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Arkansas in 2022


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Here's a state that shows no signs of changing: 

2018 2020 2022
Trump Trump Trump
Hutchinson Hutchinson  
Cotton Cotton Cotton
Boozman Boozman  
Crawford Crawford  
Hill Hill  
Womack Womack  
Westerman Westerman  


My spreadsheet shows the major change here:

2008 2010
McCain McCain
Beebe Beebe
Pryor Pryor
Lincoln Boozman
Berry Crawford
Snyder Griffin
Boozman Womack
Ross Ross
  Reaction against Obamacare causes *Realignment*
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18 minutes ago, Patine said:

Those are North Korean or Cuban governing party margins of victory, you know?

Sorry, he actually wins 135-1-1

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3 minutes ago, Patine said:

Ah, so an obviously rigged election? Is this a candidate you cherish seeing in prison for electoral malfeasance?

Well, he was a prison chaplain, so he knows a thing or two already!

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