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Following a trend I thought I'd ask this! I'll post mine below to show who I would pick but also to show the kind of historical I mean.

President: Myself

Vice President: Edward I of England

Secretary of State: Henry V of England

Secretary of Treasury: Saladin

Attorney General: Nur ad-Din

Secretary of Defense: Alexander the Great

Secretary of Interior: Raymond III of Tripoli

Secretary of Agriculture: Cincinnatus 

Secretary of Commerce: Francis Drake

Secretary of Labor: John Cadbury

Secretary of Health and Human Services: Baldwin IV of Jerusalem

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: Alfred the Great

Secretary of Transportation: Henry II of England

Secretary of Energy: Michael Faraday

Secretary of Education: Plato

Secretary of Veteran's Affairs: Godfrey of Boullion

Secretary of Homeland Security: Francis Walsingham

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Vice President: Alfred the Great

Secretary of State: Douglas MacArthur

Secretary of Treasury: FDR

Attorney General: Moses

Secretary of Defense: Lee Sun-shin

Secretary of Interior: Ernest Thompson Seton

Secretary of Agriculture: Booker T. Washington

Secretary of Commerce: Adam Smith

Secretary of Labor: Anthony Ashley-Cooper, 7th Earl of Shaftesbury

Secretary of Health and Human Services: Clement Attlee

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: William Penn

Secretary of Transportation: George Stephenson

Secretary of Energy: Albert Einstein

Secretary of Education: Ahn Chang-ho

Secretary of Veteran's Affairs: Ulysses S. Grant

Secretary of Homeland Security: Cyrus the Great

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President: Mohammed Mossadegh

Vice President: Tom Brady

Secretary of State: Robert La Follette

Secretary of Treasury: John Maynard Keynes

Attorney General: Cicero

Secretary of Defense: Jesus Christ

Secretary of Interior: Teddy Roosevelt

Secretary of Agriculture: George Washington Carver

Secretary of Commerce: Marco Polo

Secretary of Labor: Eugene Debs

Secretary of Health and Human Services: Sigmund Freud

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: Jane Jacobs

Secretary of Transportation: Amerigo Vespucci

Secretary of Energy: Thomas Edison

Secretary of Education: Horace Mann

Secretary of Veteran's Affairs: Walter Waters

Secretary of Homeland Security: George Orwell

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