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I'm just generally open to ideas here. No real major areas of obvious need.


Legis Prop:

  • No Militia Act

  • No Standing Army; Militias Only

  • No Standing Navy

  • Standing Navy

  • Standing Army

  • Grant president power to call national draft

  • Increase defense spending

  • Decrease defense spending

  • Wood, sail-driven navy

  • Increase the size of the army

  • Decrease the size of the army

  • Increase the size of the navy

  • Decrease the size of the navy

  • Selective Service

  • Major increase to defense spending

  • Major decrease to defense spending

  • Establish Continental Army

  • Estanlish Continental Navy

  • Pay slaveholders to use slaves during war

  • Authorize privateers

  • Encourage foreign soldiers to join the war effort

  • Allow those wealthy enough to purchase a substitute to avoid the draft

  • Retire outdated military weapons and personnel 

  • Update military weapons and personnel

  • Institute peacetime military draft

  • Goldwater-Nichols Act

  • Mandatory military service for those 18-21

  • Make it illegal to interfere with military operations or recruitment

  • Compulsory military service

  • Replace frigates with cheaper, lighterweight gunboats

  • Institute military drone program

  • Expand military drone program

  • Convert navy to hover vessel technology

  • Increase production of ice-breakers for naval use

  • Replace entire military officer corp with single AI-Augmented General-in-Chief

  • Build naval base in Greenland

  • Steel Navy

  • Massive expansion of naval bases in the Philippines


Pres Actions:

  • Pull troops from Reconstructed States

  • Military Draft

  • Blockade states in rebellion without authorizing an invasion force

  • Military budget increase policy

  • Military budget decrease policy

  • Various retirement ages for military officers or none at all

  • Authorize troop surge

  • Give major speech to encourage morale during war time

  • Manhattan Project

  • Truman Doctrine

  • Send CIA into Afghanistan and Pakistan

  • Carter Doctrine

  • Strategic Defense Initiative

  • Reagan Doctrine

  • Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell

  • Allow Women to Serve in Combat Roles

  • Pro-Chemical Weapons to Defend National Interests Policy

  • Transgender military ban

  • Create Army Chief of Staff

  • Roosevelt Corollary 

  • Create Chief of Naval Ops

  • World War Neutrality Policy

  • Bush Doctrine

  • Institute Drone Warfare

  • Increase Drone Warfare

  • Close and sell foreign military bases

  • Convert to entirely non-human army, aside from officers

  • Decommission the majority of non-hovering naval vessels

  • Military resource draft

  • Military Reform

  • Naval Reform

  • Create Chairman of the J Ch of St

  • Develop Hydrogen Bomb

  • Eisenhower Doctrine

  • Nixon Doctrine

  • Reduce nukes

  • Proliferate nukes

  • Eliminate all nukes

  • Nuclear freeze party


Gov Actions:

  • Build Military Academy

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Gov: Establish state militia; Establish state National Guard; Establish state Home Guard

Legislation: Allow president to mobilize state militias; Dick Act (require states create an organized guard); Allow states to create a home guard (separate from federally funded force; if required federal guard is in affect); National Guard Mobilization Act (national guard also has required federal component)

President: Mobilize state militias/national guards

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- Establish USMC

- Establish Merchant Marine Academy

- Establish Merchant Marine

- Form Joint Chiefs of Staff

- Combine Army and Navy into Department of Defense from War Department

- Name local bases/ships after American military leaders

- Change name of bases/ships that are based on the Confederacy

- Move away from Sail Navy and towards Steam powered Navy

- Establish coaling stations around the world to refuel Naval ships

- New ship testing (chance of new ship class)

- New naval cannon/gun testing (chance of increasing fighting power of the navy)

- Air Force testing (chance of new fighter/bomber class)

- New Air Force weapons testing (chance of increasing fighting power of the air force)

- New Army weapon testing (chance of new tank/vehicle class)

- New Army weapons testing (chance of increasing fighting power of the army)

- Build new Army post

- Build new Naval base

- Build new Air Force base



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