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Obviously, the high need area is Pres Actions. 

National Security

Legis Prop;

  • Leave National Security to the states

  • 4th amendment

  • Ban opposing parties

  • Subsidize the forced conversion of citizens to the endorsed brand of Christianity

  • Mandatory public prayer

  • Mandatory church attendance

  • Create national pagan religion based on American folklore

  • Make president head of state religion

  • Ban religious from holding office Amendment

  • Ban religion

  • Ban material, art, etc that opposes our ideology

  • Nationalize all private media

  • Ban non Christians from holding office Amendment

  • Remove all monuments and markers not associated with state ideology

  • Subsidize secret police

  • Various bills to subsidize state efforts to round up specific types of people (athiest, agnostics, socialists, capitalists, etc.)

  • Various bills to deport political enemies

  • Create FBI

  • Insurrection Act of 1807

  • Permanent National Security at Airports

  • Same as the above but at the borders

  • Subsidize the expansion of surveillance systems

  • Allow FBI to convertly search homes, records, businesses of potential threats to national security

  • Mass phone data collection program

  • Increase funding to Nat Sec

  • Decrease funding to Nat Sec

  • Director of National Intelligence

  • CIA

  • National Security Advisor

  • National Security Council

  • Legalize police and FBI wiretapping


Pres Actions:

  • National Security Adv


Gov Actions:

  • n/a

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 - Ban the watching/reading/listening of propaganda media of foreign countries or ban the spreading of propaganda.  (In South Korea, it used to be completely illegal to watch the Korean Central News Agency (North Korea state propaganda TV), Since 1999, it is legal to watch, but not legal to spread it for propaganda purposes.)

 - Make Freemasonry illegal (Anti-Masonic Party)

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