what I saw in you on Dathomir that made me think you fit to be my apprentice." 

Using the force Sidious pulled Savage from the ground and to his feet. "Think of how the Nightsisters treated you. The scorn you felt. The way they exploited you, your family and your entire people." using the force again Sidious pressed a button dropping six B1 droids into the training room, they quickly surrounded Savage and drew batons. The Sith Master walked to the back of the room before turning to face Opress. "Remember the anger and hate you felt at them! Let it flow through your body, become one with it and use it. Dewit! Now!"

The droids closed in on Savage and raised their metal batons to strike him. The Dathomiran Zabrak closed his eyes and strained. After a second he opened them wide and roared, the droids flying away from him and smashing into the walls.

Sidious clapped at the show. "Very good. Now take this, I think you'll enjoy learning to use this much more." Sidious handed his apprentice an oddly shaped lightsaber. Savage immediately activated it, showing a long lightsaber with a cross guard.

"Now," Sidious began. "We shall go and further your training with your fellow apprentice."


Darth Sidious sat cross legged in his chambers. His eyes closed in meditation. Tapping into the Force his eyes soon opened wide as he was struck with a vision. "Tatooine." The Dark Lord of the Sith stood, this news was interesting. No doubt the Jedi have already moved for the chosen one. And thus he found his situation to be a difficult one.

The Sith Lord stood and pulled back his hood.

Palpatine was best suited to this mission. He would reach out to the boy and his Mother. He would befriend them, become a shoulder to cry on, a sympathetic ear. This would be the method he would take to recruit the boy, slowly, no matter how long it would take. It would be worth it.

Palpatine was dragged from his thoughts when he heard the door to his office opening.


Jedi Master Pong Krell was at the door. Palpatine had been slowly getting to know the Besalisk for a while now. He could see that the Jedi could be easily lapsed. His heart was open to resentment, hate. Both of which were filled with a passion. 

At the same time Krell was a Jedi and he couldn't be too forward. Such hate could easily find it's way through to him, if he pressed his views too hard then Krell, the loose cannon he is, could easily strike at him. 

And he didn't want that. Not yet.

This would be a slow process. But done properly it could easily be one worth it. Palpatine smiled.

"Ah, Master Krell, wonderful that you could make it! Please, take a seat."

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Event 1: Defections The Confederacy is still a small organization, and has been launched with much fanfare. The organization hopes to gain more members by using several of the Separatists' Senators' contacts to try to convince current Republic senators to change their affiliations and convince their planets to do the same, and join their alliance. They highlight the fact that the Separatists are willing to defend them, whereas the Republic is eminently less so.

Event 2: Dooku's Deception The former Jedi Master has his work cut out for him as leader of the Separatists. He hopes to set up a backchannel with Republic officials (lower ranking ones) through Separatist 'civilians' who are trying to reach out for help. He hopes that they can use the signal to jam Republic communications and shipping lines so they can finance and feed their growing area.

Event 3: Try, Try Again The Separatists send new delegates out to meet Jabba, this time coming from some more prestigious areas - Senator Bonteri is sent to lead the group and hammer out a deal where the CIS could use Hutt Space in exchange for protection and an accord against Republic overreach.

Event 4: The Makings of a Threat Count Dooku and the leadership of the Separatist Parliament meet to discuss how to actually be able to defend themselves - the creation of a Droid Army comes first, but the planets inside the Separatist Alliance have few real ships to speak of besides the ones they confiscated upon defecting from the Republic. Dooku authorizes a mission to the Banking Clan to finance the creation of a Separatist Fleet in order to defend their fledgling nation.

Event 5: Propaganda in High Steam The Separatists have a lot of work cut out for them, even if they begin to make an army of their own. They hope to turn citizens against their own senators and planets, shipping propaganda leaflets to important and populous planets throughout the galaxy (like the one shown below), extolling the virtues of the Confederacy while knocking the Republic.

