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Okay, last one for the day. Burned out on doing this. I'll do at least 3 more tomorrow. 

Anyway, some things that should be here might be under "Regulations." No matter. The ideas that would be most helpful here are more Gov Actions, more Pres Actions, more Era of the Future, and also things that RW Pop, Traditionalists, and Conservatives would do that would be something other than repealing these. 


Legis Prop:

  • States handle matters concerning environment and conservation

  • Loopholes and Exemptions for Clean Air Standards Act

  • Loopholes and Exemptions for Clean Water Standards Act

  • Clean Water Act

  • Increase penalties for violating Clean Water Standards Act

  • Increase penalties for violating Clean Air Standards Act

  • Environmental Regulations for Mining Industry

  • Green New Deal

  • Ban Fracking

  • Environmental regulations for the transportation industry to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

  • Increase funding to work toward 100% US power through alternative energy

  • Increase funding to upgrade buildings to use alternative energy

  • Grant funding for clean energy and climate change efforts

  • Tax industries that use carbon-content fuels

  • Subsidize International Efforts to Clean Up the Planet’s Oceans

  • Antiquities Act

  • Expand National Park Service

  • Migratory Bird Act

  • Protect the Amazon by Making it a National Park (Obv. Brazilian Statehood)

  • Remove Protections on Some Federally Protected Lands

  • Set Cap and Trade System on Greenhouse Gas Emissions

  • Set Gradual Reduction of Carbon Emissions

  • Subsidize New Clean Energy Technologies

  • Turn abandoned highways and streets into Green Zones

  • Fund Climate Control Technology

  • Create Yellowstone National Park

  • Regulate Airlines to comply with Clean Air Standards

  • Regulate Large Industries to Comply with Clean Air Standards

  • Regulate Auto Industry and Transportation to Comply with Clean Air Standards

  • Regulate Construction Industry to Comply with Clean Air Standards

  • Endangered Species Act


Pres Actions:

  • Energy over Environmental Policies

  • Environmental over Energy Policies

  • EPA


Gov Actions:

  • State Green New Deal

  • Strict Business and Environmental Regulations

  • Create Protected State Wildlife Areas

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- Fund the development of Electric Vehicles

- Increase the amount of Federal land where fossil fuels can be developed/explored

- Authorize oil pipeline from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico (if Canada part of the US or have a trade agreement with Canda)

- No restrictions on offshore drilling

- Ban offshore drilling

- Require government permits for deforestation projects even if on private land

- 2-1 Tree policy (2 trees planted for every 1 cut down)

- Make Earth Day a Federal holiday

- Ban whaling in the Atlantic

- Ban whaling in the Pacific

- Restrict commercial fishing rights offshore 

- States control fishing rights along their coasts

- Federal license required to hunt game (or big game or both)

- Create Strategic Petroleum Reserve (may be in another category but thought I'd mention it here)


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Federal Water Resource plan.

Just a general comment, but it's hard to remember what I've put in the individual topics and what I haven't so it'd probably be a good idea to check what I posted in the "ideas for the future era" thread and just assume I want to restate them all if I haven't already.

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- State-led Food Loss and Waste reduction initiatives such as: reallocation of wasted food by consumers to donation centers; development of bio-energy reactors (producing electricity from methane generated by rotting food); specialized landfills

- State-led cleanup initiatives of major rivers, bays, lakes

- State water restrictions to address drought

- purchasing/selling state water rights to aquifers and rivers (such as selling rights to the Colorado River)

- Oil/mineral exploration in ANWR or other protected areas

- easing zoning restrictions to allow construction in flood plains (see Houston after Hurricane Harvey)

- privatize electrical grid/remove state from national electrical grid (Texas)

- US Forest Service to manage forests

- Federal and State Fire Fighter teams to address wildfires

- States approve storage of nuclear waste

- State or federal led establishment/research into massive desalination projects for increasing fresh water

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- nuclear energy

- thorium

- hydrogen energy

- ban on hunting certain animals

- Mars resource conservation; Mars environment protection

- Moon resource conservation; Moon environment protection

- Fund research for AI to combat climate change, pollution, etc.

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  • Creation of the National Park Service (Didn't exist until Wilson)
  • Creation of the National Forest Service (Teddy Roosevelt)
  • (Future Legislation) Turn empty Great Plains (because of depopulation/urbanization) into Great Plains National Park 
  • Maintain/Restore the Everglades (Climate Change-related)
  • Establishment of Avi Kwa Ame National Monument/Park
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Legis: Privatize national parks with the condition that they are used for conservation efforts; Allow mining/drilling on federal lands; Legalize energy pipelines; Ban energy pipelines; Authorize Keystone XL Pipeline

Presidential actions: Increase mining/drilling permits on federal lands; Authorize additional pipeline development

Gov: Create state parks system

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