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McCain-Feingold Campaign Reform Act  

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McCain-Feingold Campaign Reform Bill: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bipartisan_Campaign_Reform_Act

In short, this bill aims to regulated the finances of political campaigns. This is the first contested bill that could fail. The bill is favored overwhelmingly by Democrats, with only the most conservative Democrats opposing. About 2/3 of Republicans are expected to oppose the bill, possibly more. 

* Every Senator should make some sort of statement on the bill or attempt to sway fellow Senators. 

* Please wait a few days before voting unless you are 100% sure how you are going to vote, and you know you won't be convinced otherwise. 

***YOUR VOTE WILL NOT COUNT IF YOU DID NOT SIGN UP TO PLAY THIS SENATE FORUM GAME. If you'd like to join the game, let us know. Do not vote until you join the game. If you vote before requesting to join, then you will not be allowed to join.*** 

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20 minutes ago, WVProgressive said:

I'll vote for this bill because I think that it provides a good framework for future campaign finance reform. However, I would argue it probably doesn't go far enough, and that further regulations are needed to prevent money buying out elections.

I concur with my colleague here. I think it's a good first step. 

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This is a good bipartisan bill that will help in getting rid of a lot of problems that come with big money in politics. I'm proud to stand with Senator McCain and President Bush on this matter. As I believe when it comes to voting, we need elections with less influence on all the ad money, and more ground effort, more education of our voters, and greater efforts to ensure all voters are better informed about the politics of the United States. I will be voting Aye. 

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Senator Feingold is a strong ally of mine and I’m glad to see his bill have such popular support. I will vote aye on this bill, for any progress towards eliminating dark money from our political system is good progress, especially as I doubt we could get any better legislation under the Leadership of a Bush.

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Although I can get behind the regulation of soft money and the role my corporate donors have in our politics, I can't get behind prohibiting domestically produced material relating to a federal candidate no matter if it has a certain window of time. Americans should have to right to commend or criticize politicians, and so I can't vote for this bill. For now, I will abstain.

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