Propaganda poster issued by the Confederacy of Independent Systems during  the Separatist Crisis, ca. 22 BBY : r/StarWars

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The Lines Are Drawn

Mission to Alderaan: 12

Colla IV: 14

Boss Nass: 20

Proposal 1: 15

Defectors: 16

Death Watch: 18

Mr. Chancellor.” Valorum’s Chief of Staff, Rad Tibbeg, said calling the chancellor's attention away from his window, and to the finely dressed Duros male standing in the doorway to his office. The two men sat down across from each other as they discussed the contemporary political environment of the galaxy. “I have good news, Supreme Chancellor,” Valorum’s Chief of Staff started, “The Planet of Alderaan has reaffirmed their commitment to the Galactic Republic, but has not offered any of its military to her defense.” he said. “Disappointing, I hope that that is not the best news you have for me, Rad.” Valorum responded, slumping in his chair tiredly.

The Colicoids Creation Nest has agreed to sell us their Droideka battle droids in exchange for exotic meats, and credits.” Tibbeg continued. “I’m sensing a catch.” Valorum said. “They rejected our proposal of exclusivity,” Tibbeg admitted, “However, they will sell us 50% of the Doidekas that they produce.” he said. “Anything else?” Valorum asked, “It seems Master Yoda has successfully repaired Gungan-Human relations,” Tibbeh said, “Both the Human, and Gungan governments have committed their militaries to the defense of the Republic.”

Speaking of militaries,” Valorum began, “What is the status of the Military Creation Act?” he asked. “It is still being debated among the members of the Security Committee, however our experts are optimistic about its chances of passing.” Rad answered, turning stone faced. “Is there something you’re not telling me?” Valorum asked, “The proposal has given energy to the Separatist Movement, dozens of Senators have declared their support for Count Dooku’s movement.” the Duros answered. Valorum sighed, and ordered his Chief of Staff to leave him. The lines had been drawn, and conflict was now almost inevitable.


On the wastes of Mandalore, Darth Sidious’s hidden transport landed in the secret headquarters of the Death Watch. “Ah, so you are the Dark Lord of the Sith I’ve heard so much about.” Mand’alore Pre Visla said, as Sidious exited his transport. “Your apprentice spoke very highly of you.” Visla complimented, “I’m honored to be in the presence of warriors as strong as the Mandalorians.” Sidious replied. “I came to discuss an arrangement, between the new Sith Empire, and the Death Watch.” Sidious said, “And what would this arrangement entail?” Visla asked, “If you join me as the first generation of the New Sith Empire’s special forces, then I ensure you, the Mandalorians will be returned to their rightful place of glory. Visla squinted at the mysterious man in front of him, before shaking his hand, and giving a curt smile.

The Chosen One

Skywalker: 15

Befriend Skywalker: 17

The Jedi Council sat in a circle as they listened to the maverick Master Qui-Gon Jin argue in favor of allowing Anakin Skywalker into the Jedi order. “There is no doubt in my mind, this boy is the chosen one of legends old.” Jin said, “His midi-chlorian counts are off the charts.” he continued. “The force is undeniably strong with him.” Master Windu admitted, “He is to be trained, then?” Jin asked. “No, he will not be trained.” Windu answered, “No?” Jin asked incredulously, “He is far too old to become a padawan.” Windu answered. “But he is the chosen one, you must see it.” Jin said, growing frustrated with Windu’s traditionalism.

Clouded, the boy’s future is,” Grand Master Yoda spoke, “Both great good, and great evil, I see in him.” he continued. “If let into the order, the boy is, who would become his master?” the old Jedi asked, “I shall train him,” Jin declared, “I take Anakin Skywalker as my apprentice.” he said. “You already have an apprentice, Master Qui-Gon, the Code forbids taking a second.” Windu scolded, “Obi-Wan is more than ready to become a Jedi Knight.” Jin answered, “He is headstrong, and there is much he needs to learn of the living force, but is capable, there is little more that he can learn from me.” he continued.

Master Windu began to speak, before Grand Master Yoda cut him off, “Obi-Wan is ready, so you believe, yes?” he asked, Jin nodded. “Then allow you to take on Skywalker as your apprentice, I will.” Yoda said, “But first, pass the trials, Obi-Wan must.” he continued, “Investigate the attack on Senator Farr, you two shall, discover the identity of his attacker, you must.” Yoda ordered. Jin nodded, and the two Jedi left the council room.


