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Proposal for My Russian War Lord Game Roleplay


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Greetings, I have for a while had a little game of mine. A creation of mine based loosely off of TNO Russian Warlords. This would be a roleplaying game, where the players will take charge of a faction within the Warlord hellscape of Russia and lead it to reunification, be it peacefully or through military conquest, each faction will have its own rules (Which I will create), its own subfactions (you know parties, major groups, people etc) and your goal would be the total unification of Russia, and the reconquest of Lost lands to the French menace.

Here is the Starting Map. I do hope you all approve of this idea, as I would love to do this on my spare time. Also we will be rolling dice, to see the effects of various things, and interaction within the roleplay, IE passing new laws, or doing stuff within it can add or subtract to your rolls, but often times it will be a flat roll20. I hope you all approve.



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