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Definitely need more Gov Actions and Pres Actions. More Era of the Future would be great too. 



Legis Props:

  • Leave all infrastructure policies to the states

  • Maysville Road

  • The National Road

  • Various bills extending the National Road

  • Various federal waterway improvements for specific major rivers

  • Federal fund and construct lighthouses along the coasts

  • Expand and update harbor and coastal defenses

  • TVA

  • Subsidize 1st Continental RR

  • Subsidize telegraphs from coast to coast

  • National 55 mph speed limit

  • Highway Act of 1921

  • Hoover Dam

  • Funding to construct improvements to flood control

  • Establish national high-speed internet

  • Newland Reclamation Act

  • Subsidize the B & O RR

  • Fund improvement to various harbors and waterways

  • Various bills subsidizing the creation of specific canals

  • Allow Bank of US to collect revenue for a special infrastructure fund

  • Federally fund high speed rail

  • Grant funding for broadband access

  • Grant funding for electric grid renewal

  • Rebuild crumbling infrastructure, focusing on coast and waterways

  • Same as the above but for roads and rail lines

  • Subsidize Conversion to Nuclear Reactors

  • Create artificial islands in the Philippines to deal with overpopulation

  • Various bills subsidizing the creation of sea colonies in specific areas

  • Interstate Highway System

  • Enlarge Saint Lawrence Seaway

  • Create High Speed Rail from DC to NYC


Pres Actions:

  • Survey Transcontinental RR Routes


Gov Actions:

  • Rebuild Crumbling Infrastructure

  • Major irrigation project

  • Build Roads, Bridges, Canals

  • Build Railroad

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Early 1800s 

Government/State Creation/Funding of private turnpikes

Federal or State Creation/Funding of McAdam roads; replacing dirt roads with more modernized roads


Federal Creation/Funding of Modern Roads (Replacing Dirt/Gravel/McAdam roads with the roads we have today)

Federal Aid Road Act of 1916 (predecessor to the Federal Highway Act)

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For future:

- Hyperloop infrastructure investments at legprop or Gov level

- Light rail investments at gov level

- Renewable Resources for public transit

- Fiberoptic cables for internet

- Development of "gondola" lines for public transportation (noting that cable/ropeways are being considered one of the options for sustainable public transit methods)

- Duckboats 🙂


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More funding for Amtrak and Public Transportation

Funding of a scientific research center on the moon

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