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Batman RP II: Enter The Demon


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Intro: As the fires of the Gotham Gang War were put out, and the freaks, and criminals locked away in Blackgate, and Arkham, a sort of peace returned to Gotham. There was still crime, and corruption, but where once there was indifference, there was now action, where once there was despair, there was now hope. Where once there was nothing but darkness, there was now Batman. As another mayoral election draws near, Gotham is a city on the incline, but a deadly new foe from the Far-East threatens to throw the city into its biggest crisis yet...

Name: Batman

Leader: Bruce Wayne/Batman

Allies: Alfred Pennyworth, Lucius Fox, Selena Kyle/Catwoman, Zatanna Zatara, Officer Robin John Blake

Ward: Dick Grayson/Robin

Bio: Traumatized after witnessing the brutal murder of his parents at a young age, Bruce Wayne, and his ward Dick Grayson wage a brutal war on crime, and corruption in Gotham City. Assisted by their numerous allies, Gotham has become a safer, better city, though the war is not won. It seems that every day, a new supervillian, or crime lord, or weirdo with a condiment cannon comes to Gotham to try and take down Batman. Nonetheless Gotham’s Dark Knight remains standing, for now…

Knight-Playboy: 50/100 (Can not go lower than 20 if Batman has a Robin)

Robin Satisfaction: As Dick Grayson ages into a young adult, so to does he gain teen rebelliousness. No one can stay the Boy Wonder forever. This meter represents Dick Grayson satisfaction with being Robin. If it gets too low, then Grayson will split off, and become Nightwing, leaving Batman without a Robin. 45/100

Win conditions: Batman is active, Safety, Corruption, and Unrest meters are at their highest points, and there are no Bad alignment factions active in Gotham


Name: League of Assassins

Leader: Ra’s al Ghul

Allies: Talia al Ghul, Nyssa al Ghul, Sandra Woosan/Lady Shiva, Michael Cain, Cassandra Cain, Kyle Abbot, Ben Turner/Bronze Tiger, Onyx Adams

Bio: Led by Ra’s al Ghul, the League of Assassins is a storied, clandestine organization, made up of some of the best clandestine killers to have ever lived. Though kept alive by the Lazarus Pit, Ra’s al Ghul is nonetheless slowly dying, his mind, and body slipping with each successive use. Because of this, Ra’s has sought an heir worthy of carrying out his ultimate goal, of drastically reducing the human population to prevent ecological collapse. He has found a possible successor in Batman, having first become aware of the Dark Detective due to his exploits during Gotham’s infamous Gang War. Now, with time slowly running out, The Demon’s Head prepares to strike…

Win conditions: Batman, or another worthy successor, has become the leader of the League of Assassins, and Quality of Life is at its highest point


The Jokers Played by @Fbarbarossa

The Jokers: Joker Prime, Arnold Flass/Second Joker, Slade Wilson/Jokerized Deathstroke,

Bio: Perhaps the only of his villains able to under the Batman’s skin, the Joker is infamous for his countless crimes, all as elaborate as they are deadly. To make things worse, there are three of them. The first of the clones was Arnold Flass, a crooked GCPD cop turned PI tasked with revealing the Batman’s true identity, Jokerization has morphed Flass’s pursuit of Batman into a deadly obsession. But perhaps the scariest Joker of all, is Slade Wilson, once the infamous mercenary known as Deathstroke, Wilson was infected with Joker Blood during the Gotham Gang, combining the brutal skills, and efficiency of Deathstroke, with the insanity, and lack of morality of the Joker. Though different in their own ways, the Jokers all share two key traits; A total disregard for human life, and morality, and an obsession with Gotham’s Caped Crusader, the Batman.

Wind Conditions: Quality of Life, Safety, and Unrest are all at their lowest point, Batman has been turned into a Joker, has killed a Joker, or is at 0/100 on his Knight-Playboy meter


Name: The Reformists @Sean F Kennedy

Co-Leaders: Deputy Commissioner Jim Gordon, and Mayor Harvey Dent

Allies: Det. John Jones/Martian Manhunter, Lt. Harvey Bullock, Lt. Sarah Essen, Officer Stanley Merkel, Sgt. Renee Montoya, Officer Aaron Cash

Bio: Batman’s allies within the law, the Reformists represent those brave politicians, and policemen who dare to stand against the corrupt, ossified establishment of Gotham City. Though they have a sizable chunk of the police force, and the Mayor’s Mansion, the Reformists have been unable to completely eradicate the Old Guard

Win conditions: Safety, and Corruption, and meters are at their highest points, no meter is in crisis, there are no Bad alignment factions active in Gotham, and the faction is in control of all three public offices (Mayor, DA, and Police Commish), as well as the city council


Name: The Old Guard @The Blood

Co-Leaders: Commissioner Peter Grogan, and City Council Chairman Hamilton Hill

Allies: Lt. Max Eckhardt, SWAT Commander Howard Branden, High Court Judge Gerard Faden, Warden Quincy Sharp, Officer Frank Boles, Dr. Hugo Strange

Bio: Wounded by the Reformers recent successes, and still reeling from the events of 1988, the Old Guard nonetheless still hold significant sway on the City Council, in the police force, in the courts, and in the prisons. Corruption in Gotham is down, but it certainly isn’t out.

