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Part 16: 100 Most Influential Ranking


Part 16: 100 Most Influential Ranking  

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  1. 1. Which of the following are among the most 100 influential people of all time? (See post for descriptions)

    • James Joyce
    • James Madison
    • James Watt
    • Jane Austen
    • Jawaharlal Nehru
    • Jean Monnet
    • Jean-Jacques Rousseau
    • Jeff Bezos
    • Jesus
    • Jimmy Wales
    • None of the above have been among one of the 100 most influential people.

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Here's the next part of the 100 most influential rankings. 


- Please keep discussion on topic. 

- No trolling. 

- No complaining, although constructive criticism is okay. 

- No personal attacks.

- No commenting without voting. 

James Joyce Influential experimental author who has heavily influence all later modernist experimentation
James Madison "Father of the US Constitution" for his role in getting the convention organized; co-wrote the Federalist Papers; architect of Jeffersonian Republicanism; wrote a Resolution that laid the Foundation for secession; 4th US President; presided during War of 1812.
James Watt Invented the first practical steam engine, which allowed engines to use something other than wind, water, or muscle-power; Also, this fuel was transportable; invented the concept of horsepower
Jane Austen Influential novelist whose works are still adapted to films today.
Jawaharlal Nehru First leader of an independent India, laying the foundations for the largest democracy in world history.
Jean Monnet "The Father of Europe" for laying the foundation for the European Union
Jean-Jacques Rousseau His theories that private property was the basis of social inequality inspired political reform in Europe, including the French Revolution
Jeff Bezos Founder, CEO, president of Amazon; Wealthiest person in human history.
Jesus Central figure in Christianity and Jewish preacher; According to Biblical tradition, the virgin-born incarnate Son of God and Messiah who was crucified to atone the sins of the world, resurrected, ascended to Heaven and will return on judgment day. Inspired the world's largest major religion, which has impacted the world in both benevolent and tragic ways; Also a revered prophet in Islam; Ironically, Judaism is generally critical of Jesus.
Jimmy Wales Creator of Wikipedia, a multi-lingual dictionary and largest reference source on the internet
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16 minutes ago, Arkansas Progressive said:

Everyone but Bezos and Wales got my vote. They'd belong on a top 100 for the last two centuries but not all-time. 

Honestly, it slips under the radar, and it also gets dumped on a lot, but Wikipedia really is a modern marvel that has done amazing things for education, even if it's not perfect and despite its flaws.

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I am happy to be in line with most of the votes

Here is how I justify my 3 votes

Jesus : Arguably top 10 most influencal persons on the world history. The faith he delivered is still the first religion of the world if we pack catholics protestants and orthodoxs. Of course Pierre and Constantine also played an important role but without him christianity would probably not exist, and the impact would have been incredibly high on history considering that paganism and variants of hellenism would have probably remained in europe.

Rousseau : Influenced Robespierre, Danton, the question is if he also influenced Marx and Lénine. According to me yes undirectly. When you read Lenine and Marx, you see a lot of inspiration from Rousseau, so he ended up being in my votes. He also theorized the modern direct democracy ideals, a lot of direct democracy pledges are inherited from him.

Nehru : I voted for him with caution because I did not vote for a lot of others great leaders, but I do believe that he set the base of modern India and considering how hundreds of millions of individuals are living on his political legacy since 1948 that probably qualifies him.

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