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Here's Currency policies. I think this looks good for the most part. I'm open to reasonable ideas for Gov Actions. Also any other Era of the Future ideas are welcome. 


No Preqs:

Coinage Act of 1857 (L-Man)

Ban Bitcoin and other Cyber Currencies (L-Fut)

Digital Currency Standard (L-Fut)


No US Currency Active:

  • Rely on Spanish Dollar and State Scrip as primary currencies (L-Ind-Default)


Preq: Bank of the US

  • Establish US Mint (L-Fed)


Preq: Crypto Currency Advocated

  • Crypto Currency Standard (L-Fut)


Preq: Bank of North America is active and not privatized

  • Establish Continental Currency (L-Ind)


Preq: US Mint

  • Bimetallic Standard for US Dollar (L-Fed)

  • Gold Standard for US Dollar (L-Nat)

  • Silver Standard (L-Gild)

  • Fiat Standard (L-Neo)


Preq: Major War, Economic Meter is at Panic or Worse, or Reconstruction is active

  • Print Greenbacks (L-Nat)


Preq: Economic Meter at Depression or Worse and Gold Standard Active

  • Temporarily suspend Gold Standard for Fiat during crisis (L-Ide)


Preq: Rev War Active

  • Ban the British Pound as Legal Currency (L-Ind)


Preq: Federal Reserve is active and economic meter is at panic or worst

  • Allow Fed Reserve to Print Currency during crisis (L-Prog)


Preq: Bimetalism Standard

  • Silver Purchase Act (L-Gild)

  • Unlimited Coinage of Silver (L-Gild)

  • Specie Circular (P-Dem)


Preq: Many preqs

  • Bretton-Woods (P-Ide)

    • Fiat Standard-Nixon Shock (P-Ide)

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Had some thoughts in the shower, because that's a good place to think.

We have lot's of ideas for bigger United States, etc, but maybe some ideas for smaller United States too.  You already showed some events can be preq'd based on states controlled, so maybe if a small US exists into the 20th century, Legis props that allow first to Peg the USD to the currency of the UK, Spain, France, or maybe Germany if Germany wins the world wars, and later, maybe fully adopt that currency, so two tiers.  It'd be short term bad economic effects in exchange for unlocking possible investment later, and of course, relationship boosts with your chosen economic partner.  Something to consider if the US isn't a superpower.

For a Future Era event, maybe the creation of an American Currency Union, the Amero (name up for debate) similar to the Euro.  To be fair, no politicians talk about it, but lots of futurists talk about it, though I feel it was more of Obama-era futurism than present-day futurism.

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5 hours ago, ConservativeElector2 said:

Similarly to the Euro, each state could mint their own dollar with their unique state symbols.

That's already the default at 1772 and there's 0% chance it would ever go back to that once the US Dollar is made, so not going to add that. 

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43 minutes ago, vcczar said:

That's already the default at 1772 and there's 0% chance it would ever go back to that once the US Dollar is made, so not going to add that. 

Fair enough. Although it would technically still be the US dollar, even if states are printing their own symbols on the back. Like the state quarters or so just for each denomination.

Anyway I also came up with another idea like the one choosing the people at Mt. Rushmore. Since there was some talk to substitute Pres. Jackson with Harriet Tubman something like choosing the people could be done as Currency policy. 

Congress has also authorized programs like Presidential dollar coins, 50 State quarters and other commemorative series. I don't think Governors could authorize them tho.

There are also quite a few obsolete denominations: Here . I am not sure who abolished them but probably it has also been through Acts of Congress.

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- Place image of 1st President on a bill (so we'd have Benedict Arnold dollars in the playtest?)

- Place image of 1st Sec Treasury on a bill.

- Place image of ______ (player selects) on a bill.

This may OR may not be the place to also discuss national symbols.

The flag, what it looks like, stars & strips, etc.  Is the Eagle adopted as a national symbol, or do we go with Ben Franklin's turkey?

Are there scripted events for things like accepting or rejecting the gift of the statue of liberty?  Sorry, my mind wonders!

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