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New 100 Most Influential Ranking


New 100 Most Influential Ranking  

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  1. 1. Read my original post first, then respond to this question: Do you want to partake in creating a ranking of the top 100 most influential people in world history?

    • Yes, tag me for whenever I need to vote for this.
    • No, I'm not interested or I'm busy.
    • Neither. I just want to complain about this idea and troll the various threads this experiment spawns.

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In the old 270Soft Forum I had conducted a lengthy process for the forum to vote on the top 100 most influential people from history, using about 350 nominees. First, I plan on expanding the nominees to about 500, trying to include more non-Westerners. 

I'll then--hopefully every day---post 10 nominees to vote on for inclusion. There will probably be multiple voting after each of the 500 receives their votes, since it will be a ranking. This will likely take the Summer. 

So as not to overwhelm anyone, I plan on just doing 10 nominee a day. I plan to include a name and a claim to fame. Voters will vote initially only on whether or not they feel the person is--whether they like them or not--one of the 100 most influential people in human history. 

The 2nd round of voting will be different, but I'll give those instructions when we get there. 

Anyway, vote for now, and I'll slowly up the number of nominees. 

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6 minutes ago, jnewt said:

What if we allowed nominations too? I'm just thinking what if there are people a lot of us think belong on the list, but you don't think of them yourself.

I'm fine with that. 

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1 minute ago, ShortKing said:

If you really think a joke poll response option is a violation of the rules, why not just ping Dakota to look into it and then leave it alone? 

Yeah, it's not even specifically directed at him. It's for any user who commits these offenses; he's just being paranoid. Patine's actually breaking the rules here by spamming/trolling on the thread. I'm a moderator. I've warned him once. I will inflict punishments if necessary for repeated violations. 


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