A knock came from the front door of the apartment that Qui-Gon Jin had helped the Skywalkers get. “Qui-Gon?” Shmi Skywalker asked as the door opened, revealing the senator from Naboo. “I’m sorry to disappoint.” Palpatine said with a smile, “Oh, I’m sorry, I don’t know who you are.” Shmi told the graying-haired man. “I am Senator Sheev Palpatine of the planet Naboo.” the senator told the woman, “I heard of your escape from slavery on Tatooine, and I wished to speak with you, and your son regarding your experience on the fringes of the Republic.” he continued. “That is very kind, why don’t you take a seat?” Shmi said.

The duo sat across from each other, in the heart of the apartment. “Your experience must have been terrible, but I must ask, how did you escape?” Palpatine asked, “We did not escape, in a strict sense,” Shmi answered, “We were set free by a Jedi Master, and his apprentice.” she answered. “Really?” Palpatine asked, “Who was it?” he asked, “He told me his name was Qui-Gon Jin, he even helped us get this apartment.” Shmi answered.

Palpatine spied the young the young Skywalker from the corner of his eye, peaking from behind a door. “Now, who’s this young man?” Palpatine asked, standing up, and walking over to the boy. “This is my son, Anakin,” Shmi answered, “Ani, its alright, this man is a senator, he won’t hurt us.” she told her son. “Hello there, Anakin, I’m Sheev Palpatine from Naboo,” he introduced himself, bending down to be eye-to-eye with the boy.

The door to the apartment opened once more, and the Jedi duo of Qui-Gon, and Obi-Wan walked through it. “Senator Palpatine, these are the Jedi I were telling you about.” Shmi said walking to the two Jedi. Palpatine huffed as he stood to his feet, “I should be going now,” he said walking to the door, “But I promise to you, and your son that I shall spare no effort in fighting against slavery in the galaxy.” he finished before leaving.

“Does anything strike you as odd about that man?” Qui-Gon asked his apprentice, “He’s a politician, don’t they all have something off with them?” Obi-Wan replied. “Do you bring word from the council?” Shmi asked, “Yes, the council believes that Anakin is too old to be inducted into the Jedi Ordered.” Qui-Gon answered, “However they are still willing to allow me to take him on as my apprentice.” he continued, “That’s good! When will his training begin?” Shmi asked, “We do not know yet.” Qui-Gon answered, “We must be off now, the council has us on a very important mission.” he continued. “Did you mean to forgo telling her that Anakin’s induction into the order is predicated on us finding Senator Farr’s attacker?” Obi-Wan asked, “It will not matter either way, for I know we will discover the identity of the would be assassin.” Qui-Gon answered, “I wish that I shared your optimism.” Kenobi said.


The Phantom Menace

Training: 6

Investigation: 20

Krell: 20

Protect Senators: 20

Streets of Coruscant: 12

Windu: 10

Savage Oppress’s eyes went wide as he saw his fellow apprentice. A red Nightbrother stood across from him. “Darth Wilde, meet Darth Maul, your brother in both blood, and in the force.” Darth Sidious told them. The long lost brothers stared at each other in amazement, “Save the family reunion for later,” Sidious ordered them, “For now, practice your saber fighting.” he continued. “I will be on the surface of Coruscant, resuming my duties as Senator,” he told them, I sense that the Jedi will be investigating the failed assassination on Senator Farr, do not leave our hidden citadel, lest you be discovered, and risk all of our preparations.” Sidious ordered before leaving on his personal shuttle. Darth Maul bowed in acquiescence, while Darth Wilde glowered, but nonetheless began to spar with his long lost brother.


