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A Nation Betrayed (Alternate History Post-Watergate RP)


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On October 9th, 1973 the embattled Vice President Spiro Agnew informed Richard Nixon of his intentions to remain on as Vice-President, despite the ongoing investigation into his tax evasion scandal. This would in turn spell doom for the Nixon administration. Continued scrutiny from Congress, the media, and law enforcement culminated in the revelation of a far deeper scandal. That being the July 17th, 1972 Watergate break-in by five CREEP burglars, and its subsequent cover-up by the Nixon administration. The culmination of the Watergate investigation was the indictment of 70 people – many of whom were top Nixon administration officials, including the Vice President – of whom 49 were convicted, and the dual resignations of both President Richard M. Nixon, and Vice President Spiro T. Agnew on August 8th 1974.

With no sitting Vice President, Speaker of the House Carl Albert was elevated to the presidency upon Nixon’s resignation. Faced with a cynical, betrayed populace who had lost all faith in their government, Albert realized that desperate times, called for desperate measures. In a televised address on September 9th 1974, Carl Albert called for a constitutional convention, to rebuild the shattered institutions of American Democracy, and to restore the people’s faith in their government. Soon after every state had passed a resolution calling for a second constitutional convention, and the date was set for January 20th of the next year.

It is now January 20th, 1975, and representatives of all 50 states have come to Washington D.C. to participate in our second Constitutional Convention. Their goals are as diverse as the country they seek to remake. There will be challenges, both from within, and without, but if America survives the present crisis it will emerge stronger than ever before.

If you’d like to participate in this RP, simply claim a candidate to lead your faction, and give me a brief description of what your faction believes. We begin on January 20th, 1975, Day One of the Second Constitutional Convention. The subject of debate is Article One of the constitution, with the current constitution acting as a blueprint for any, and all changes. Faction leaders may take five actions on each day, which can range from proposing changes to the constitution, building delegate support for your changes, building public support for your changes, etc.


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This definitely sounds cursed. But I will be sure to reciprocate...

Candidate: Former President Richard Nixon (Slightly establishment/slightly Nixon stan Faction)

Description: Oppose all changes that will be attempted to be made to the Constitution and cause chaos. 

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Candidate: George McGovern 

Description: Push to amend the constitution to ensure it is fair, loving, equal, and ensures the rights of all Americans.  

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