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2024 Poll


2024 Poll  

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  1. 1. Who do you vote for if these are your ballot options?

    • Biden - Democrat
    • Trump - Republican
    • ???? - Libertarian
    • ???? - Green
    • Yang - Forward (the new moderate party)

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3 hours ago, MrPotatoTed said:

I'm in theory on board with a "new Moderate party", but Yang has zero relevant experience and we've already seen what a disaster learning-on-the-job can be for  an inexperienced President.

Granted, maybe that was more of a case of "Refusing-to-learn-on-the-job".

I'm okay with it as long as it doesn't allow Republicans to win by primarily draining Democrats. I get the feeling the GOP has more of a "take whatever it is to win" mentality that will see them sticking together if it means they'll win elections. I see the Forward Party taking 2 would-be-Biden voters for every would-be-Trump voter.

If Biden does lose to Trump it's going to be because of 3rd parties in battleground states. I say this as someone whose political beliefs overlap with third parties more than with major parties, but I have to sacrifice dessert to prevent a GOP presidency. 

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I'd write in Romney or Paul Ryan. I'm not giving Biden a second term after so many disasters just in year one, and I'm not voting for Mussolini-lite. The libertarians would get my vote if they started being a serious political party again, and nominated someone like Amash or Hurd.

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