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Area of need is pres action, gov actions, Era of the Future, and potentially taxation that right-wingers might actually approve of. Alternatively, something involving taxation law that isn't a repeal. 



Legis Prop:

  • Leave all taxation and tariffs to the state, which can then be voluntarily donated to the fed gov

  • No Federal Direct Tax

  • No Federal Excise Tax

  • No Permanent Federal Income Tax 

  • Force Bill

  • Abolish Excise Tax Amendment

  • Direct Tax Amendment

  • Various Federal Excise tax bills

  • Various Federal Direct tax bills

  • Various income brackets for income tax

  • Expand income tax loopholes

  • Close income tax loopholes

  • Payroll tax to help pay for Soc Sec

  • Tax producers of farm equipment to help pay for farm subsidies

  • Various temporary tax laws for wartime

  • Request taxation from states

  • Temporary peacetime income tax

  • Create capital gains tax

  • Create estate tax

  • Create corporate tax

  • Laws to increase or decrease the three above taxes

  • Various Flat tax proposals

  • Tax all energy that isn’t alternative energy

  • Temporary gas tax increase

  • Negative-Income Tax

  • Various expand tax credits to various industries

  • Crude Oil Profits Tax

  • 10% tithe tax for churches

  • Tax Churches and other places of worship

  • Made in America Tax Credits

  • Child Tax Credit

  • Earned Income Tax Credit

  • 16th Amendment

  • Empower the IRS to collect income tax

  • Tax businesses that employ child labor

  • Income tax on sea colony property

  • Tax on genetic and cyber modifications

  • Apply taxation laws to tribal lands

  • Payroll tax

  • Highway tax


Pres Actions:

  • No New Tax Promise

  • Create IRS


Gov Actions:

  • Raise Taxes

  • Lower Taxes

  • State Income Tax

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Abolish all taxes

Taxes on Religious Organizations

No Tax Exempt Organizations

Higher taxes for rich people

Harsher penalties for those who don't pay their taxes

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