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On 1/26/2022 at 11:12 PM, Hestia said:

She said she's spoken to teachers who have moved to Iowa, Illinois, even Nebraska (to chuckles) and that she wants to reverse that.

Is this part a typo? Why would she want to reverse teachers moving into Iowa? Or was she saying she wants to reverse the demonization of teachers that is also occurring in these other states?

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8 hours ago, jnewt said:

Is this part a typo? Why would she want to reverse teachers moving into Iowa? Or was she saying she wants to reverse the demonization of teachers that is also occurring in these other states?

Typo! Supposed to say Minnesota.

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The first politician I met was Jerry Brown, when he was running for president in 1992. I was too young to really care about politics, but my dad and I ran into him in Dallas at Southern Methodist University. I used to go to the library there and use the arcade machines in the student center. I lived two blocks from it. Brown was in the student center, mostly alone. 

Prior to that George HW Bush drove by my elementary school and waved from the car, but I don't remember if I saw his hand or not, even though others saw him wave. 

In undergrad, I saw former US Sen of TX Bob Kreuger (possibly the last Dem Sen of TX who finished someone else's term) a few times. 

In grad school, I was in the VIP section where Barack Obama was shaking hands with people as he went up on the stage to give a speech during the 2008 primaries. US Rep Lloyd Doggett was with Obama. I saw Ted Kennedy that same week. He was with former US Rep Joseph P Kennedy II. Bill Clinton was also there that week but I didn't learn about it in time to see him. 

When I lived in NYC, I saw Al Sharpton a few times, PM Gordon Brown, PM or Pres of the Dominican Republic, Noam Chomsky, and probably countless others I couldn't recognize while working at the Huffington Post. I taught at Pace U with Robert F Kennedy Jr, but never met him. I worked for Fred Hochberg's (Obama's Export-Import Pres) household as a part-time personal assistant, but generally did stuff for his spouse, who was the Chairman of the Fulbright Board, appointed by Hillary Clinton. 

I saw Ron Paul speech when I returned briefly to Texas, but I left 20 min into his speech once he keep using the word "progressive" to label Pelosi, who is definitely not progressive. Sanders and Warren are progressive--Pelosi is mainstream liberal. 

I was in Boston at Fanueil Hall as Ed Markey was being sworn in to replace John Kerry. 

In Philadelphia, I saw Bernie Sanders (and also shook his hand) and Nina Turner speak. I've run into Al Sharpton again. I showed up to see Biden speak in Philadelphia, but they didn't let anyone in because of COVID and small room capacity.  

Somehow didn't see anyone in Washington DC that I recognized. 

My cousin was Hillary Clinton's campaign manager, but I've never met him. 

I feel like I'm missing someone important.

The only politicians I've purposely tried to see are Obama, Kennedy, Sanders, and Biden (the only unsuccessful attempt). Ron Paul was purposeful only in the sense that a friend invited me to go. 

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Since I work for the Dems, I tend to meet a lot of candidates (since they usually go to picnics/meetings) for PA I've met all dem senate candidates multiple times, and Josh Shapiro. The first non local political I met was Richard Byrd, me and my dad where on a roundtrip and stopped at a McDonalds, and he was there (my dad was running for local office at the time) and they talked for over an hour I remember. Though I don't agree with Byrd and think his history is immensely terrible,  he was an immensely powerful politician who gave a random guy an hour of his time while still in the Senate (this was in the early 2000s, I was 5 I think) 

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6 minutes ago, Patine said:

Oh, come now! Elected politicians don't eat at McDonald's (except, apparently, Donald Trump - but fear of being poisoned by food prepared for him specifically by expectation is seemingly the original reason he began his fast food habit). 😛

Maybe he was treating his staffers to a fine meal 😉 

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