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Who would your #1 Seeds be in an American History March Madness?


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I apologize in advance if I am not supposed to post new topics on the forum. If that's the rule,  please feel free to delete this message mods! But as I think about this game and follow March Madness, who would your #1 seeds be based purely on political/ AMPU ability in a NCAA style AMPU? I've included my #2 seeds for the fun of it

I'll start it off trying to base it on eras:

Era 1, #1 Seed: Thomas Jefferson, 2nd seed Henry Clay

Era 2 #1 Seed: Abraham Lincoln,  2nd seed USS Grant

Era 3#1 Seed: FDR, 2nd seed Teddy Roosevelt 

Era 4# 1 Seed: Ronald Reagan, 2nd seed Barack Obama

What do you think?

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