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Lots of Legis Prop here. Areas of need are gov actions, pres actions, Era of the Future, and possibly things that conservatives, traditionalists, and RW pops would like that aren't repeals of the legis props below. 


Legis Prop:

  • Ban AI-Human Augmentation

  • Ban Human Cloning

  • Ban Fed Govn’t from Interfering in the Insurance System

  • Family & Medical Leave Act

  • Leave All Healthcare Matters to the States

  • Create the Marine Hospital Service

  • Federal Aid and Welfare for Disabled Mariners

  • National Healthcare Mandate w/o Financial Penalty

  • Free Federal Clinics for the Impoverished

  • Subsidize the construction and expansion of hospitals in the states

  • Federal funding for mandatory, universal healthcare

  • Tax hike on all Americans to cover medical reform

  • Tax hike on wealthy Americans to cover medical reform

  • National Healthcare for Disabled Military Veterans

  • Issue mandatory, universal healthcare through existing private insurance system

  • Expand Medicaid 

  • Expand Medicare

  • Abortion Ban, with rare exceptions, Amendment

  • Cut Medicaid

  • Cut Medicare

  • Require employers to cover healthcare of employees

  • Add Catastrophic Coverage to Medicare

  • Add Prescription Drug Coverage to Medicare

  • Ryan White CARE Act

  • Ban Federal Government from Interfereing in State Abortion Policy Amendment

  • Transfer Defense Spending to Pay for Medical Reform

  • Create Tax Credits to help with Medical Costs

  • Grant Subsidies to Guarantee Affordability of Healthcare for all Income Levels

  • Cap Max Healthcare Costs for All Americans

  • Have States Take Over Medicaid Subsidized by Federal Gov’t

  • Income-based Medical Payments

  • Single-Payer Universal Healthcare

  • Legally Define Human Life at Conception Abortion Ban Amendment

  • Create Independent Veterans Affairs Dept. 

  • Medicare for All (Cut out insurance programs)

  • Expand Medicare to Cover Vision

  • Expand Medicare to Cover Hearing

  • Grant President Power to Enforce Women’s Rights to an Abortion

  • Reform and Strictly Regulate Health Insurers and Big Pharma

  • Free Healthcare for Children under 18

  • Lower drug costs by allowing Americans to seek pharmaceuticals and healthcare abroad. 

  • Price Controls on Drug Prices

  • Privatize Veterans Healthcare

  • Apply Mandatory Health Insurance to Social Security

  • Require that Insurers & Hospitals Accept All Applicants, including those with Pre-existing Conditions

  • Same as the above but allowing them to refuse those with pre-existing conditions

  • Allow Americans to purchase insurance across state lines to force competition

  • Grant subsidies to employers to discourage them from eliminating company healthcare plan

  • Provide federal funding for stem cell research

  • Obamacare

  • Apply abortion services to national healthcare

  • Same as the above but only in life or death emergencies

  • Ban Fed Gov from interfering in Drug Prices

  • Create a Gov Run Health Insurance to Compete with Private Insurance

  • Right to Choose Abortion Amendment

  • Mandate National Health Insurance Via Penalty

  • Ban Reverse Sex Change Surgery

  • Legalize Euthenasia Nationwide

  • National Vaccine Mandate w/ Penalties

  • Robot Era Social Welfare and Healthcare Package

  • Fund Human Cloning

  • Fund Human-AI Augmentation

  • Subsidize Cure for Cancer

  • Make Obesity a Criminal Offense

  • Create Medicare

  • Create Medicaid

  • Decrease Dept of Health Funding

  • Increase Dept of Health Funding

  • Increase allowable medical reasons for avoid the draft


Pres Actions: 

  • OSHA

  • Mexico City Policy

  • Block Federal Funding for Planned Parenthood


Gov Actions:

  • Abortion Restrictions

  • State Healthcare

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