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2022 Siena Presidential Rankings


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Siena has come out with a new presidential ranking, and the first with Biden included: https://scri.siena.edu/2022/06/22/american-presidents-greatest-and-worst/

Here are some highlights:

  • FDR is the #1 president
  • Andrew Johnson is the worst president. 
  • Carter scored #2 for integrity
  • Trump is last in background, integrity, executive appointments, foreign policy accomplishments, and intelligence
  • GHW Bush has moved from #21 overall to #20
  • Clinton has moved from #15 overall to #14
  • GW Bush has fallen from #33 to #35
  • Obama has improved from #17 to #11
  • Trump has fallen from #42 to #43
  • Biden is #19 overall. 
  • LBJ improved the most, moving from #16 to #8
  • Zachary Taylor has collapsed the most, moving from #30 to #36
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@Patine here's the full ranking with my thoughts. 

  1. FDR    
  2. Lincoln 
  3. Washington
  4. Th Roosevelt
  5. Jefferson 
  6. Eisenhower
  7. Truman   *not top 10 in my book*
  8. LBJ *If not for Vietnam, would be #4, I think*
  9. JFK *Did almost nothing in his presidency, domestically. I'd put him closer to 20. I don't give him credit for the Great Society and etc. JFK has no chance of getting them through Congress. It took LBJ to do it.*
  10. Madison *Very overrated*
  11. Obama 
  12. Monroe
  13. Wilson
  14. Clinton
  15. Polk
  16. J Adams
  17. JQ Adams *He was mostly impotent as a president. Great ideas, but he was powerless to enact them. He should be in the mid-20s at best*
  18. Reagan
  19. Biden *No president that has served only half of a term should be in the top half of the presidencies. He should be about #30*
  20. GHW Bush
  21. Grant
  22. McKinley
  23. Jackson
  24. Carter
  25. Taft
  26. Cleveland
  27. Garfield *Should be about 30. He didn't do anything.*
  28. Nixon
  29. Van Buren
  30. Ford
  31. Hayes
  32. Coolidge
  33. Arthur
  34. B Harrison *Underrated. Should be about 5 spots better*
  35. GW Bush 
  36. Taylor *Should be better than GW Bush*
  37. Hoover
  38. Fillmore *Should be better than GW Bush*
  39. Tyler
  40. WH Harrison
  41. Pierce
  42. Harding *Should be about #35*
  43. Trump *Should be better than Pierce and possibly Tyler. Tentatively worse than Bush because of the toxic political environment, justices overturning Roe, loss of voting rights, etc. For American's, a much worse president than Trump. However, from a foreigner's perspective, the argument for Bush would seem stronger. Living as an American in America under Bush was much more tranquil than under Trump. For that reason, Trump is clearly worse on a US Presidential ranking.
  44. Buchanan *should be worse than A Johnson*
  45. A Johnson. I'd put him ahead of both Buchanan and Pierce.
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Biden shouldn't be rated at all while he's still in office

Wilson is still way too high.  JFK is always too high.

LBJ continues to improve as the irrelevance of Vietnam becomes more apparent

Reagan is too low, but not surprising given the left leaning tendencies of the ranking

I still believe Buchanan should be last.  The minimum I expect from a president is for the country to survive their term intact.

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On 7/9/2022 at 11:17 PM, vcczar said:

27. Garfield *Should be about 30. He didn't do anything.*

Garfield is the saddest "what could have been" president.

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