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I think the major areas of need here are pres actions, gov actions, and stuff for Era of the Future


Legis Props:

  • Arm School Teachers

  • Leave All Matter Pertaining to Personal Weapons to the States

  • 2nd Amendment

  • Ban Cop Killer Guns

  • Ban Sawed Off Shotguns

  • Ban Snubnosed Handguns

  • Ban Machine Guns

  • Ban 3-D Printed Ghost Guns

  • Federal Open Carry Law

  • Ban Bump Stocks

  • Ban Private Ownership of Firearms Amendment

  • Mandate Police Convert to Non-Lethal Weaponry

  • Replace Human Police w/ Robot Law Enforcement

  • Regulate the Firearms Industry

  • Ban the sale of guns interstate

  • Regulate Guns Sold interstate and via the mail

  • Brady Act

  • Ban mentally ill, felons, drug user, etc from gun purchases

  • Restrict sale of handguns

  • Ban Assault Weapons

  • Ban Large capacity magazines


Pres Actions:



Gov Actions:

  • Arm teachers

  • Restrictive gun laws

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Gov Actions: Require Permit for Concealed Carry; Require Permit for Open Carry; 2A Sanctuary State (prohibit enforcement of federal gun control in the state); Allow Carrying on College Campuses; Ban Machine Guns; Ban Handguns; Require Gun Registration

Legislation: Age to purchase a handgun (18 and 21 as the 2 most notable); Age to purchase any gun (18 and 21); Require Universal Background Checks; Require Gun Registration

Presidential Actions: Ban Bump Stocks (if machine guns banned)

Supreme Court Cases: DC v Heller; McDonald v City of Chicago; New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc. v. Bruen (waiting to be decided dealing with concealed carry licenses)

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- State reciprocity regarding firearms (ie- all states will respect the laws of other states in regards to citizens traveling with firearms)

- Authorize firearms research (upgrading firearms of the military- flintlocks to percussion cap to repeating rifles to bolt action rifles to semi-auto rifles to fully auto rifles.  Upgrading military firearms should slightly increase the chance of victory in combat.)

- Restrict firearm ownership to only those that vote

- Ban handguns

- Ban long rifles

- Ban all firearms

- Require firearms safety class for all firearms owners

- Gun buyback program

- Require gun safes for all gun owners

- Require registration of all firearms with the government (no grandfather clauses)

- Ban gun shows/private gun sales without background checks


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4th bullet “ban cop killer bullets” did you mean “cop killer bullets”


1) allow conceal carry without a permit (as some states are going to)

2) require insurance for all gun owners

3) exempt gun manufacturers from being sued over gun crimes (and the counter would be to open them up to lawsuits)

4) forbid gun possession on school properties 

5) flip side, remove all restrictions as to where you can carry a firearm (no “gun free” zones - since having a gun isn’t the problem, it’s using one to commit a crime)

6) “class x” protects (law that says having or using a firearm during the course of a crime makes it a felony and adds years to the sentence) - another way to say it is “harsher penalties for gun possession during a crime”

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