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  1. 1. Will you be able to both begin and complete your selection of the most influential 100 people form history?

    • Yes, and I will reliably complete this task
    • No or I'm not interested

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I've finally typed out the bios for exactly 800 nominees for the top 100 most influential people in history. Please respond to the poll. 

Here's the instructions once I add you to the spreadsheet:

1. Your column will automatically have the default list filled in, which means all you have to do is delete the "1" from those who want to replace on this default list. You will then put a "1" in your column for the replacement. The total of "1"s in your column will need to equal 100. It should auto-calculate that number. 

2. You'll let me know in this thread when you've finished your ranking. 

3. When we are all done, we will put the top 100 vote-getters in order. 

I also ask that anyone who does not partake in the ranking refrain from criticizing the result. 

Here's the default top 100 based on an average of expert lists: 

1 Jesus
2 Muhammad
3 Isaac Newton
4 Aristotle
5 Charles Darwin
6 Christopher Columbus
7 Albert Einstein
8 William Shakespeare
9 Martin Luther
10 Karl Marx
11 George Washington
12 St. Paul
13 Adolf Hitler
14 Napoleon Bonaparte
15 Augustus Caesar
16 Galileo
17 Buddha
18 Genghis Khan
19 Thomas Edison
20 Thomas Jefferson
21 Alexander the Great
22 Plato
23 Ludwig Van Beethoven
24 Nicolaus Copernicus
25 Adam Smith
26 Julius Caesar
27 Sigmund Freud
28 Constantine the Great
29 Louis Pasteur
30 Abraham Lincoln
31 Johann S Bach
32 Michelangelo
33 Johannes Gutenberg
34 Leonardo da Vinci
35 John Locke
36 Joseph Stalin
37 Rene Descartes
38 Voltaire
39 Charlemagne
40 Mohandes Gandhi
41 William the Conqueror
42 Elizabeth I
43 Jean-Jacques Rousseau
44 Vladimir Lenin
45 St. Augustine
46 James Watt
47 Wolfgang A Mozart
48 Cai Lun
49 Alexander Graham Bell
50 Euclid
51 Confucius
52 Francis Bacon
53 Moses
54 Wright Bros
55 Benjamin Franklin
56 Qin Shi Huang
57 Alexander Fleming
58 Michael Faraday
59 St Thomas Aquinas
60 Franklin, Watson, Crick
61 Winston Churchill
62 Oliver Cromwell
63 Gregor Mendel
64 Franklin D Roosevelt
65 Werner Heisenberg
66 Ronald Reagan
67 Immanuel Kant
68 John Dalton
69 Henry Ford
70 Simon Bolivar
71 Edward Jenner
72 Gulielmo Marconi
73 William Harvey
74 Niccolo Machiavelli
75 Elvis Presley
76 Mao Zedong
77 Dante Alighieri
78 Louis Daguerre
79 Ashoka
80 Peter the Great
81 Socrates
82 Queen Isabella I
83 Mikhail Gorbachev
84 David
85 Ernest Rutherford
86 Enrico Fermi
87 Antony van Leeuwenhoek
88 John F Kennedy
89 Max Planck
90 Joan of Arc
91 William C Roentgen
92 John Calvin
93 Umar ibn al-Khattab
94 Saint Peter
95 The Beatles
96 Gregory Pincus
97 Johannes Kepler
98 Henry VIII
99 Cicero
100 Lao Tzu
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1 minute ago, OrangeP47 said:

I'm done, I suppose. It's not perfect, but reducing 800 to 100 is never going to be perfect.

Yeah, for me, there were about 75-80 clear top 100. I removed about 25 to 20 and found replacements, although I'd say #s 75-150 (if I did rank up to 150) could all fluctuate in and out of the top 100 for me, depending on the week. 

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2 minutes ago, vcczar said:

Yeah, for me, there were about 75-80 clear top 100. I removed about 25 to 20 and found replacements, although I'd say #s 75-150 (if I did rank up to 150) could all fluctuate in and out of the top 100 for me, depending on the week. 

Yeah, I think I got down to 71 after removing people from the template, and then I scrolled, and scrolled, and scrolled, like "there's nobody I want to add...." but there were... just mostly at the very bottom, as luck would have it, heh.

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27 minutes ago, jnewt said:

@vcczar How are ties going to be broken, since I think it's fair to assume everyone is going to select Jesus and number of others in common? Also, about to pm you my gmail 

i'll have polls. So at some point we might see, "Who has been more influential? Jesus or Muhammad?"

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2 hours ago, Patine said:

@vcczar Before I answer, what sort of spreadsheet program are you using, and is having the software on my computer necessary to do this project? I believe the only such software I have is on my work computer, and it's Government-issued.

You just have to be able to access google sheets. 

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