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Colorado in 2022


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Any predictions for Colorado?

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Glad that Hanks lost the primary, I imagine Polis is in solid shape, and Bennet's certainly favored (he spells it with one t, btw), I think if a red wave should materialize, O'Dea is the kind of candidate who could take advantage of it, being a self-funder with a moderate platform, including support for abortion rights.

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Republicans pick up the new seat. Maybe put the 7th in play depending on how strong the red wave ends up being (as well as top of the ballot performances).

Bennet is favored, but he is a weaker senate candidate. Probably a hold but not impossible to see this being a close one.

Pollis win re-election as governor.

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11 hours ago, ShortKing said:

I wouldn't bet on Bennet losing his seat, but people said Virginia's fundamentals were too blue to elect Youngkin and Dems instate obviously felt like O'Dea was a threat given how much they did to boost the far right Hanks.

Yeah I'm not betting on it but I wouldn't count it out. Even if I did believe Youngkin would win. Bennett would need to get hit hard on something and O'Dea would need to make the race about him. Which, Bennett is pretty uncontroversial. He's a Democrat who supports fracking for cryin' out loud. The only controversy is from his base. 😛 

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