Jedi Jin, and Kenobi walked into Oncondo Farr’s hospital room. “Greetings senator, we’re investigating the attempt on your life, and we’d like to ask you a few questions.” Jin told the senator, “That sounds fine, what would you like to know?” Farr asked. “Did you get a good look at your attacker?” Jin asked, “He wore dark robes, and moved too fast for me to see him clearly.” Farr answered. “Did your attack seem to able to tap into the force?” Jin asked, “He was able to push me, and my desk across the room, I believe that is something that the Jedi can do?” Farr replied. “Can you remember anything else?” Jin asked, “No, I don’t think so.” Farr said, shaking his head. As the two Jedi turned to leave, the Rodian Senator remembered something else, “Oh, now I remember, the man who attacked me wielded a red lightsaber.” Farr said, “Are you sure it was red?” Kenobi asked, “Yes, I’m sure, though I’ve never heard of a Jedi using a red lightsaber.” Farr said. The two Jedi looked at each other with concern before leaving.


"Ah, Master Krell, wonderful that you could make it! Please, take a seat." Palpatine said cheerfully as his designated Jedi bodyguard Master Pong Krell entered his office. Krell took a seat, and the hidden Sith Lord could see a great internal conflict brewing withing the Jedi. “Is something troubling you, friend?” Palpatine asked.

“I have been having, visions.” the Jedi admitted, “Really?” Palpatine asked, “What type of visions?” he prodded. “I foresee, destruction.” the master admitted, slouching in his chair, “The destruction of the Jedi Order, and the rise of a new order.” Krell continued, standing from his seat, and walking to the window. “What if I told you,” Palpatine began, joining Krell in front of the window, “That I’ve been having similar visions myself.” he said. Krell turned to Palpatine, “You’re a Jedi?” he asked, before realizing, “No, you’re-” he began, “The Lord of a New Sith Order.” Palpatine admitted, feeling the darkness within Krell grow. “I offer you this choice, Master Krell, join me, and help bring about this new order,” he began, “Or turn me into the Jedi, and die with them.” he continued. Krell remained stiff for a moment, then he bowed before his new master.


Savage got to his feet slowly, still pained from Darth Maul besting him in their most recent duel. “You’re saber skills are sloppy, brother.” Maul criticized, “I tire of these useless duels.” Savage said with disdain. “Perhaps you just tire of losing.” Maul said, “We should be out there, fighting the Jedi, and ruling the galaxy.” Savage said, “The Jedi, and their Republic are still too strong, but our day shall come yet, and when it does, we must be ready.” Maul countered. “Ready yourself, I’m going strike our enemies directly.” Savage spat venomously, before leaving the hidden base.


The Jedi duo of Kenobi, and Jin inspected Senator Farr’s office, which was still mostly undisturbed from the date of the crime. “Whoever pushed Farr, and his desk into the door was certainly no novice, I’ve seen some of the younger padawans struggle with pushing heavy objects this far.” Jin observed, standing at the scuff marks that Farr’s chair had rubbed into the floor. “The markings on the bodies, and the balcony both corroborate with witness testimony that the attacker used a lightsaber.” Kenobi remarked, moving into the office as he did so. Jin then sensed a dark presence nearby, and heard a person drop onto the balcony, “Obi-Wan look out!” the Jedi master yelled.

The young padawan quickly activated his lightsaber, and brought it up in time to block the red lightsaber that had been swung at him. Obi-Wan’s dathomirian opponent used his strength to push the Jedi off balance. The Sith Acolyte brought his saber up to strike at Kenobi, but his saber was blocked from its target due to Qui-Gon Jin’s intervention, using his own green saber to protect his apprentice. Obi-Wan used the force to push the Nightbrother back, allowing himself time to rise to his feet.


“Palpy, Palpy, Palpy!” the mixed species crowd cheered as they gathered around the Naboo Senator. Palpatine embraced the crowd’s cheers with a warm smile, his ‘Jedi’ bodyguard close by his side. Sidious then spied a black robed nightbrother leap backwards on Senator Farr’s office balcony. “I thank you for your gracious support, and promise to always fight for equality, and justice in this great Republic!” Palpatine said, before turning to Krell, and whispering, “We need to get to Farr’s Office!”. The two then nudged their way through the crowd, Palpatine making sure to keep up his appearance as a caring politician.


