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Interesting HOI4 observation


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I've been running HOI4 in the background while working on AMPU. This happened yesterday:

 In 1938, Nazi Germany declared war on Czechoslovakia because they refused to give up the Sudetenland, I supposed. Poland joined the Czechs. Italy joined Germany.

Italy never helped out. Germany was on the verge of conquering both Poland and the Czechs, but it appears as if Polish troops were paratrooper'd into Berlin and captured it. All of a sudden, I realized Hitler was no longer the leader but that Goering was. I assume Hitler killed himself. 

Following this (now in 1939), both the Czechs and Poles were winning back some of their land. A Civil War breaks out in Germany with Konrad Adenaur leading the Democratic Germans. 

By 1940, Nazi Germany is completely occupied by Democratic Germans, Czechs, and Poles.

By 1941, Democratic Germany has invaded and captured Italy, leading to a treaty that ends "World War II." 

More wars occur thereafter worldwide but they aren't anywhere near the scale of the historical WWII. 

Currently, its' 1946 but I'm not really paying attention because nothing is really happening. FDR is still alive and is president. 

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