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Major areas of need are Gov Actions and Pres Actions. I could also probably use some more Era of the Future ideas. 



Legis Prop:

  • Allow Immigrants of Any Social Class

  • Ban Naturalization of those of African-Descent

  • Immigration laws set by state

  • No barriers on immigration based on nationality

  • No English literacy test for immigration

  • No Federal Border Wall on Canada

  • No Federal Border Wall on Mexico

  • No Immigration Quota System

  • No Numerical Immigration Cap

  • No Barriers on Immigration based on ethnicity or race

  • English as official language Amendment

  • Ban Immigrants from Hostile Nations

  • Various ban immigrants from so-and-so nation

  • Ban naturalization of Native Americans born outside US territory

  • Ban non-Christian immigration

  • Ban homosexuals from immigration

  • Allow only immigrants of “good character”

  • Allow immigrants of “good moral character”

  • Restrict immigration to free whites of Western and Central Europe

  • Remove all religious barriers to immigration

  • Various residency period bills

  • Allow deportation of immigrants dangerous to national security

  • Allow deportation of immigrants from hostile nations

  • Allow Asian-Americans to become Citizens

  • Green Card System

  • Temporarily allows displaced and stateless refugees

  • Temporarily allow refugees and subsidize funding to settle them in US

  • Close borders to immigration and tourism

  • Ban Catholic immigration

  • Ban non-Protestant Christian immigration

  • Apply US Citizenship to Children Born Abroad to US Citizens

  • Ban Chinese Laborers and Low Skill Workers

  • Naturalization Act of 1870

  • Page Act of 1875

  • English Literacy Test for Immigrants

  • Ban Immigrants of Eastern Religions

  • Revoke Naturalization of Chinese-Americans

  • Ban States from offering in-state tuition to undocumented immigrants

  • Ban and Penalize Employers

  • Family Reunification

  • Legalize Undocumented Immigrants Who Have Resided in US for 5+ yrs

  • Increase deportations by expanding offenses for deportation

  • Immigration cap of 700,000 a year

  • Ban Muslim immigration

  • Cut Green Cards issued by half

  • Break down federal border wall on Canada

  • Break down federal border wall on Mexico

  • Construct federal border wall on entire Mexican border

  • Construct federal border wall on entire Canadian border

  • Diversity VISA lottery

  • Increase border control agents

  • Increase VISAs and Green Cards for STEM degrees

  • Bar undocumented immigrants w/ criminal records from citizenship

  • Separate, lesser VISA for low skill workers

  • Talent-based, point-based immigration system

  • Undocumented immigrants must learn English for pathway to citizenship

  • VISA for entrepreneurs 

  • Ban atheists and agnostics from immigration

  • Ban pathway for citizenship for children and siblings of legal residents born abroad

  • Pathway to citizenship for non-English speaking undocumented immigrants

  • Same as the above but for those with criminal records

  • Restrict pathway to citizenship to spouses and minor children of legal residents

  • Completely open borders

  • Increase head tax on arriving immigrants

  • Establish border control at Mexican border

  • Same as the above but for Canada

  • Ban sick immigrants from immigrating

  • Epileptic immigration ban

  • Pimps and prostitutes immigration ban

  • Ban all low skills immigrants from Asia, excluding Japan and Philippines

  • Ban all low skill immigrants from the Pacific Islands, excluding New Zealand and Australia

  • Beggars and Paupers Immigration Ban

  • Expand definition of anarchists to increase deportations

  • Ban all low-skill Japanese immigration

  • Ban all low-skil Filipino immigration

  • Deport immigrants who become impoverished before naturalization

  • Deport resident immigrants if their nation exceeds their immigration quota

  • Establish strict, 3% quote, primarily on Southern and Eastern European immigration

  • Same as the above but 2%

  • Anarchist immigration ban

  • Ban mentally handicapped from immigrating

  • Ban physically handicapped from immigrating

  • Ban alcoholics from immigrating

  • Ban immigrants who are LW Radicals

  • Ban immigrants who are RW Radicals

  • Require all adult resident immigrants to register w/ the Fed Gov

  • Create welfare program for documented immigrants

  • Same as the above but for undocumented

  • VISA w/ guest worker program

  • Legalize detainment of some immigrants for national security reasons

  • Grant VISA to all non-criminal undocument immigrants currently in the US

  • Pathway to citizenship for all undocumented immigrants in the US military or in colleges

  • Subsidize massive expansion of robot guards at the borders

  • Ban employers for hiring immigrants for contract work

  • Impose tax on all non-citizens arriving at US ports

  • Ban criminals from immigrating

  • Ban the insane from immigrating

  • Ban resident immigrants from re-entry if they leave the country

  • Ban Jewish immigration

  • Abolish racial barriers to immigration

  • Abolish immigration quota system

  • Set immigration cap of 270,000 a year

  • Restrictive immigration for Latin American immigrants, especially Mexicans


Pres Actions: 

  • Use defense funds for border wall with Mexico

  • Encourage Mexican immigration

  • Strict Immigration Policy

  • Lenient Immigration Policy

  • Strictly enforce deportation of undocumented immigrants

  • Family separation policy

  • Authorize temporary “African ban”

  • Authorize temporary “Muslim ban”

  • Federal Ban of Sanctuary Cities

  • Do not enforce deportation of undocumented immigrants


Gov Actions:

  • Allow Sanctuary Cities

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5 minutes ago, ConservativeElector2 said:

Promote immigration to your state as a Gov action to possibly snatch another congressional district.

I like this idea, and don't forget about the EV swing system (which I haven't actually looked at/forget if it's currently in the game)

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- Ban all Asian immigration

- Raise naturalization requirement to 21 years (Know-Nothings)

- Halt All Immigration

- Stop putting immigrants in cages

- Illegal immigrants are banned from healthcare benefits, etc.

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