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California in 2022


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Here's California. I'm curious what changes you expect in this state in 2022. GOP had gained 4 seats in 2020. The lighter the color, the closer the election:

2018 2020 2022
Clinton Biden Biden
Newsom Newsom  
Harris Harris  
Feinstein Feinstein Feinstein
LaMalfa LaMalfa  
Huffman Huffman  
Garamendi Garamendi  
McClintock McClintock  
Thompson Thompson  
Matsui Matsui  
Bera Bera  
Cook Obernolte  
McNerney McNerney  
Harder Harder  
DeSaulnier DeSaulnier  
Pelosi Pelosi  
Lee Lee  
Speier Speier  
Swalwell Swalwell  
Costa Costa  
Khanna Khanna  
Eshoo Eshoo  
Lofgen Lofgen  
Panetta Panetta  
Cox Valadao  
Nunez Nunez  
McCarthy McCarthy  
Carbajal Carbajal  
Hill Garcia  
Brownley Brownley  
Chu Chu  
Schiff Schiff  
Cardenas Cardenas  
Sherman Sherman  
Aguilar Aguilar  
Napolitano Napolitano  
Lieu Lieu  
Gomez Gomez  
Torres Torres  
Ruiz Ruiz  
Bass Bass  
Sanchez Sanchez  
Cisneros Kim  
Royball-Allard Royball-Allard  
Takano Takano  
Calvert Calvert  
Waters Waters  
Barragan Barragan  
Porter Porter  
Correa Correa  
Lowenthal Lowenthal  
Rouda Steel  
Levin Levin  
Hunter Issa  
Vargas Vargas  
Peters Peters  
Davis Davis  
Dems gain 6 seats in Blue Wave reaction against Trump; State GOP close to invisible with only 7 of 56 offices Red    
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