Darth Wilde steadied himself on Farr’s balcony, before growling, and charging at his Jedi foes. Blue, Red, and Green sabers locked in a deadly contest for dominance. The Sith weakly pushed Kenobi into a nearby file cabinet, and focused on the master, swinging his blade wildly, and savagely. Master Jin was forced onto the back foot by the Nightbrother’s aggressive attack. Obi-Wan stumbled to his feet, and attempted to charge at the Sith, but this was countered by the Nightbrother, who sliced the padawan’s side with his lightsaber.

Qui-Gon attempted to strike at his opponent, but the Sith struck him with an elbow to the face. Darth Wilde then used his raw force potential to push Jin to the floor. The young Nightbrother brought his lightsaber above his head, and prepared to strike the Jedi Master down. A blue lightsaber cut into the Sith’s shoulder, forcing him to drop his lightsaber. Opress looked at the source of the saber, seeing that the wounded, but still alive Kenobi had foiled his plans.

Qui-Gon Jin used the force to push Savage Opress away from him, before scrambling to his feet, and pulling his lightsaber to his hands. A moment later the Office’s side door opened, and Senator Palpatine, and Master Krell ran through it. The Sith retreated into city as the two Jedi Masters checked on the wounded padawan.


Mace Windu shifted into the starting stance for Type-I Lightsaber dueling, and breathed deeply. “Now-” he began, before being interrupted by a young Jedi Knight. “What is it!?” Windu asked in annoyance, “Master Windu,” the Jedi began, “The Sith have returned!”


Subversive Diplomacy

Jabba: 19

Nal Hutta: 2

The Confederacy of Independent Systems successfully hammered out a comprehensive deal with the Hutt Empire, allowing them to use the Hutts’ hidden hyperspace routes, and privateer fleets, in exchange for the CIS guaranteeing Hutt independence. As a sign of good will the Hutts, and CIS delegation watched Jabba’s rancor eat the Republic delegation.


War Drums Beat

Banking Clan: 19

Propaganda: 1

Deception: 7

Proposal 2: 19

“The floor is now open for debate on Senate Resolution SW-1977.” Senate Speaker Mas Amedda said. Numerous senators rose to their feet at the opening of the debate. Amedda pointed at Senator Garm Bel Iblis of Corellia, and all other Senators sat down.

“This bill, proposed by the Supreme Chancellor himself, would absolutely destroy any semblance of limited government in this Republic.” the senator began, “After failing to totally rip apart the bones of our Republic with his call for a constitutional convention, Valorum has decided to tear up one of the most important parts of the Ruusan Reformations, and establish a new Grand Army of the Republic.” Iblis continued, “Why does Valorum want an army you may ask?” Iblis ranted, “It is because across the galaxy, hundreds of star systems have committed the grievous sin of not wanting to live under Republican tyranny.” he raved. “Now, you might be wondering, where the hell does Valorum plan to get the ships, and soldiers to fight his war?” Iblis asked, his volume increasing, “Language, Senator, another personal attack like that, and you’re time will be up.” Amedda scolded. Iblis waved off the Vice-Chancellor and continued, “He wants to press, your navies, your armies, your people, into a glorified pissing contest between two interstellar conmen!” he finished, sitting down, and yielding the rest of his time.

Senator Oncanda Farr rose to his feet to argue in favor of the bill. “The Senator’s beliefs in limited government, and planetary sovereignty are admirable, however, we must acknowledge that our foe is nonetheless preparing for galactic warfare.” Farr began, “Just recently, the CIS Navy has been bolstered by none other than the Banking Clan, who have donated no less than 100 Munificent-class star frigates.” he continued. “If this bill fails, it will not avert war, it will simply allow the Separatist forces to dominate the rest of the galaxy.” the Rodian said, ruffling through his files until finding the photo he needed. Farr held up a CIS propaganda poster for the rest of the Senate to see, it featured an image of a Coruscant on fire, and had the text “Death To Core Supremacy!” at the top, and the text “Death to Coruscant Control!” at the bottom, “All across the middle, and outer rim, pamphlets just like this are being spread by CIS sympathizers.” Farr said, continuing to hold the poster up, “This, more than anything, shows the true face of the Separatist menace, they bring death, destruction, and anarchy to our galaxy.” he continued, before setting the poster down. “They have even gone so far as to impersonate refugees, in their attempts to subvert our Republic!” he said, gripping his podium, “To vote against this bill, would be to leave our Republic defenseless against this vicious threat.” he finished, sitting back down.

