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Who has been more influential in world history? (see descriptions in first post)  

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  1. 1. Sigmund Freud or Voltaire

  2. 2. Henry VIII or Sigmund Freud

  3. 3. Henry VIII or Voltaire

  4. 4. Elizabeth I or Henry VIII

  5. 5. Sigmund Freud or Elizabeth I

  6. 6. Voltaire or Elizabeth I

  7. 7. Benjamin Franklin or Sigmund Freud

  8. 8. Benjamin Franklin or Voltaire

  9. 9. Michael Faraday or Benjamin Franklin

  10. 10. Sigmund Freud or Michael Faraday

  11. 11. William Harvey or Benjamin Franklin

  12. 12. William Harvey or Michael Faraday

  13. 13. William Harvey or Sigmund Freud

  14. 14. William Harvey or Voltaire

  15. 15. Louis Daguerre or Voltaire

  16. 16. Henry VIII or Louis Daguerre

  17. 17. Elizabeth I or Louis Daguerre

  18. 18. Benjamin Franklin or Louis Daguerre

  19. 19. Saint Peter or Henry VIII

  20. 20. Saint Peter or Elizabeth I

  21. 21. Saint Peter or Voltaire

  22. 22. Saint Peter or Michael Faraday

  23. 23. Saint Peter or William Harvey

  24. 24. Saint Peter or Benjamin Franklin

  25. 25. Saint Peter or Sigmund Freud

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Here's the next group to organize. Henry VIII was promoted for considering to this group because of his performance among his peers. There may be a tie-breaker poll for this group after this one. 


Sigmund Freud Founder of psychanalysis, psychotherapy, and the theory of the unconscious; inspired arts, literature, and film with his influence on Surrealism.
Voltaire Writer, philosopher, and wit who was crucial in the development of advocacy for freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the seperation of church and state. Had a big impact on the French Revolution.
Elizabeth I inspired the flowering of English literature and language, especially drama. Set the foundation for English colonialism, and the concept of the British Empire. Reestablished England as a protestant state.
Benjamin Franklin America's first celebrity; famous inventor, printer, statesman, civic advocate; invented the lightning rod, bifocals and a stove; secured the alliance with France that was necessary in winning American Independence from Great Britain.
Michael Faraday for his laws of induction, which predict how a magnetic field will interact with an electric circuit to produce an electromotive force.
William Harvey first to discover and detail the circulation of the blood.
Louis Daguerre Invented the daguerreotype, a crucial step in the development of photography
Saint Peter According to orthodox Christian belief, served as the first Christian leader after the death of Jesus and as the first pope; Christian folklore states that Peter holds the keys to Heaven.

Henry VIII Created the Church of England by breaking from the Catholic Church; "Father of the British Navy," greatly expanded royal power, presided as the Renaissance was just emerging in England.
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37 minutes ago, pilight said:

Henry VIII is more overrated

I think H8 is in many ways, but his break from the Catholic church for selfish reasons had an earthquake-like effect. While Luther inaugurated the main movement of the protestant reformation, he died a Catholic. He didn't want to start a new religion. H8 left the pope and put himself in charge. England went on to finance Protestant nation's in preserving Protestantism in Europe. For this, I'd see an argument for the top 100, although Thomas Cromwell and others share in the creation of the Church of England. But if we go about it that way, then someone like Jesus might lose some influence because it's really St Paul who spread the religion and allowed it to survive. I guess it just depends on how one ranks influence/importance. 

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