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MMA or Boxing?


MMA or Boxing?  

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I've been watching some more boxing lately, and I've always been watching MMA matches (mainly UFC but sometimes in other things) so I've been thinking about this. Personally I seem to prefer MMA more for it's versatility.

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19 minutes ago, ConservativeElector2 said:

Watching WWE twice a week. I saw my last boxing match in October '21.

Have you watched much AEW?    I’ve been to Wrestlemania twice in recent years (Orleans and New Jersey), but struggle sitting thru an entire WWE show of late.      Sure, Professional Wrestling is a soap opera and mostly entertainment, but the performers are still athletic and their stunts still hurt.    Plus you have people like Ken Shamrock, Brock Lesnar, and Rhonda Rousey who have also done both wrestling and MMA at a high level 

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1 hour ago, Patine said:

SilentLiberty, I truly must ask, seriously, and not at all coyly and caustically, but how is a scripted event where the results are predetermined to serve a narrative, storyline, and persona development to be viewed as a sport, by definition, as opposed to other forms of entertainment?

To be fair, the same could be said of Hollywood stunt doubles and some of the most skilled dancers.

Professional wrestling is not like it once was. Yes it's striptedz yes its predetermined to fit a narrative, and yes the performers are playing characters. But to say it its a "sport" is where I disagree. They really are hitting the mattress. They really do get slammed off of ladders and through tables. They really do get injuries that need surgery and intense rehab before they can return. Today's performers are also athletes more than they are carnies. In fact most of today's performers do come from other sports out of college. Football, track and field, basketball, power lifting, wrestling, you name it and their are professional wrestlers that come from those sports and athletic backgrounds. So yeah it's not your typical stick and ball sport. Yes it's not MMA or Boxing(but hey when those are fixed it's crooked and ruins the integrity of the sport/company pitting it on). But it does take tremendous athletic ability. So imo it really blurs the lines between being a sport and being a play. It's a performance but it's not like it once was. I'd call it a sport or at the very least sporty, given it's nature.

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3 hours ago, Patine said:


Well, regardless, "professional wrestling," is, "serial dramatized fiction entertainment," not a sport, and really should not be lumped in with, or thought of as, a sport.

I’ve always found adult wrasslin fans to be… interesting. Lots of them treat it as if it’s not actually the same thing as watching a tv show or movie. I could never find it to be entertaining, but I do understand how *others* find it entertaining. But when the entire thing is scripted it can’t be a sport. That would be no different than calling actors athletes. 

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26 minutes ago, Patine said:

But athletic ability, capability, and real shows of such prowess are not all of what makes something a sport. The actual competitive part in a quantifiable way is just as, if not more, important. The scripted and predetermined parts preclude that label, by definition.

https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/sport By definition it'd fit. 

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