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Era of the Future is probably the high need area. Also open to other ideas. This is actually a large section. The number of tariff rates is quite large. 



Legis Prop:

  • Tariff laws set by states

  • Various tariff rates

  • Nonintercourse Act

  • Various retaliatory embargos

  • Reciprocal Tariff Act

  • Restrict trade to countries with human rights violations

  • Close country to outside trade

  • Create tariff and trade policy for outer space


Pres Actions:

  • Slight increase to most tariffs

  • Slight decrease to most tariffs

  • Trump Tariffs

  • LBJ Tariff

  • Retaliatory Tariff

  • Israeli-US Free Trade Agreement (note: NAFTA and Trump’s update of NAFTA are Scripted Events)

  • US Trade Rep

  • Export-Import Bank of the US


Gov Actions

  • N/A

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I know I've called for the Space Jones Act, but maybe you need the regular Jones Act in here as well.  Specifically what it does is require goods shipped between US ports to be carried on US flagged vessels, which has some pretty big impacts for shipping to Hawaii and Puerto Rico (and other places, also notably it's why even domestic cruises usually have at least one foreign layover, to circumvent the Jones Act).

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- Accession to/development of the World Trade Organisation

  •  Pres: Raise a trade dispute with x country (likely hurting relations, but encouraging econ/industry support)

- LegProp: Establishment of Trade Promotion Authority for the Office of the President (allows development of FTAs with other countries)

- Pres: establish the office of the U.S. Trade Representative

- Pres or Sec Ag/Commerce: Establish Trade Mission with x country, bring private enterprises to network and make sales with new markets

- African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA - USTR/Pres): Provide eligible African countries with duty-free access to US market for many products


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