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A More Perfect Kingdom: A Crusader Kings III Playthrough


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The King

King of England, George III of House Hanover
Background: Naive Appeaser
Arrogant, Calm, Callous

Red Royals

Duke Artemis of House Ward -- Duchy of Gwynedd
Brilliant Strategist
Brave, Content, Shy

Duke Charles Coatesworth of House Pinckney -- Duchy of Northumbria
Charismatic Negotiator
Gregarious, Ambitious, Fickle

Duke Francis of House Dana -- Duchy of Strathclyde
Naive Appeaser
Content, Patient, Humble

Count Benedict of House Arnold -- Count of Somerset (+1 other county)
Intricate Webweaver
Arrogant, Ambitious, Arbitrary, Brave

Earl Pierce of House Butler -- Earl of Munster (Ireland)
Midas Touched
Greedy, Diligent, Cynical

Count Benjamin of House Franklin - Count of Northamptonshire (+1 other county)
Grey Eminence
Lustful, Gregarious, Content

Count William of House Franklin -- Heir to the County of Northamptonshire
Adequate Bargainer
Arbitrary, Cynical, Paranoid

Count George of House Washington -- Count of Bernica (+1 other county)
Misguided Warrior
Compassionate, Stubborn, Impatient

Count John of House Wythe -- Earl of Atholl (Scotland, +2 other counties)
Mastermind Philosopher
Just, Diligent, Humble

Earl Thomas of House McKean -- Earl of Ulster (Ireland)
Adequate Bargainer
Fickle, Cynical, Patient

Lord Robert Treat of House Paine -- County of Morgannwg
Grey Eminence
Diligent, Gregarious, Content

Count Charles Wilson of Peale -- County of Dunholm
Astute Intellectual
Shy, Chaste, Compassionate

Count Ralph of House Izard -- Count of Warwickshire
Misguided Warrior
Stubborn, Callous, Impatient

Earl John of House Adams -- County of Desmond
Naive Appeaser
Shy, Cynical, Just

Blue Royals

Duke Joseph of House Bloomfield -- Duchy of East Anglia (4 counties overall)
Brilliant Strategist
Brave, Content, Just

Duke Daniel of House Hiester -- Duke of Kent
Intricate Webweaver
Ambitious, Humble, Stubborn

Duke Francis Lightfoot of House Lee -- Duchy of Mercia
Fortune Builder
Ambitious, Arrogant, Arbitrary

Duke Wade of House Hampton -- Duchy of Brittany (Brittany)
Tough Soldier
Content, Brave, Vengeful

Duke Elias of House Boudinot -- (France, Duke of Flanders)
Thrify Clerk
Patient, Diligent, Temperate

Count Michael Jenifer of House Stone -- Count of Worcester (+2 other counties)
Charismatic Negotiator
Gregarious, Cynical, Arrogant

Count Elbridge of House Gerry -- Count of Devon
Thrifty Clerk
Fickle, Deceitful, Just

Count John of House Tyler -- County of Shropshire (+1 other)
Amatuerish Plotter
Vengeful, Ambitious, Sadistic

Count William of House Paca -- County of Staffordshire
Adequate Bargainer
Diligent, Humble, Deceitful

Count Carter of House Braxton -- County of the Isle of Man
Naive Appeaser
Content, Just, Compassionate

Count Thomas of House Jefferson -- County of Norfolk
Indulgent Wastrel
Shy, Craven, Fickle

Count George of House Clinton -- County of Cornwall
Misguided Warrior
Ambitious, Stubborn, Gluttonous

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Prologue Pt. 1

1066 was a turning point in the history of England. The Kingdom held strong against foreign invaders, but Duke William "The Bastard" and King Harold of Norway have both staked a claim to the throne. While neither has pressed it in war as of yet, it seems a certainty that soon the kingdom will be embroiled in conflict. 


To the North, Scotland stands strong and holds on to their Gaelic roots. There are some true Scottsmen, but by and large the Gaelic culture continues to thrive. Of particular note, Earl George Wythe of Atoll stands as one of the first royals to openly adopt the new reigning culture of the land. Perhaps he shall see himself, or his ancestors, one day take the kingdom for him self. 


To the West, Ireland remains the divided mess it has been for centuries. Formally converting to Catholicism is great, but Arnold knows that there is little hope for the Irish to ever rival the English or the Scotts. There stands two men of note on the smaller island -- Earl Pierce Butler of Munster and Earl Thomas McKean of Ulster. Both are open in their ambition to one day unite the rivaling Irish tribes. Perhaps they will succeed, but by that time Arnold will ensure that they pose no threat whatsoever to his rule. 


On the Isle of Man, Lord Carter Braxton is all alone and powerless. Perhaps an invasion of his miniscule lands would not only bring the superior English culture to his people, but further Arnold's own ambitions...


To the South, the nasty frogs exist. Of note, Duke Elias of House Boudinot, ruler of Flanders has made contact with King George III several times, warning of an impeding invasion from his fellow Duke William of Normandy. Of course, no one would think to take the English throne. He may stake claim, but who does not know that England is impenetrable? Preposterous. Finally, there are some rumors that Duke Wade of House Hampton, ruler of Brittany, will seek to join the Kingdom of France soon. Why would a petty king give up their independence as such? Surely, these are just rumors.

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Prologue Pt. 2

The House of Arnold is the greatest of all of the English dynasties. It has marshals of whom the fate of the Kingdom lies in their hands, stewards who's mastery of the coin builds fortunes from mere coins, chancellors who secure alliances with even the most hostile of countries, and the greatest rulers in the history of Europe. 

Or, it would, anyway. Count Benedict is the first of House Arnold to enter the nobility at all. His father was a tailor and he took over the family business when his father passed. When the King's coin was running low, and then was nonexistent, followed by the Kingdom's bankruptcy, Arnold was able to sell his father's business and purchase a fiefdom of his own. And, being such a loyal servant of the crown, the king would award Baron Arnold with two counties of his own to rule within just a few years.

The King saw the raw potential within House Arnold, or so Benedict would tell you. In reality, King George knew that Benedict was an excellent administrator and that his ability to play politics and court intrigue were worrisome. If he were not satisfied, there was the chance that he would come for the King's head through daggers and poison. He knew not of just how ambitious Count Benedict was that he would only see this as an assurance that he and his House were meant for bigger, better things than Somerset. 

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Gonna continue this today. Let me know if there is anyone y’all are particularly interested in following in the next few updates or if there is anyone you might want to add. 

Im thinking that if a House dies out, I’ll replace it with a statesman from our current playthrough. 

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16 minutes ago, Patine said:

@Cal So am I correct here, or is something else going on with this scenario? I ask in good faith here.

My apologies. It’s just the 1066 start with all of the nobles of England replaced with statesmen from our AMPU play through.

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1 minute ago, Patine said:

Oh, understand I've never played the game, and was uncertain as to how this all worked.

No worries my friend. It will be updated soon. If there’s anyone you want to see from the current play through represented just say the word 🙂 

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