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1984 Democratic Primaries


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I'll take San Antonio mayor Henry Cisneros. Move over Pete, time for Mayor Henry to take America by storm! 😛 

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Can I mess around with a third party/independent candidate or is this a Democrat-only RP?

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26 minutes ago, Dobs said:

Whomever wins this grand affair can face me in a general election, I promise I don’t bite- I only my wit does.

Allow me to be the boss battle- I’ll take Reagan 😈 

Vice President George Bush here at your service. 😁

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The Slate so far:

@The Blood - Jesse Jackson

@Rezi - Joe Biden

@Zenobiyl - Fritz Hollings

@WVProgressive - Henry Cisneros

@Mishfox - Shirley Chisholm

@Timur - Lyndon LaRouche

@MrPotatoTed - Ted Kennedy

@Sean F Kennedy - John Glenn

@Hestia - Geraldine Ferraro


Ted Kennedy - 22%

John Glenn - 12%

Fritz Hollings - 9%

Joe Biden - 8%

Jesse Jackson - 4%

Shirley Chisholm - 3.8%

Henry Cisneros - 3.3%

Geraldine Ferraro - 2.2%

Lyndon LaRouche - 0.4%

Undecided - 35.3%


Announcements please, the date is January 1st

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@The Blood - Jesse Jackson - The Civil rights activist has lost a fair amount of support to Kennedy but remains on top among the anti-establishment crowd

@Rezi - Joe Biden - The young Senator has promise but is heavily siphoned by figures such as Ted Kennedy and John Glenn

@Zenobiyl - Fritz Hollings - The Conservative Democrat finds himself placing well due to the more liberal vote being spread out

@WVProgressive - Henry Cisneros - The young Texan Mayor has great promise but little name recognition.

@Mishfox - Shirley Chisholm - The New York Representative has experience from her 72 run for President, but with her support split by the more outspoken Jackson will they sink each other?

@Timur - Lyndon LaRouche - LaRouche finds himself at the bottom of the polls, in large part due to many negative connotations that surround him.

@MrPotatoTed - Ted Kennedy - The political heavyweight and patriarch of the Kennedy dynasty seems poised to lead, especially after nearly out primarying a sitting President

@Sean F Kennedy - John Glenn - The Ohio Senator and former Astronaut has the support of left wing Democrats who don't find themselves as left wing as Kennedy.

@Hestia - Geraldine Ferraro - The NY congresswoman has little name recognition and little to distinguish herself, she has a hard fight ahead of herself.

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Fritz Hollings announces his campaign for the Democratic Nomination for president!




“During my time as governor and senator from South Carolina, I dedicated my efforts to helping the poor and downtrodden. I worked with republicans and democrats to improve education, increase teacher salaries, and secure food stamps for every citizen of South Carolina. My long time spent in governance and in congress has equipped me with the skills and know how necessary to lead. However, I have never forgotten where I came from. The United States has an epidemic of poverty and hunger. I saw it firsthand during my hunger tours, and wrote about it at length in my book “The Case Against Hunger: A Demand for a National Policy”. My policies worked wonders on South Carolina, and I now intend to expand them with this campaign for president.”

“For the past few years there has been a notion in government that we can cut taxes and increase spending Willy-nilly, and that this will have no adverse effects. Any man with common sense can see that this idea is hogwash, and that we need a budget freeze to keep our budget under control. Under my administration there will be no new taxes, and there will be no new increases to defense spending. I will also push for enforced limits on government spending, so we can curb the reckless spending habits of recent administrations. By doing this we will get the budget under control, and secure the finances of every American citizen.”

”Beyond the budget my campaign will also fight for the rights of our hardworking miners and oil workers. Three years ago the Reagan administration took us off of our price controls, which reduced the profitability of the oil industry immensely. Already I’ve heard the tragic stories of Texan workers who have lost their jobs because of this policy, or the people living at home who must now pay higher prices for heating oil. Some early estimates have put the increased cost to consumers at $10 billion. Make no mistake: this policy is a tax on the American worker, and under my administration it will stop. We will bring back domestic oil price controls, and secure thousands of jobs for oil workers while reducing the price of oil nationwide.”

“America has a choice to make in this election. It will be a choice between reckless spending, and responsible financial management. It will be a choice between reasoned compromise, or radical leftism. It will be a choice between job creation, or job destruction through regulation and taxation. It will be a choice between freedom or government overreach. I have seen poverty and hunger first hand, and worked tirelessly in my community to fix it. As your president I will be hands on, and in the thick of it. I will not be a president of the establishment, or of the rich Hollywood elite. To the average American worker who feels neglected, downtrodden, or uncared for, my message is for you.”

”I will be your voice.”

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John Glenn puts Education and Science at the forefront of his campaign

At the COSI center in Columbus, Ohio Senator John Glenn announces his run for President. 
“President Reagan is quick to talk about how much the economy has improved under his administration, the Republican Party is going further and further to the right as many Americans are being left behind, Education is key in our fight against Communism, Fascism and all forms of authoritarianism. President Reagan talks about “A shining city on the Hill” while so many don’t share in that prosperity, let’s show the rest of the world that America can truly represent that in the areas of education for every child and our technology and scientific research to be a powerhouse in the world. I’m ready to take the fight to the Republicans come November.”


