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Part 30: 100 Most Influential Rankings


Part 30: 100 Most Influential Rankings  

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  1. 1. Which of the following are among the most 100 influential people of all time? (See post for descriptions)

    • Roald Amundsen
    • Robert Boyle
    • Robert E Lee
    • Robert H Goddard
    • Ronald Reagan
    • Rosa Parks
    • Rumi
    • Saint Patrick
    • Saint Peter
    • Saladin
    • None of the above have been among one of the 100 most influential people.

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Here's the next part of the 100 most influential rankings. 


- Please keep discussion on topic. 

- No trolling. 

- No complaining, although constructive criticism is okay. 

- No personal attacks.

- No commenting without voting. 

Roald Amundsen Led the first expedition of the last continent--Antarctica
Robert Boyle Called by some "The Father of Modern Chemistry" for describing absolute pressure and volume of gas.
Robert E Lee Leading Confederate General during the Civil War; symbol of the Lost Cause, although he was the foremost figure in calling for his former soldiers to accept defeat and embrace the reunified nation.
Robert H Goddard Created and built the first liquid-fueled rocket, allowing for the eventual Space Age
Ronald Reagan Iconic conservative leader who played a large role in the worldwide movement to end Communism and the Cold War. More or less ended a half-century run on New Deal policy government at the executive level.
Rosa Parks "The Mother of the Freedom Movement" during the Civil Rights Movement
Rumi Sufi mystic and Islamic scholar who, despite being dead for about 700 years, is probably the best selling poet in the world, including in the United States.
Saint Patrick Christianized Ireland, which maintained its strong Catholic allegiances despite pressure from England; namesake of a popular world-wide holiday.
Saint Peter According to orthodox Christian belief, served as the first Christian leader after the death of Jesus and as the first pope; Christian folklore states that Peter holds the keys to Heaven.
Saladin Stopped the Christian advance during the Crusades, preserving Islam's lasting influence in the Middle East.
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This is another one where a lot of people straddle the line for me.  A lot of them only really did "one thing" but the one thing is a fairly big deal.  I suppose I haven't said this, but while I've made it known I have a Masters in Political Science, before switching to that field, I almost completed an engineering degree, so that's probably why I give a lot of weight to those sorts of individuals in this list as well.  Goddard I think everyone knows, but Boyle is absolutely foundational.  Those equations are some of the most useful things you can possibly know.

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