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AMPU Regulations


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Main area of need is Era of the Future


Legis Prop: 

  • Strictly regulate 3-D Printing

  • Regulate data encryption 

  • Leave regulations to the states

  • Regulate busing

  • Regulate airlines

  • Regulate trucking

  • Regulate railroads

  • Securities and Exchange Commission

  • Close monopoly loopholes 

  • Temporarily nationalize RR during wartime

  • Dodd-Frank Act

  • Nelson Act

  • States must adopt federal standards to receive funding

  • One child policy

  • Nationalize all sectors of society

  • Nationalize all sectors of the economy

  • Abolish Marriage by Mandating Free Love

  • Ban the US Gov from restricting religious freedoms

  • Ban companies from outsourcing to China

  • Nationalize the state police forces

  • Regulate meat-making and set sanitary standards

  • FDA (Pure Food and Drug Act)

  • Nationalize airlines

  • Regulate telephone co.

  • Regulate communications 

  • Sherman Antitrust Act

  • Interstate Commerce Act

  • Clayton Antitrust Act

  • FTC

  • Budget and Accounting Act

  • Nationalize all shipping and transportation

  • Nationalize state and private banks

  • Breakup Monopolies, Cartels, Trusts Stifling Competition

  • Expand drilling on federal land by lifting restrictions

  • Expand drilling offshore by lifting restrictions

  • Regulate the internet

  • Ban lobbies and special interests

  • Increase penalties on Wall Street if they break regulations

  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act

  • Ban Robot Technology

  • Ban Cloning of extinct or near-extinct creatures

  • Ban companies from infiltrating AI-Augmented Humans with invasive advertisements

  • Ban genetically engineered designer babies

  • Ban invasive ads on the internet and social media

  • Ban most algorithms

  • Keep America America Act

  • Regulate Driverless Cars

  • Regulate Flying Cars

  • Robot Regulations

  • Increase penalties for purchasing robot parts outside US

  • Increase penalties for companies hiring more robots than humans

  • Regulate genetically engineered baby industry

  • Ban and criminalize Non-consensual telepathy

  • Ban social media from creating sovereign nations

  • Criminalize misinformation by news and social media outlets

  • Mandate self-driving cars by banning human-driven vehicles

  • Ban transhumanism

  • Interstate Commerce Commission

  • Protect Monopolies Amendment

  • Restrict Gov’s Ability to Wiretap US Citizens


Pres Actions:

  • Regulate Cryptocurrency via Fed

  • Pro-Regulation Policy

  • Pro-Deregulation Policy

  • Bust Highest Profile Monopoly

  • Use presidential influence to break up monopolies


Gov Actions:

  • Strict business and environmental regulations

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