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How Geraldine Ferraro Was Treated As a Female VP Candidate

Representative Geraldine Ferraro (D-NY), a more lesser known candidate has entered her name into the Democratic race, hoping to put together a diverse coalition of well-educated individuals, women, and families. Her announcement speech focuses on themes of the historic nature of her run and how the U.S. made it possible for her to launch a run for President as a woman. She targets women with a pledge for Universal Preschool and more jobs guarantees for women and rights in the workplace. She begins a campaign focused on work, saying that she believes that they don't need right-to-work, but rights at work. 

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Shirley Chisholm launches her campaign!


”Let’s face the facts. I am the true choice for left wing Americans and social democrats. I’ve been at the forefront of the Women’s movement and Civil Rights Movement, and I have fought for abortion rights, universal health care, and a nationwide increase to the minimum wage. As your president I can promise you that there will be no corner cutting, half measures, or compromises. A vote for Chisholm is a vote for a genuine progressive alternative for America, full stop.”

“Ronald Reagan is a president who vetoed the creation of Martin Luther King day, cut benefits for inner city families, and expanded the war on drugs which targeted racial minorities. His policies have been a disaster for black America, and that is why I am launching my campaign. I am a proud black woman, and I am here to tell Americans of all races and ethnicities that we need to step up and demand our rights. We are not going to be second class citizens in the land of the free any longer!”

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Henry Cisneros: A New Kind Of Democrat

Former Secretary Henry Cisneros: Highlights - Highlight photos from tenure  of former Secretary Henry Cisneros - PICRYL Public Domain Image

"Friends, fellow Democrats, and esteemed San Antonians of all parties, I thank must thank all of you for your support during my time as mayor of this great city. I must especially thank you for the support this city showed me in 983, where I won reelection with almost 95% of the vote. We've accomplished a great many number of things during my time in office. We've fostered tremendous economic growth, and ensured greater ethnic cooperation, between Hispanics, whites, and Blacks. You know how we did that? We didn't do that by being the loudest in the room, and by refusing to compromise. No, we did that by bringing all sides to the table, and talking to each other to find the solutions that worked for everyone. Too often in national politics, our leaders refuse to compromise, and put their party, before their country. 

I'm running for President to change that. My campaign is a campaign for every American, regardless of race, wealth, gender, or party affiliatio I'm a different kind of Democrat, who will work with people from all sides of the aisle to increase access to healthcare, lower our deficit, and stand against the Soviet Union. These are common sense policy proposals that every American can get behind. I know with your help, we can make America a better place for everyone1 Thank you San Antonio, and I will see you on the campaign trail!"

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Jesse Jackson Announces Presidential Bid In Greenville, South Carolina:

"It was in this town many years ago that I was born. I was born to a young teen mom, and spent my youth struggling through the oppression of segregation, Jim Crow, and racial discrimination. However, I persevered. I fought, and I eventually found myself fighting against the very systems of oppression which had haunted me in my youth as an activist and minister. Fighting for the dignity and rights of African Americans across this nation, bringing myself motivation every day knowing the message of love and equality professed by our God. However, despite my many years fighting day-in and day-out for equality and social & economic justice, the battle is not yet won. I know this when I see a Senator from this very state, a member of the dying breed of Dixiecrats from the 50s and 60s, running in a Democratic Presidential Primary as an unapologetic conservative who wishes to destroy the systems of support which help keep countless African Americans alive. I know this when I see a President in office who stands by the police brutality, broken War On Drugs, and brutal criminal justice system all putting a boot on the neck of poor and minority communities around this nation. I have been a fighter for most of my life, and I know when a battle is not yet won. And now, as the African American community suffers from broken economic, legal, and social systems, I believe it is time to draw a line in the sand and say enough is enough! Because I am ready to fight for justice. Justice which ensures a job and stable cash are provided to as many Americans as possible as we rebuild our nation's infrastructure and communities. Justice which takes our broken War On Drugs and focuses it away from African American communities to deal with the real issue here - money laundering bankers who are fueling the drug trade in this nation. Justice which provides reparations to the descendants of slavery. Justice which puts real and substantive funding towards our nation's schools and provides free community college to all. Justice which guarantees every American healthcare via a single-payer system. Justice which reverses the misguided tax cuts of late which help the richer get richer, and puts those funds towards our communities and families. And finally, justice where our communities are rebuilt, the dream of Martin Luther for an equal society is finally fulfilled, and we have the first Black President in American history, willing to stand up against injustice and oppression wherever it is found. You see, I didn't gather you all here to deliver a simple speech on justice. I would like to officially announce my intentions to run for President of the United States in the 1984 Democratic Presidential Primaries. Thank you, and let's deliver justice for our communities and people starting now!"

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