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Popular Vote Chart 1876-2020


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Makes it easy to really see the stable polarization that we haven’t seen since the 1800s. Especially interesting that it seems we know how much the republicans will get every year, but the result comes down to how much the democrats get vs 3rd parties. Makes you think that RCV could benefit one party over the other.

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It's also because in the 60s and 70s both Republicans and Democrats had pro and anti abortion in their party (just like they were quite shared on civil rights acts)

This almost let to americans just to decide the president based on their expectation of who would manage the economy the best.

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Overall, 3rd parties--even when combined--are gaining almost zero traction. However, recent levels are noticeably better than Cold War era #s. 3rd Party presidential nominees generally greatly outperform House 3rd party nominees. 

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