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Alright, I figured I might as well try my hands at one of these. Here is how it will work:

-There are 24 teams in 3 divisions of 4 each split into two conferences. 

-Each team will have 9 players. These players will have an ability rating which will be bonuses on the dice roll. There will ability rating will be their salary for each season. You can sign any player for up to 10 seasons, locking in their salary until they get a new contract. There are a few additional rules for signing players, but when we get to that phase I will go over them.

-Each team will have a coach. Again, they will have ability ratings. Coach attributes will be based on making the playoffs, winning records, and winning championships.

-There will be a player salary cap, which much be followed. That salary cap is currently set to 60, but I can change that as necessary.

-Each year there will be a draft for eligible teams. I will go over those rules when we get there.


I’m asking people who want to participate to choose their team. I’ve designed it to where it will take minimal time for everyone, but your decisions will matter long term. It's not too complex for my first time, but I think people will enjoy it. Seasons will move quickly since the real drama is the offseason. For this first season, I have already drafted a team and assigned a coach for each team. Some teams are currently over the salary cap, but that is okay for now. The number next to each team is their current rating based off their players. The first person to claim a team gets it.

  1. Wyoming Geysers: 54
  2. Washington Mafia: 37
  3. Albuquerque Oryx: 68
  4. New Hampshire Politicians: 59
  5. Decatur Bandits: 67
  6. Florida Comets: 60
  7. Arlington Legends: 49
  8. Baton Rouge Bayou: 58
  9. Miami Beach: 63
  10. Branson Baldknobbers: 63
  11. Michigan Mittens: 64
  12. Georgia Peaches: 47
  13. Dayton Airmen: 41
  14. Silicon Valley Venture: 46
  15. Las Vegas Chips: 60
  16. -Louisville Cadets: 71
  17. -Spokane Loggers: 56
  18. -Montana Bighorns: 58
  19. -Minnesota Loons: 55
  20. -Los Angeles Stars: 53
  21. -El Paso Abrams: 56
  22. -Denver Preppers: 59
  23. -Massachusetts Pilgrims: 65
  24. -Charleston Agitators: 63

Just because a team is ranked higher right now doesn't mean they'll have an easy time. Some of these contracts are awful. 

As soon as a majority of the teams are picked up by players, I will start, which hopefully won't take too long. 

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2 minutes ago, vcczar said:

What sport is this?

Not really any sport in particular, I'm not that creative. I wanted the freedom to make my own offseason rules. My friend and I always pictured it as some form of paintball league, but never officially decided it. 

I haven't officially chosen one since I'm more interested in the offseason and roster moves.

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