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I'm putting the NFL RP on hold because of issues with simulating and because I have a better idea of how to handle it, but it will take some time. 

In the meantime, I'm considering creating a military strategy RP set in the time of linear warfare, roughly 30 Years War (1618) to the end of the US Civil War (1865). It will be set in Europe. It will likely use all the greats from between these years in a fictional all-time war. 

I won't make any new threads about it or create a poll for it until I can figure out a manageable and fun way of doing this. 

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One more post on this. So I think I’m going to make an RP loosely based on the Napoleonic War. It’s going to be in a hypothetical US in which the US Constitution never happened and the Articles of Confederation failed. 

Forum users will play as themselves as commander in chief of their state’s forces. I’ll play as GM and the state governments. 

This probably won’t be ready for awhile as I need to reread the three masterpieces on linear warfare:

- Clausewitz’s On War

- Jomini’s Art of War

- Napoleon’s maxims

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I imagine a fragmented US in the year 1800. France has just required the Louisiana Territory. Napoleonic War is still on-going in Europe, which at least reduces the threat of an invasion by the UK (Canada and Caribbean), Spain (Spanish Florida and Caribbean), and France (Louisiana and Caribbean. A Native American Confederacy is a larger issue in a fragmented US situation. Assuming all the 13 colonial states + Vermont are independent nations, I see the following military/defensive alliances: 

  • New England also allied with England. 
  • NY without an alliance. 
  • PA, DE, and NJ allied but not to a foreign power. 
  • MD without an alliance
  • VA without an alliance, but friendly with France and Spain.
  • SC and NC in an alliance and friendly with England but not allied with them. 
  • GA without an alliance and somewhat isolationist with some hostility to Spain. 


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I'm kind of hoping that this hypothetical American war scenario set in a hypothetical 1800 will have a lot of replay value. I'm rereading Jomini's Art of War (Haven't read it since about 2003 or 2004), and he does a great job of detailing the various types of war during the period, the pros and cons, the things to look out for, etc. Jomini is more like a textbook, while Clausewitz is more theoretical. Napoleon's maxims are just opinions and statements based on experience, and I think they all go together rather well. 

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20 hours ago, Patine said:

The U.S. Civil War wasn't at all a significant marker point in European military history. It was right in the middle of the so-called century-long, "La Belle Epogue." In fact, the U.S. Civil War seems even less relevant as a marker point if the Articles of Confederation failed. This scenario seems a bit - unusual and difficult to follow the intent of.

That’s not quite right. It really is a significant marker point in global military history. It’s the end of the first generation of modern warfare (as v is calling it, linear warfare.) The Franco-Prussian War in 1871 is the first major example of second generation warfare in Europe, only 6 years after the Civil War (the first major example in general).

Furthermore, the Belle Epoque lasted from 1880-1914 and had to do with that very resurgence in Parisian culture and French economic power which was a result of France’s looking outward to colonial expansion as opposed to further European expansion (given the defeat at the hands of Germany). You may be getting your eras mixed up and thinking of the Concert of Europe? In which case you’d be right to say it’s in the middle of the Vienna system which lasted roughly a century until WWI. That political arrangement however, while discouraging continental war, clearly did not wholesale abolish it, nor did it make the continent immune to the long trudge of progress in military technology which was manifested in the Civil War and indeed in Europe in the Franco-Prussian War.

All this time say that V’s scenario makes perfect sense when considering the development of military technology in Europe and the United States particularly.

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I'm multi-tasking with some many things today that I'm surprised I'm making progress on everything. 

One thing I'm noticing about this RP is that MA and VA will have an advantage in that they'll be the only states with an armory at the start. Historically, Springfield (MA) and Harpers Ferry (then VA and now WV) had the only armories by 1800. In fact, the VA armory was not yet complete, but I'll say its complete in this RP. This also means all other nations, while building their armories will have to purchase guns from either MA, VA or from a European power. In fact, Europe might provide arms to oppose unfriendly states in this hypothetical fragmented America. 

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One thing I'll have to make this work is to have state maps with possible marching routes, bases of operations, and etc, to make it functional for forum use. Battles will occur when two armies collide. 

It won't be simple since the most direct path will be the least economically/logistically exhausting, but it is also the most predictable route. Players will have to focus on logistics, just as much as strategy, and tactics. 

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Taking a pause on this until I get more AMPU bios filled up. It's taking me hours to do like 10-25 of them because I'm constantly multitasking. I'll keep reading Jomini and taking down notes for this RP but the pace is going to be slower. 

I do plan to have the potential generals abilities hidden (they can be revealed over time) just to make it realistic. 

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Not making much progress on this, spending only 5 to 10 min a day working on this, but one thing I'll do is have a mix of historical and fictional military people from 1800-1815 for this hypothetical war. I might also include George Washington, who in this scenario did not catch cold and die in 1799. 

