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Presidents Ranked by Domestic Accomplishments


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Similar to my economic management algorithm, I've created a domestic algorithm. The categories include:

  • Domestic Instability/Tranquility, whether it was resolved, unresolved, etc.
  • Major Domestic policy passed
  • Long-lasting Major Domestic Policy (lasted 10+ years)
  • Major Domestic Policy blocked or abandoned
  • Country more stable or unstable than predecessor
  • Policy designed to increase the quality of life of most American citizens implemented
  • Domestic expansion of the country (for new states)
  • Domestic Policy that is generally considered historically excellent by most historians and by most Americans. 
  • Domestic Policy that is generally considered a historical failure by most historians and by most Americans. (Note: For something to be considered a failure, it has to have been repealed or replaced. A law isn't a failure if there is no urgency to get rid of it. Something is working). 

Here are the presidents ranked in order of Domestic Accomplishments:

  1. FD Roosevelt  (you serve 4 terms and you can do this too)
  2. LB Johnson (Actually more impressive than FDR based off successful laws per session)
  3. Lincoln
  4. Washington
  5. T Roosevelt
  6. Polk 
  7. B Harrison
  8. Jefferson
  9. Eisenhower
  10. Obama
  11. Grant
  12. Clinton
  13. Nixon
  14. Monroe
  15. Jackson
  16. Truman
  17. Carter
  18. Cleveland (1st term)
  19. Wilson
  20. Harding
  21. Kennedy (Some might find this surprising, but he struggled to get things through congress. JFK was no LBJ)
  22. Madison
  23. Taft
  24. Ford
  25. GHW Bush
  26. Coolidge 
  27. Fillmore
  28. Arthur
  29. McKinley
  30. Reagan 
  31. Hayes
  32. Cleveland (2nd term)
  33. GW Bush
  34. Biden (***Shouldn't count***)
  35. J Adams
  36. WH Harrison (***Shouldn't count***)
  37. John Tyler
  38. Zachary Taylor
  39. James A Garfield (***Shouldn't count***)
  40. Herbert Hoover
  41. JQ Adams (Couldn't have been in the top 5, but Congress blocked almost everything)
  42. Martin Van Buren
  43. Donald Trump
  44. Andrew Johnson
  45. Franklin Pierce
  46. James Buchanan (Worst. President. Ever...Twice as bad in his rating than Pierce!)
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11 hours ago, Rezi said:

Have to agree LBJ’s placement here. Now all you have to do is ignore his foreign policy!

Yeah, if LBJ never went into Vietnam, he'd be a top 5 president, and would've been president through Jan 1973, assuming he didn't die in office. He died Jan 22, 1973 of a heart attack. 

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