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This seems well-covered. I'm done with land grabbing things. So what I need are ideas for non-land grabbing expansionist legis props, pres actions, or gov actions. 




Legis Actions

  • Various Statehood bills

  • Various Territory bills

  • Various Indigenous Tribe removal bills for hypothetical states (Canada, Brazil, etc.)

  • Various bills establishing Reconstruction in specific states

  • Indian Removal Act

  • Splitting Texas into several states

  • Sell Land in the West to the Highest Bidder

  • Land Grants to Encourage Settlement in Ohio

  • Grant States the Right to Secede Amendment

  • Land Ordinance of 1785

  • Various Move Capitol Bills

  • Northwest Ordinance

  • Land Ordinance of 1784

  • Annex Occupied Cuba

  • Annex Occupied Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic)

  • Split California into two states

  • Grant Liberia Independence

  • Donation Land Claim Act

  • Grand Land Rights to Squatters in the West

  • Offer land grants to populate the West Coast, Southwest and Mountain States

  • A few establishing Texas border bills

  • Grant former Mexico below Rio Grande Independence

  • Establish Mexican Cession as Free State

  • Land grant to populate Florida

  • Purchase Mexican Cession from Mexico

  • Annex Hawaii

  • Grant Philippines Independence

  • Kincaid Act

  • Land grant to populate WY, ID, MT, ND, and SD

  • Annex occupied Haiti

  • Annex occupied Nicaragua

  • Annex occupied Panama

  • Grant Federal Govn’t Power to make Cuba a Client-State

  • Establish Bureau of Indian Affairs

  • Early Indian Removal

  • Land Act of 1804

  • Create District of Columbia

  • Offer Land Grants to Populate the Great Plains

  • Create Missouri as a Free State

  • Land Grant to Settle US Controlled Antarctica

  • Desert Land Act

  • Dawes Act

  • Indian Appropriations Act

  • Teller Amendment

  • Abolish the States Amendment


Pres Actions:

  • Various actions officially recognizing hypothetical nations, Confederacy, Northern Conf, etc.

  • Various actions ending US occupation

  • Various actions to purchase Mexican territory

  • Purchase Greenland

  • Call on Congress to annex Cuba

  • Institute Policy of “Civilizing” Indigenous Tribes

  • Remove “uncivilized” tribes

  • Lewis & Clark Exp

  • Various Treaties with native tribes to grab land

  • Advocate Manifest Destiny

  • Call on Congress to annex Dominican Republic

  • Call on Congress to grant Philippines their Ind

  • Purchase Panama Canal Zone


Gov Actions: 

  • Treat Native Americans with Caution

  • Force Local Native Tribes to Assimilate 

  • Encourage settlement on remaining indigenous tribal lands

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4 hours ago, Willthescout7 said:

Would you consider colonization 'land grabbing?' I don't know how realistic of a possibility that was at the time, but it could potentially be tied to relationships with other European nations.

Yeah. We got colonizing in space events and legis props already. 

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For all these regions that are not listed, can we include leg props that "provide land grants to veterans/ volunteers/immigrants to settle newly acquired territory x"? 

Other ideas:

- forcibly removing locals from territorial acquisitions in x without compensation

- compensating former owners of property in x

- provide land grants to native American tribes currently in reservations

- endorse territorial constitution for territory x

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