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Ranking Poll 6 Part 1


Who has been more influential in world history? (see descriptions in first post)  

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  1. 1. Isaac Newton or Aristotle

  2. 2. Isaac Newton or Albert Einstein

  3. 3. Isaac Newton or Karl Marx

  4. 4. Isaac Newton or Galileo

  5. 5. Isaac Newton or Plato

  6. 6. Isaac Newton or Niclaus Copernicus

    • Newton
    • Copernicus
  7. 7. Isaac Newton or Adam Smith

  8. 8. Isaac Newton or Louis Pasteur

  9. 9. Isaac Newton or Johannes Gutenberg

  10. 10. Isaac Newton or Cai Lun

  11. 11. Isaac Newton or Alexander Fleming

  12. 12. Isaac Newton or Henry Ford

  13. 13. Isaac Newton or Gulielmo Marconi

  14. 14. Isaac Newton or Jesus

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First round won't be that long because I gotta take off for the day. This will be the last round as these 15 or 16 figures--minus Jesus--were rated in the top 100 by everyone. Jesus, who was not a unanimous top 100, is here because he dominated the last tier. 

Isaac Newton laid the foundation for classical mechanics, developed the field of optics and was one of the two independent inventors of calculus. He formulated the laws of motion and universal gravitation. He also built the first practical refracting telescope. Arguably the most important man of science to have ever existed.
Aristotle Philosopher who dominated Western thought all the way up to the Enlightenment; first to formally study logic; huge impact on the Islamic Golden Age, early Christian theology, theories of literature, physical sciences, etc. Taught Alexander the Great.
Albert Einstein His theory of relativity is one of the pillars of modern Physics, which reconciled Newtonian Mechanics with the latest scientific discoveries; wrote the most famous equation; alerted FDR that Nazis were building an Atom bomb, and that US should make one first; pop culture icon whose surname is synonmous with "genius"
Karl Marx Arguably the most influential socio-economical-political theorist; Co-wrote the Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital; Saw Socialism as the antidote for the self-destructive internal tensions caused by capitalism; fundamentally altered politics and political parties worldwide with his emphasis on class conflicts.
Galileo The "Father of Modern Science" for his laws of motion and improvements on observational astronomy; went against traditional and religious thought that the Universe was perfect by showing that celestial objects were imperfect spheres and they moved in imperfect circles.
Plato Founder of Western Political philosophy and Western Spirituality, crucially impacting the theories of government, religion, and common thought; founded the first institute of higher learning in the Western World; teacher of Aristotle; inspiration for Neoplatonism.
Nicolaus Copernicus Forumulated the the sun, rather than the earth, was the center of the universe, which initiated the Scientific Revolution.
Adam Smith Laid the foundation of free market economic theory with his book, Wealth of Nations; "Father of Economics" and "Father of Capitalism."
Louis Pasteur “Father of Microbiology.” He was crucial to the development of immunization,. He also disproved the theory of spontaneous generation. He also invented the process called Pasteurization, which kills bacteria in liquid food.
Johannes Gutenberg Invented the first practical printer, which sparked a printing revolution, increasing knowledger, literacy, education, and usher in a more modern age of information; Gutenberg Bible was the first mass produced Bible; His press was central in spreading vernacular languages and reducing the importance of Latin as a written language; The Protestant Reformation was greatly aided by Gutenberg's press.
Cai Lun Invented paper. Western Civilization was deprived of this crucial invention until Baghdad started producing its own paper around 751 after a couple of Chinese papermakers were captured. Papermaking didn’t spread to Europe until the 12th century. The combination of Cai Lun’s paper and Gutenberg’s printing press did much to further the progress of human civilization by capturing and distributing the written words of our greatest minds.
Alexander Fleming Discovered penicillin, which made many highly deadly infections into treatable infections.
Henry Ford Developed assembly-line mass production, which allowed for cheap automobiles that the middle-class could afford; saw consumerism as the key to world peace.
Gulielmo Marconi The inventor of the radio, the first mass communication device that could spread well beyond the normal range of breath, fundementally altering politics, news reporting, entertainment, etc.
Jesus Central figure in Christianity and Jewish preacher; According to Biblical tradition, the virgin-born incarnate Son of God and Messiah who was crucified to atone the sins of the world, resurrected, ascended to Heaven and will return on judgment day. Inspired the world's largest major religion, which has impacted the world in both benevolent and tragic ways; Also a revered prophet in Islam; Ironically, Judaism is generally critical of Jesus.
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Newton is probably the only person I’d put ahead of Jesus. Muhammad will eclipse Jesus once there’s more Muslims than Christians, which could happen this century. Muhammad didn’t make this tier but he’s in the clear top 3 on here for me. Aristotle is a distant 4th. Marconi, Fleming, Ford, Smith, and Pasteur shouldn’t be in this tier. 

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