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On 2/27/2022 at 7:59 PM, Richard said:

Looking forward to this. We are studying Jomini and Clausewitz in my CGSC now. It will be nice to have a real world use for that knowledge 😁

I took 5 military history classes mostly focused in the era of linear warfare. What is CGSC? 

To everyone, I’ve been making slow progress on this. Still rereading and taking notes from Jomini. 

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On 3/5/2022 at 4:25 PM, Richard said:

Command and General Staff College. It is a US army 'university' (for lack of a better word) that teaches majors (or soon to be majors) on operational leadership, military history, and joint operations amongst other topics.

Yeah, I know what that is. Just couldn't tell what it was from the initials. My professor who taught the 5 military history courses also taught there and at West Point. 

@everyone else, 

I'm still making progress on re-reading Jomini. I'm also going to reread a book by Frederick Kagan. I think what I'm going to do is a Napoleonic RP of the War of the 3rd Coalition. I have to do less research and set up to make this as compared to one set in a hypothetical America. I think doing this RP will help make a prospective US RP as I planned to make. 

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Making small progress on this as a an occasional break from daily AMPU work. I've started making a list of goals. This will be a much larger list and it will make it very difficult for players to decide, which kind of alliance would best suit them. 

Weaken British Naval hegemony France
Replace Britain as Lead Naval Power France
Increase Naval hegemony Britain
Weaken French Naval Power Britain
Outcompete Prussian influence in Germany Austria
Outcompete Austrian influence in Germany Prussia
Regain Silesia from Prussia Austria
Maintain Possession of Silesia Prussia
Regain Austrian Netherlands Austria
Regain Spanish Netherlands Spain
Maintain French Netherlands France
Annex Bavaria Austria
Unite Holy Roman Empire against France Austria
Prevent the Breakup of the Holy Roman Empire Austria
Dissolve and Replace Holy Roman Empire with French-influenced German Confederacy France
Rebuild and Maintain Solid Economy Austria
Rebuild and Maintain Solid Economy Prussia
Gain Military Units from the US to Europe France
Have US Declare War on Great Britain France
Avoid War with the US Britain
Do not lose territory to Sweden Russia
Do not lose territory to the Ottoman Empire Russia
Do not lose Poland as a French satellite Russia
Gain independence of Poland as a French satellite France
Maintain the Holy Roman Empire's Existence and with Austria as Emperor Russia
Regain control of Egypt France
Gain control of Egypt Britain
Keep Egypt as a Satellite Nation Ottoman
Keep France out of Egypt France
Maintain control of the Crimea Russia
Regain the Crimea Ottoman
Keep France out of Egypt Russia
Maintain Malta Britain
Regain Malta France
Gain Malta's Independence as a satellite Russia
Guarantee protection of Independent Malta Russia
Evict France out of Italy Austria
Keep the French out of the Mediterranean Russia
Keep the French out of the Mediterranean Britain
Regain Control of the Mediterranean Ottoman
Maintain Control in the Mediterranean Britain
Gain Control of the Mediterranean France
Remove Britain from Gibralter France
Regain Gibralter Spain
Maintain Gibralter Britain
Subsidies Austrian War Effort Against France Britain
Subsidies Prussian War Effort Against France Britain
Reduce Inflated Defense Budget Austria
Decrease British dominance in the Mediterranean Russia
Decrease British dominance in the Baltic and North Sea Russia
Decrease British dominance in the Mediterranean France
Decrease British dominance in the Baltic and North Sea France
Clear British from English Channel for Invasion France
Invade Britain by Crossing the English Channel France
Maintain the English Channel Britain
Keep Britain Free of Land Invasion Britain
Keep London Unoccupied Britain
Keep Paris Unoccupied France
Gain Use of Spanish Navy France
Gain Independence from India as a Russian Satellite Russia
Take India from Britain France
Maintain India Britain
Prevent Indian Independence Movements Britain
French out of Northern Italy Russia
Independence of Bavaria Russia
Independence of Wurttemberg Russia
Control Hanover Prussia
Control Hanover Britain
Control Hanover France
Gain Alliance with Russia France
Gain Alliance with Austria Russia
Keep Britain out of Hanover France
Keep France out of Germany Russia
Prevent Prussian Expansion in Germany Russia
Prevent Austrian Expansion in Germany Russia
Regain Cape Colony from the Dutch Britain
Gain Ionian Islands France
Gain Ionian Islands Russia
Gain Ionian Islands Ottoman
Gain Ionian Islands Britain
Domestic Reform Russia
Keep Austria out of Germany France
Keep Austria out of Italy France
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I'm now at the point for this RP, that I just need a solid day to create the map of Europe and create a system for movement (all on a spreadsheet!). This probably won't happen until I get my "to do" list on AMPU wiped out. So I'll get back to this, hopefully in a month. I just need a day free of AMPU work and teaching work as I'll need extended focus with no multitasking to create this. 

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