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Ranking Poll 2


Who has been more influential in world history? (see descriptions in first post)  

15 members have voted

  1. 1. Michelangelo or Oliver Cromwell

  2. 2. Werner Heisenberg or Dante Alighieri

  3. 3. Joan of Arc or Henry VIII

  4. 4. Winston Churchill or Henry VIII

  5. 5. Oliver Cromwell or Henry VIII

  6. 6. Oliver Cromwell or Winston Churchill

  7. 7. Joan of Arc or Winston Churchill

  8. 8. Joan of Arc or Oliver Cromwell

  9. 9. Michelangelo or Dante Alighieri

  10. 10. Werner Heisenberg or Michelangelo

  11. 11. Henry VIII or Werner Heisenberg

    • Henry VIII
    • Werner Heisenberg

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This is the latest group. May have a tie-breaking ranking if this one seems close. Churchill graduated from the earlier group by dominating it. 

Michelangelo Considered by many as the "Greatest Artist of All Time" for his paintings, frescoes, architecture, and sculptures; Painted the Sistine Chapel and was one of the architects for St. Peter's Basillica. Triggered the Mannerism art movement; also a famous Italian poet.
Oliver Cromwell Victor of the English Civil War; his protectorate gave Europe a clear example that a monarchy wasn’t necessary for a stable government. He inspired future revolutionaries desiring a Republic. Reformed the English military and navy.
Werner Heisenberg While not the founder of quantum mechanics, he's probably the most influential figure within it for his "Uncertainty Principle" and other theories; huge impact on the study of atoms, radiation, and nuclear programs.
Dante Alighieri Wrote arguably the greatest literary work in the Italian language; Called the "Father of the Italian Language" for making Italian the language of literature in Italy, rather than Latin; his depictions of Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory have influence religion, politics, and the arts.
Joan of Arc Long-lasting pop culture icon for having led or inspired several French victories against the English, possibly saving France permanently.
Henry VIII Created the Church of England by breaking from the Catholic Church; "Father of the British Navy," greatly expanded royal power, presided as the Renaissance was just emerging in England.
Winston Churchill the earliest and leading advocate against Nazi Germany and Cold War Soviet Russia, ensuring the containment of both expanding powers.
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