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This is the last policy section. More pres actions and gov actions might be helpful. More Era of the Future. I'm about 5,000% certain that Welfare will expand massively and in ways we might not be able to completely visualize by the year 2100. I think if I am wrong it will only be because humans are so modified as to make most welfare unnecessary. 


Legis Prop:

  • Give states full authority over welfare

  • Cuts to welfare benefits

  • Increase welfare benefits

  • Expand Soc Sec to include Child Welfare

  • Expand Soc Sec to include Disabled Persons

  • Expand Soc Sec to include Unemployed

  • Housing Act of 1937

  • Gov Funded Nursing Homes for Impoverished Seniors and Disabled

  • Expand Soc Sec to include widows and children of premature death

  • Welfare for needy families w/ dependent children

  • Supplementary income for low-income and elderly

  • Abolish Private Property Amendment

  • Employers Tax to help pay for Soc Sec

  • Establish system for Fed Loans to Local Govs

  • Create Soc Sec Board

  • Expand benefits for Veterans

  • Welfare for the indigent and insane

  • Land grant for housing mentally ill

  • Work requirements to earn welfare

  • Welfare Reform of 1996 Act

  • Privatize Public Housing

  • Ban drug addicts from most welfare

  • Partially privatize soc sec

  • Subsidies for slum clearance

  • Fed payments to cities to cover those in high risk, high need areas

  • Fund creation of National Church

  • Wealth redistribution

  • Tax credit for women who produce 10+ children

  • Subsidize investment in low-income neighborhoods

  • Federal Native American reparations

  • Create Soc Sec

  • Fed funding for maternity and childcare

  • Fed funds for natural disaster relief

  • National Bankruptcy Law

  • Tax businesses to send aid to the states

  • Make welfare temporary and rare

  • Affordable Genetic Baby Act 

  • Free Housing for All Act

  • Free Transportation for All Act

  • Maximal Welfare for Seniors

  • Increase retirement age to 75

  • Additional military pensions

  • Expand military pensions for injuries not gained in wartime

  • Food Stamp Program

  • Decrease funding for HUD

  • Increase funding for HUD

  • Expand Soc Sec to make it universal

  • Raise benefits of social security

  • Subsidize local law enforcement agencies

  • Guaranteed Min Income


Pres Actions:

  • Advocate Returning the Gov’t t the States (Dixiecrat)


Gov Actions

  • Progressive State Welfare System

  • Establish State Welfare System

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3 minutes ago, vcczar said:
  • Give states full authority over welfare


This may accomplish what I'm thinking but implementing Nixon's "New Federalism" agenda on Welfare could be a potential choice for him only perhaps.

Giving states full authority over welfare in the form of block grants from the Federal Government. 

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Would a Jobs Guarantee fall under this category? Its been a proposal of the Democrats dating back to at least the 70's that many economists and Sociologists still advocate today


Additionally, while a guaranteed minimum income is there you could also include Nixon's FAP which was a means-tested payments to poor families which could be split off from the more traditional UBI which is just a flat payment to all (but I'm not sure if the nuance is broad enough for that split to be warrented)

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Universal childcare

Universal internet- We where actually discussing this in our politics class today and how low income families where hurt so much by covid when school went online



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Only allow Social Security funds to be paid out to those who paid into it (and survivor spouse)

allow portion of Social Security trust to be invested in the stock market (select mutual funds).

Enterprise Zones

Child care 

abolish all federal welfare programs (give tax credits and funding to local churches and organizations to give a hand up)

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