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Who has been more influential in world history? (see descriptions in first post)  

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  1. 1. Constantine the Great or Muhammad

  2. 2. Abraham Lincoln or Muhammad

  3. 3. Qin Shi Huang or Muhammad

  4. 4. Franklin D Roosevelt or Muhammad

  5. 5. Ashoka or Muhammad

  6. 6. Queen Isabella I or Muhammad

  7. 7. Ernest Rutherford or Muhammad

  8. 8. Umar ibn al-Khattab or Muhammad

  9. 9. Gregory Pincus or Muhammad

  10. 10. Gregory Pincus or Ernest Rutherford

  11. 11. Ashoka or Umar ibn al-Khattab

  12. 12. Queen Isabella I or Qin Shi Huang

  13. 13. Queen Isabella I or Constantine the Great

  14. 14. Ashoka or Qin Shi Huang

  15. 15. Franklin D Roosevelt or Abraham Lincoln

  16. 16. Qin Shi Huang or Franklin D Roosevelt

  17. 17. Constantine the Great and Franklin D Roosevelt

  18. 18. Qin Shi Huang or Abraham Lincoln

  19. 19. Constantine the Great or Ernest Rutherford

  20. 20. Constantine or Qin Shi Huang

    • Constantine
    • Qin Shi Huang
  21. 21. Ernest Rutherford or Abraham Lincoln

  22. 22. Ernest Rutherford or Franklin D Roosevelt

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Here's the 5th round. Muhammad is the clear winner of this round, and so he's been promoted. He's a good candidate to be twice promoted. 

Constantine the Great Roman Emperor who greatly reformed Rome; Shifted the center to Constantinople (named after himself); Converted to Christianity and sponsored the relgion, being influential in the creation of the Nicene Creed.
Abraham Lincoln Prevented the breakup of the United States with stellar leadership during the Civil War. Laid the foundation for the abolition of slavery in the United States. Centralized the United States, which made America’s dominance in the 20th century possible. Injected Federal power into the daily lives of its citizens via homestead acts, education land grant acts, etc; first Republican president.
Qin Shi Huang Created the first centralized state and initiated Chinese civilization.Additionally, he standardized the written language of China, instituted the first large scale censorship in history, and initiated the Great Wall of China, which is the only human-made object observable from space.
Franklin D Roosevelt Longest-serving US president presided during the Great Depression and World War II; Forever changed the fundamentals of US government via the New Deal and strong executive actions; played a huge role in planning post-War Europe, establish relations with the Middle East, worldwide decolonization, etc.
Ashoka Crucial figure in the survival and spread of Buddhism by converting to the faith; As emperor conquered most of the Indian subcontinent.
Queen Isabella I Unified Spain through marriage and Reconquista; financed Christopher Columbus's 1492 voyage, which led to the colonization of the New World and to the establishment of Spain as a major power.
Ernest Rutherford Considered the "Father of Nuclear Physics" for his discovery of radioactive half-life, the element Radon, and differentiating alpha and beta radiation.
Umar ibn al-Khattab expanded his Islamic caliphate into an Empire, ensuring the survival and expansion of Islam. Syria, Iraq, Egypt and Iran were converted to Islam, with all but Iran becoming Arabic in culture.
Gregory Pincus Invented or co-invented the birth control pill

Muhammad the founder of Islam, which quickly spread throughout Arabia in his lifetime. As a political leader, he created the first Islamic state, and initiated the first Arab conquests. He was also the author of the Quran. Islam is currently the second largest religion. Like with Jesus and other religious founders, many false believers have carried out atrocities in the name of Muhammad’s religion.
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Wherever Muhammad was on the ballot, he got my vote. I'm not Muslim, but his impact on billions of lives via that religion is relatable to the "unstoppable force" meme. Lincoln beats FDR to me (there isn't a U.S. for FDR to modernize if Lincoln doesn't win the civil war), Isabella barely beats out Constantine due to th effect Spanish colonization had on the new world (probably a little bit biased as I'm an American, but without her financing Columbus exploration is set a long ways back)?

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