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Georgia in 2022


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Any predictions? This seems to be one of the more obviously shifting states, thanks to the speed in which Atlanta is growing. 

2018 2020 2022
Trump Biden Biden
Kemp Kemp  
Perdue Ossoff Ossoff
Isakson/Loeffler Warnock  
Carter Carter  
Bishop Bishop  
Ferguson Ferguson  
Johnson Johnson  
Lewis Williams  
McBath McBath  
Woodall Bourdeaux  
Scott Scott  
Collins Clyde  
Hice Hice  
Loudermilk Loudermilk  
Allen Allen  
Scott Scott  
Graves Greene  
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I was worried that Perdue could successfully oust Kemp in the primary, or do enough damage to really wound his chances in the general, but Kemp really outperformed expectations and his reelection to me is very likely, and Warnock's victory hinges on how many Kemp voters either split their tickets for Warnock or leave the Senate portion blank on their ballots. 

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Kemp wins re-election.

GOP gains 1 House seat with a chance to gain a second (2nd district).

Senate is a tossup. Walker has been weaker than I expected (I blame that on his team mostly which has not put in a good positions). But in a bad year for Dems, he is far from sunk.

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I think the only way Abrams wins is if Walker's campaign gets so much worse that it also sinks Kemp's turnout, not for anything Kemp did, but because some people were more excited to vote initially for Walker and don't dislike Abrams/love Kemp enough to go out and vote. 

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