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My Boxing Rankings: Cruiserweights


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  1. Mairis Briedis
    • Briedis has only lost once in his career, and that was to current unified heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk. He’s the clear number 1 cruiserweight.
  2. Lawrence Okolie
    • Having never fought outside the U.K. and fighting in a less exciting division, Okolie isn’t exactly a household name. But he’s probably the second best there is.
  3. Ilunga Makabu
    • Makabu is perhaps best known for almost being Canelo Alvarez’s opponent when he was allegedly planning on fighting as high as cruiserweight. The fight fell through, but even with the WBC’s lower weight limit for cruiserweight Makabu probably would have beaten him.
  4. Yuniel Dorticos
  5. Sergey Kovalev
    • Kovalev looked old and washed up in his fight against Canelo Alvarez at light heavyweight two and a half years ago. But he looked impressive against the previously unbeaten Tervel Pulev at cruiserweight, and with it being a weak division, I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility for Kovalev to revive his career at a second weight class.
  6. Kevin Lerena
    • Lerena has fought his last two fights at heavyweight, but if he’s smart, he’ll go back to cruiserweight where his size fits him best.
  7. Krzysztof Glowacki
    • Glowacki beating Marco Huck for the cruiserweight belt in 2015 was one of the best fights and individual performances I’d ever seen. He’s past his prime, but Glowacki can still be a threat.
  8. Badou Jack
    • Like Glowacki, Jack is past his prime, but was once better than almost everyone listed ahead of him here. Even a fraction of what he used to be is scary.
  9. Thabiso Mchunu
  10. Michal Cieslak
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