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Russia entered Swedish airspace armed with nuclear weapons


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In a test of Sweden's reaction, Russia probed the country's airspace on March 2nd. Now, through Sweden's TV4, reports have leaked that those aircraft were armed with tactical nuclear weapons while the Swedish and Finnish defense ministers met on Gotland. This will do nothing more than push Sweden and Finland further into the arms of NATO.


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7 minutes ago, Patine said:

He's in a long-line up of world leaders and former world leaders that SHOULD face justice for horrid crimes and abuses, but likely never will... 😞 

In our world, they would. A world that would work for all of us, the children of Christ. God bless.

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On 3/31/2022 at 8:07 PM, Eugene said:

This is a gross miscarriage of justice by the Russian gobierno and I think that Putin should forfeit his rights to a birthday party next year

That’s why we Stan the wholesome Zelenskyrino!!!! I bet he’s a fellow Redditor like the rest of us!! I can’t wait to take my fat ass overseas and join Our the Ukraine’s foreign army and protect their flawless and uncorrupt Democracy!!!

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