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2020 Democratic Primary RP


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Do you have what it takes to beat Donald Trump?

I came to an interesting idea for an RP in which you will play candidates running for the nomination in 2020 Democratic primary.

The start date will be November 1st 2019 and every turn will last one in game week.

Turns will consist of 3 events and one endorsement request from each candidate

Success of your events will be determined by the power of almighty dice!

You can pick any candidate from the list below but the bolded ones are priority to be picked for the game to begin cause they were IRL major contenders at the time :

Joe Biden,fmr.Vice President @Dobs

Bernie Sanders,US Senator from VT @Zenobiyl

Elizabeth Warren,US Senator from MA @Hestia

Pete Buttigieg,Mayor of South Bend,IN @Ich_bin_Tyler

Michael Bloomberg,NY Billionaire @Pringles

Amy Klobuchar,US Sen from MN @Rezi

Kamala Harris,US Sen from CA

Tulsi Gabbard,US Rep from HI @Willthescout7

Tom Steyer,CA billionare

Deval Patrick,fmr.MA Governor @Cal

Beto O'Rourke,2018 TX Sen Dem nominee @Fbarbarossa

Michael Bennet,US Sen from CO

Andrew Yang,NY enterpeneur @The Blood

John Delaney,US Rep from MD

Cory Booker,US Sen from NJ

Marianne Williamson,spiritual author @WVProgressive

Julian Castro,fmr.Sec of HUD

Steve Bullock,MT Gov @Kitten

Tim Ryan,US Rep from OH @Sean F Kennedy

Bill De Blasio,NYC Mayor @Cenzonico

John Hickenlooper,CO Gov

Mike Gravel,fmr.Sen from AK @Timur

Eric Swalwell,US Rep from CA @mark2

Richard Ojeda,WV State Sen.  @Arkansas Progressive

When you pick your candidate you can immediatly do your announcement that can be as short or long as you want it to be. 

Good luck to all the candidates!


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Just now, mark2 said:

pronglemeister has really embraced his joker phase eh

inb4 u come in as Joe Manchin

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