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Part 31: 100 Most Influential Rankings


Part 31: 100 Most Influential Rankings  

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  1. 1. Which of the following are among the most 100 influential people of all time? (See post for descriptions)

    • Samuel Colt
    • Sargon of Akkad
    • Sergei Korolev
    • Sergey Brin & Larry Page
    • Shen Kuo
    • Sigmund Freud
    • Simon Bolivar
    • Sirimavo Bandaranaike
    • Socrates
    • Solon
    • None of the above have been among one of the 100 most influential people.

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Here's the next part of the 100 most influential rankings. 


- Please keep discussion on topic. 

- No trolling. 

- No complaining, although constructive criticism is okay. 

- No personal attacks.

- No commenting without voting. 

Samuel Colt Invented the mass production of commercially available hand guns
Sargon of Akkad Led and created the first multi-ethnic, centrally-ruled empire in human history.
Sergei Korolev "The Father of Astronautics" as the lead Engineer that saw the USSR launch the first satellite into space (Sputnik), first Earthling into space (Laika the dog), and first man into space (Yuri Gagarin)
Sergey Brin & Larry Page Created the search-engine Google
Shen Kuo First to hypothesize gradual climate change; discovered concept of true north via magnetism and invented magnetic compass
Sigmund Freud Founder of psychanalysis, psychotherapy, and the theory of the unconscious; inspired arts, literature, and film with his influence on Surrealism.
Simon Bolivar Military and political Revolutionary that led independence movements in South America from Spain. Responsible for the eventual creation of six South American countries.
Sirimavo Bandaranaike First non-hereditary female head of state in world history when she became prime minister.
Socrates One of the founders of Western Philosophy and the first "moral philosopher."; Left no writings of his own, but was a teacher and major source for Plato's philosophy; Known for the Socratic Method and Socratic Irony.
Solon Laid the foundation for Athenian Democracy, the earliest known democracy.
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Still need one more f-ing vote. Seriously though, if I have to beg to reach quorum I'm just going to stop the ranking. If we have to few voters than one vote carries way too much weight. That is getting 90% of the vote from an early vote won't be the same as getting 90% of the vote in a later vote. I can't accept less than 14 votes. It's been like 5 days or more for this poll. 

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