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Ranking Poll 5 Part 5


Who has been more influential in world history? (see descriptions in first post)  

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  1. 1. Thomas Edison or Alexander the Great

  2. 2. Thomas Edison or John Locke

  3. 3. Thomas Edison or Mohandas Gandhi

  4. 4. Thomas Edison or Jean Jacques Rousseau

  5. 5. Thomas Edison or Alexander Graham Bell

  6. 6. Thomas Edison or Euclid

  7. 7. Thomas Edison or Moses

  8. 8. Thomas Edison or the Wright Bros

    • Thomas Edison
    • Wright Bros
  9. 9. Thomas Edison or Gregor Mendel

  10. 10. Thomas Edison or Edward Jenner

  11. 11. Thomas Edison or Mao Zedong

  12. 12. Thomas Edison or Socrates

  13. 13. Thomas Edison or Max Planck

  14. 14. Thomas Edison or Johannes Kepler

  15. 15. Alexander the Great or Mohandas Gandhi

  16. 16. Alexander the Great and Alexander Graham Bell

  17. 17. Alexander the Great and Euclid

  18. 18. Alexander the Great and Confucius

  19. 19. Alexander the Great and Moses

  20. 20. Alexander the Great and the Wright Bros

  21. 21. Alexander the Great and Mao Zedong

  22. 22. Alexander the Great and Socrates

  23. 23. Alexander the Great and Max Planck

  24. 24. Alexander the Great and Johannes Kepler

  25. 25. Alexander the Great and Muhammad

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Here's the next part. There will probably be about 3 more parts. 

Jesus Central figure in Christianity and Jewish preacher; According to Biblical tradition, the virgin-born incarnate Son of God and Messiah who was crucified to atone the sins of the world, resurrected, ascended to Heaven and will return on judgment day. Inspired the world's largest major religion, which has impacted the world in both benevolent and tragic ways; Also a revered prophet in Islam; Ironically, Judaism is generally critical of Jesus.
Charles Darwin for his contributions to the theory of evolution. He came up with the concept of natural selection, that all species come from common ancestors; Fundamentally altered natural science and how we think of human beings and Biblical history; the Darwinin concept of survival of the fittest comes from him, which has led to several sociopolitical movements or policies.
Martin Luther Crucial early figure of the Protestant Reformation when he protested against the corruptions of the Catholic Church; Argued that the Bible was a greater authority than the Pope; Translated the Bible into the vernacular so that it could be accessible for those unschooled in Biblical languages; Inspired Lutheranism, a major protestant denomination, and the other Protestant movements.
Adolf Hitler initiated World War II and created the holocaust. WWII led to a weaker, more peaceful Europe. The holocaust led to the creation Israel. Hitler’s Nazism is often used as an example to misrepresent both nationalistic conservatives ideologies and Socialism. Indirectly led to European Union, and United Nations. Synonym for evil and authoratarian rule or tendencies.
Napoleon Bonaparte Most studied military figure in human history; directly involved in the destruction of the Holy Roman Empire, the expedition that discovered the Rosetta Stone, creation of the Napoleonic Code, the Louisiana Purchase, and more; Inspired European nationalism which would later see the unification of Germany and Italy; Inspired the concept of the Great Man theory; nearly conquered continental Europe; his defeat led to the Concert of Europe/Balance of Power, a long period of relative peace.
Augustus Caesar Rebuilt the collapsing Roman Republic into a Roman Empire; First Roman Emperor; greatly expanded Rome; initiated Pax Romana, which saw relative peace throughout the empire.
Buddha Founder of Buddhism, one of the largest religions in the world.
Thomas Edison invented the first practical incandescent light bulb and the phonograph.
Alexander the Great Arguably the most successful military commander of all-time and king of one of the world's largest empires, which created cultural diffusion and syncretism by Hellenizing Asia Minor, North Africa, the Middle East, and sections of Central Asia; Led to the Hellenization of Judaism, which made the transition to Pauline Christianity possible.
John Locke the father of liberalism. He may be the key philosopher in influencing the American Revolution, including the language of the Declaration of Independence.
Mohandes Gandhi Pop culture figure; arguably the most well-known practitioner of non-violent resistance; led the movement that eventually saw Indian gain independence from the UK; inspires worldwide Civil Rights and freedoms.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau His theories that private property was the basis of social inequality inspired political reform in Europe, including the French Revolution
Alexander Graham Bell Invented and demonstrated the first telephone.
Euclid "Father of Geometry," a discipline he might have founded. Wrote the main textbook for mathematics that lasted for about 2,000 years before new innovations in mathematic required an update.
Confucius His ideas were developed into a system known as Confucianism, which form the basis of Chinese tradition, culture and belief. He came up with the “Golden Rule” about 500 years before Jesus did. His direct influence is also in Korea and Japan. Indirectly, he influences the world, primarily because of China’s present influence.
Moses Most important prophet in Judaism; according to Jewish tradition, he was the author of the Torah. Huge impact on other major religions, such as Christianity and Islam.
Wilbur Wright & Orville Wright invented the first successful airplane.
Gregor Mendel "Founder of Modern Genetics" for discovering the rules of inheritance
Edward Jenner the “Father of Immunology” for his creation of the smallpox vaccine, the world’ first vaccine.
Mao Zedong Founding father of the People’s Republic of China, the most populated Communist government in history. He laid the foundations for China as a world power through reform policies. His form of communism, known as Maoism, is often an example to misrepresent Socialism.
Socrates One of the founders of Western Philosophy and the first "moral philosopher."; Left no writings of his own, but was a teacher and major source for Plato's philosophy; Known for the Socratic Method and Socratic Irony.
Max Planck Originator of quantum theory/quantum mechanics, which is crucial to the understanding of atomic and subatomic processes.
Johannes Kepler Crucial figure in turning astronomy into a scientific and mathematical field, rather than a field specifically for astrology; his laws of planetary motion revealed that planets move in ellipses; laid the foundations for Newton's theory of gravity
Muhammad the founder of Islam, which quickly spread throughout Arabia in his lifetime. As a political leader, he created the first Islamic state, and initiated the first Arab conquests. He was also the author of the Quran. Islam is currently the second largest religion. Like with Jesus and other religious founders, many false believers have carried out atrocities in the name of Muhammad’s religion.
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I thought having this thread set to unlock at a future time would also mean it wouldn’t have shown up and not have been accessible for voting. Turns out it only unlocked commenting. So that was worthless. Anyway, that was my attempt to have a poll ready for advance. Anyway, this is today’s poll. 

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