Final Vote on the Army Creation Act (Not including the 197 Senators who Joined the CIS):

Aye: 429

Nay: 319

Abstain: 38

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The New Sith Order sat in their hideaway. Sideous drummed his fingers against the arm of his chair, casting his eyes to the newly minted Darth Wilde. "You disobeyed my direct and most important orders. You revealed to the Jedi our existence prematurely. Such insolence is in need of punishment." The Sith Master took a moment to let his statement land before speaking again. "However, you, a Sith not yet properly trained in lightsaber combat or the force, were able to hold your own against a Jedi Master and his soon to be knighted apprentice. This bodes well for us. Providing us such information is deserving of reward. And the reward I shall give you is forgiveness for your disobedience and a new mission, one I'm sure you will enjoy."

Savage grinned widely at the words of his Master.

"But first." Sideous continued. "We must further your training Darth Wilde. You performed beyond my best expectation, you have a natural gift. If we nurture this then you will be a truly unstoppable combatant. Come, while Maul trains Ros Lai I will take you under my personal tutelage.


Senator Palpatine will speak on the Army Creation Act. The controversial act passed the senate by a margin that can't be considered narrow but is far from comfortable. Such an act will require much reconciliation and the statesman for Naboo could be just the man for such a thing.

Palpatine will speak on the senate floor about the act and how at the time being the Republic is sadly in need of an army. "However! We need not put the citizens of our Republic in danger on the combat lines of this conflict!"

Senator Palpatine will propose that the Republic reach out to the Government of the Planet Kamino. He states that the cloning techniques perfected by the Kaminoans could be just what the Republic needs for its army. Rather than sacrificing innocent citizens the Republic could instead clone an army of well trained soldiers to fight for them. 

All they need is the perfect candidate.


Sidious activated his twin lightsabers as he circled Ros Lai. "Your time among the Nightsisters and your use of the force to disguise yourself has shown that you're adept in that regard. Now we must train you in the art of lightsaber combat." 

Using the Force the Lord of the Sith sent two lightsabers to Ros Lai's hands, each had an odd half circle shaped handguard. He spoke. "Use these as twin blades or unite them, whichever best suits your situation. Should the need arrive when united the blades can rotate. Now, let our training commence."

With that Darth Sideous flung himself towards his apprentice.


Senator Palpatine will continue his work to win public opinion. Attempting to fashion himself as a "man of the people" Palpatine will attempt to meet with citizens of Naboo and Coruscant, though of course devoting a little more time to his own constituents. He'll hear their concerns and do everything within his (Senatorial) power to aid them. On top of this Palpatine will continue his work for the non-humans of the Republic and will deliver a speech for them on the steps of the Senate.

Lastly Palpatine will found an initiative to house and protect refugees and those impoverished by the war. He will donate from his personal funds and encourage others from Coruscants upper crust to do the same. At the same time he will attempt to pass a bill in the Senate that would make the work of his charity government business. He describes his initiative as a temporary safehaven until the Government can step in.


Darth Sideous will continue his attempts to grow the Sith Order. Having recruited from the planet of the Dark Side, Dathomir, and having recruited from the Jedi themselves he decided to turn his gaze to his latest ally, and the Jedi's second oldest enemy, the Mandalorians, or more accurately - The Death Watch.

Sideous will of course approach this delicately. He does not wish to alienate his new allies. Only with the permission of Pre Vizla will he search for a new Sith among their ranks, and only with their permission will he take them on. 

Darth Sideous had to admit that he was not too pleased with having to act so carefully, but should he find a new recruit from the Death Watch ranks then it all shall be worth it.

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