Win Conditions: The Reformers are eliminated, the Batman is arrested, Corruption meter is at its lowest point, Gothamites are politically apathetic, and the Old Guard is in control of all three public offices, and the city council.


Name: Cobblepot’s Crew Played by @Fbarbarossa

Leader: Oswald Cobblepot/Penguin

Allies: Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, Bane, Deadshot, Firefly, Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum,

Bio: Led by arms dealer turned crime boss Oswald Cobblepot, the Penguin’s Gang is one of the most powerful criminal organizations in Gotham. In addition to that, it boasts a healthy bench of supervillains, which it heavily employs to bolster its large number of regular thugs. The Penguin is not unopposed in rule however, as Black Mask’s gang also makes up a sizable portion of Gotham’s criminal underground.

Win Conditions: Batman is eliminated, Reformers are eliminated, Black Mask is eliminated, Corruption, and Safety meters are at their lowest points.


Name: Riddler

Leader: Edward Nigma/The Riddler

Allies: Selena Kyle/Catwoman*,

Bio: Posing as a GCPD Forensic Scientist, Edward Nigma is in reality the Riddler. Though not a hero, Riddler is unique among Gotham’s supervillains for his more-than-occasional vigilantism. His deadly methods, and disregard for law&order has put him in conflict with the Batman.

Win conditions: Corruption, and public safety are at their highest points, and Edward Nigma is recognized as the smartest man to have ever lived


Name: Black Mask

Leader: Roman Sionis/Black Mask

Allies: Tattoo, Johnny LaMonica/Black Spider, Warren White/The Great White Shark, Willis Todd, Franco Bertinelli, Mario Falcone

Bio: With the death of Carmine Falcone, and the fall of the Falcone Crime Family, a different Roman Empire has risen. Roman Sionis, once a member of Gotham’s societal, and business elite, has risen to become one of Gotham’s most feared crime bosses. Black Mask is the Penguin’s biggest rival for control of Gotham’s Organized Crime, and is far more reliant on ‘traditional’ criminals compared to his supervillain focused foe.

Win Conditions: Batman is eliminated, Reformers are eliminated, Penguin is eliminated, Corruption, and Safety meters are at their lowest points.


Turn One – 1991, January

Meter Positions at Game Start:

Approve/Disapprove/Unsure&Don’t Know

Mayor Approval: 40%/40%/20%

DA Approval: 35%/25%/40%

GCPD Approval: 40%/40%/20%

City Council Approval: 25%/50%/25%

Batman Approval: 65%/25%/10%


Safety: 4/10

Economic Growth: 7/10

Quality of Life: 2/10

Unrest: 14/20

Budget: 5/10

Corruption: 4/10



Mayor: Harvey Dent (Reformers)

DA: Carl Finch (Unaligned)

Police Commissioner: Peter Grogan (Old Guard)

City Council: Chaired by Hamilton Hill. 21 Old Guardians, 16 Reformers, 3 Unaligned

Edited by WVProgressive
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@Pringles @Rezi @Kitten @Dobs @Sean F Kennedy @Rodja Any of you interested in reprising your roles from the previous rp, like Blood is doing? 

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@The Blood @Sean F Kennedy @Fbarbarossa

Since it seems like this RP isn't going to get anymore players, I have a couple of ideas on how we can proceed (Presented in no particular order);

1. I control the other factions as 'AI' factions, until someone joins as that faction

2. I can rework this into a 'Gotham Central' type RP, where instead of Batman, and Robin fighting the supervillains, its focused on The Reformists fighting enemies both within (The Old Guard), and without (Penguin, Joker).

3. I/We continue to wait, and see if more people will join.

4. We could play Icons, if y'all really want to play a superhero role-playing game. Its meant to be played live, but I can probably rework it so that it works for a PBEM(Or I guess play-by-forum-post in our case?) format. This is probably my preferred option at this point, but it will take the most work on my part getting everything set up. You can download the basic rule-book here, if you want; https://kupdf.net/download/icons-assembled-edition-full-edition_58acd1c76454a74009b1e990_pdf#

5. Everyone takes on a second (third in barbs case) faction so that nearly every important faction is filled, meaning I would only have to 

6. We, for lack of a better phrase, let this RP die, and forget it ever happened.

As previously stated I would prefer option #4, but I'll go along with whatever y'all want to do so just let me know.

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