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Maine in 2022


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Mills is able to pull it out, winning by 3-5%. 

Jared Golden's race is going to be a real close one, but I think that he may well just be able to pull it out. He outran Biden by 13% in 2020 and has been one of the most bipartisan members of Congress. He recently just got the endorsement of the usually conservative Maine Police Union (who simultaneously endorsed LePage for Governor). If I had to say now, Golden's numbers tighten but he wins by 2-3%, perhaps winning, yet again, because of RCV.

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Mills has a small advantage, and I’d expect her to win re-election. But this race is well within reach.

Golden has an even closer small advantage. This could go either way depending on how things change down the stretch. He is a unique Democrat (voting against gun control, voting against “Build Back Better,” opposing Pelosi for Speaker, opposing the American Rescue Plan, etc) which will likely help him in his re-election efforts.

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